Inverness has long been hailed as one of Scotland's most prized gems. It also gained popularity due to its importance in the Starz show Outlander, and fans were happy to know that yes - those ethereal, seemingly surreal landscapes were real, and many were filmed in Scotland. While there are no time-traveling stones in Inverness, there's plenty to see there that won't require a trip back to the Battle of Culloden (although this is a landmark to seek out).

Inverness has also been voted one of the happiest places on earth, combining the great well-being of its people with plenty of nature, culture, a little nightlife, and, of course, the beautiful vistas that Scotland is so well known for. Not a single thing in Scotland should be missed but when it comes to Inverness, specifically, travelers should take in every aspect of this historic and charming northern city.


The History Alone Is Worth The Trip

Inverness sits in the northernmost part of the UK and is the closest city to the famous battleground where the Battle of Culloden took place. This battle was so significant because of its place in the UK's timeline, as it helped to guide the region to what it is today.

Many who share a heritage with this ancient land find that their trips become emotional simply because of how many laid their lives down to fight for a cause they believed in wholeheartedly. The Scottish Highlands have a history that far exceeds the Battle of Culloden, and all of it should be appreciated and experienced.

Every Season Is Beautiful, Especially With Such A Prime Location

There's not a single season in the Scottish Highlands that doesn't bring with it some form of beauty. Each season is different and wonderful in its own way, making Inverness a prime location for any time of the year.

Its location to Edinburgh and a direct line to London make it a highly desirable location to visit as well. It's easily accessible via train and the drive through these mountains and rolling green hills are breathtaking.

Nightlife, Food, And Even Drinks

While Inverness is fairly quiet compared to other neighboring, larger cities, its nightlife is subtle yet enjoyable. It's not a rowdy scene that allows travelers to appreciate the local culture and life.

The food in this city is fresh and tasty, and there are even options for every budget and cuisine, including vegetarian. Most expect drinks to consist of whiskey and, well, whiskey, but Inverness caters to a multitude of beverage preferences.

Scottish gin is also a specialty and definitely something to be tried (even for those who don't normally like the liquor). However, the city is also home to locally-brewed ciders and ales, all of which have unique profiles and flavors. Orkney Brewery and Black Isle Brewery, which has its own farm for barley, are two local favorites to try.

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Attractions Are Interactive And Interesting

Attractions are wide and varied and can be anything from cultural celebrations to museums and shopping. The Inverness Museum and Art Gallery is a good place to start with the city's history, followed by the interactive Highlander Museum, which even has replicas of what life would have been like back then.

The Loch Ness Centre is a great deal of fun and isn't far from the Highland Museum of Childhood, the Highland Wildlife Park, and the Royal Zoological Society for Scotland. As far as shopping, simply walking around Inverness is an exciting way to explore the small shops it's known for, and with the city being as small as it is, there's little concern about getting lost or feeling unsafe.

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