There's a lot of sights a person can only see in Africa, but Cape Town South Africa has just about everything a person could dream of when thinking to plan a South African vacation. This small but bright coastal city is rich with culture, cuisine, and an abundance of gorgeous nature. Not only are there penguins lounging around certain parts of the island, but there are great white shark tours as well. This destination has been quickly becoming popular since photos started coming out of it.

Not only were people amazed at various types of cuisine coming out of Cape Town South Africa, but they were also becoming informed of the unique, rich, and colorful cultural perspectives that had blended together to make Cape Town. Not only does Cape Town offer more things to do other than go on Safari, but Cape Town also broke the stereotypes of what Africa was supposed to look like. Now, the enchanted place not only brings tourists from all over the world but has encouraged and inspired more tourism across the continent.

12 Cape Town South Africa Is Mysterious But Totally Safe

Cape Town South Africa is just like any other tourist destination. That being said, unexpected things can always happen, but with so much food, art, and culture bubbling in and around the city, there's been a decrease in crime in the more touristy locations. There are dangerous areas in and around the city, but those spots are usually run-down, have fewer tourists, and should be avoided. As long as a traveler is wise, prepared, and remains vigilant, this trip can make for an awesome once in a lifetime experience that's totally worth it.

11 For The Extreme Nature Lover, There's No Shortage Of Great White Sharks

Cape Town South Africa used to have no shortage of the ever-illusive great white shark, but in recent years their numbers started to diminish, however recently the giant shark has been spotted near South Africa is number that is slowly rising. Not only are there tours that offer to take people out to the great white sharks, but with the right gear, people can get in a cage near them to snap some pretty incredible photos. These sharks can grow to be the size of small cars, which makes seeing them in the wild all the more impressive.

10 The Multicultural Food From South Africa Is Shaking Up The Food World

For the food fan or the foodie, Cape Town, South Africa has a little bit of everything that's good in the food world. The country's multicultural and complex history shines most in the attitude of the people and their incredible food. Since the country has influence from African, Italian, French, and even Dutch culture, the food is a variety of awesome experiments that work! There are indigenous methods to cure meat, various types of sausages, Indian spices, and amazing desserts. Then there is the Gatsby, a sandwich made famous by Cape Town.

9 The Landscape Offers A Little Bit Of Everything For The Wanderer

One of the most impressive things about Cape Town South Africa has to be the variety of nature. Not only is there a wide variety of animals to see, but the landscape is constantly changing and different, and then there are all the Capes! People can spend time in the Table mountains during the day, and be at the beach by night to enjoy the sunset. However, many people visit the Cape of Good Hope for a full day of fun enjoying the lower half of the continent.

8 The Preservation Of The Pre And Post Colonization African Culture Is Both Stunning And Electric

South Africa has a very interesting and important history. Not only are there museums devoted to the slavery, apartheid, and colonization that happened on the island, but the people of South Africa has made it a very important point to hold on to the knowledge of what has happened there so they can move forward from it and come out stronger. The people, food, and culture reflect the influences that were kept, and the ones that were abandoned. The South African people have made it their mission to protect what's left of their culture and educate the world about it.

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7 The Historical Neighborhood Of Bo-Kaap Stays Colorful, Preserved, And Pleasant

Bo-Kaap is one of the most recognizable places in Cape Town South Africa. This neighborhood is not only one of the oldest, but it is also one of the most photographic in the country. The colorful buildings, which are protected by the government, end up in gorgeous Instagram posts every day. People come from all over the world to take photos in front of the building, and celebrate the bright colors of the South African Aesthetic.

6 Some Very Important And Cute Penguins Stake Claim To Parts Of The Beach

Cape Town South Africa is also famous for its large communities of penguins. These adorable little animals are known to crowd around places like Boulders Beach where they lounge around in the sun all day. Since these penguins were going extinct, the government made it a point to protect them and their beach, and by doing so they have been on the rise. People are pretty much restricted from interfering with the penguin's lifestyle, but the people of Cape Town don't mind.

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5 Constantia Is Famous For Its Wine But Cape Town Has Hundreds Of Wineries To Spend The Day In

Where else in the world can people go from the cape, mountains, and beach, all the way to a winery. Not many places offer so much diversity, but Cape Town South Africa has it all. Nestled in the mountains there are a handful of wineries, with the perfect conditions. These small swaths of lush land are known for being in a more expensive part of Cape Town, in some of the most expensive neighborhoods, but for a small fee, people can experience day visits.

4 There Are Cool Coves And Caves To Explore In And Around The Mountains

One of the most beautiful and unexpected things about Cape Town has to be the cliffside caves in the Table Mountains overlooking the oceans. People can hike up to these little spots for an evening picnic, or just climb up there for some epic photos. These spots boast some pretty incredible views of the coves below, where beachgoers enjoy the crystal clear ocean. Maidens Cove is one of the most popular, because there pool integrated into the ocean. There's also a ton over underground caves, which offer a close look at the ancient Earth.

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3 Some Of The Best Hiking In The World

From the many photos of Cape Town which can be found online or on Instagram, one thing is quite obvious. The country offers some pretty amazing hiking and climbing. Visiting tourists can go out with one of the many tour services that offer hikes throughout the town. These tour groups will not only take people to the best spots, but they will provide people with all the gear they need to stay safe.

2 Lions Head Is One Of The Best Spots To Get A Picture

There are a few things to know before hiking to the top of Lions Head. Not only does this incredible overlook sit on top of the city, but there are endless views of the ocean. This spot is frequented by many tourists and locals throughout the day, which makes getting up to it pretty easy. The hike takes about an hour and a half to get to the top, and there are different ways to get up, depending on a person's skill level.

1 The Great Outdoors Of Outdoor Activities

For the people who want a bit more adventure, Cape Town offers the best outdoor adventures. There are cable cars that travel down the side of steep mountains, zip-lines that run through the lush vegetation, and even paragliding across the ocean. For people more interred in the land than the ocean, there is sandboarding, and even hiking excursions that lead people right under waterfalls. Cape Town offers it all!

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