Being such a small state, it's easy to see why Arkansas is often forgotten as one of the lower 48. With that being said, it's not called the Natural State for no reason; Arkansas is full of tremendous beauty, incredible landscapes, and small towns just waiting to be explored. The word that could best describe this enchanting landscape is 'charming,' as each small town has an atmosphere that truly makes a traveler feel as though they've come home in some way or another.

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From vistas dotted with open fields and trees aplenty to main streets that are home to boutique stores, parks with gazebos, and traditional restaurants, this is the perfect place for anyone looking to slow down and enjoy the little things. These towns exude that 'slice of life' feeling, and, depending on which town you're exploring, you might never want to leave these beautiful Arkansas towns.

Eureka Springs

Even if you've never been to Arkansas, it's likely that you may have heard of a little town called Eureka Springs. The name of the town wasn't just happenstance - there are more than 60 natural springs that surround it, which is one of the draws for those visiting. The town itself was founded in 1879, giving it quite a history that's reflected in the Victorian homes that line the streets in the main part of town.

Eureka Springs was also voted one of the top art destinations in the country, according to American Style, making it an up and coming attraction, as well. However, it's the mountain views of the surrounding Ozarks that make this town so immediately loveable, as it overlooks the valleys below.


Most of these towns have likely never been heard of outside of the state of Arkansas but that usually means they're worth a visit. And if any town is proving that, it's the little town of Jasper, located near the Buffalo National River.

Jasper is not a large town by any means but Buffalo National River was the first to gain landmark status as a designated national river, so its history is rich with Americana. Set deep in the Ozark Mountains, Jasper is home to the Buffalo River Elk Festival, which is held every year in honor of the elk returning home for the season.

In the town of Jasper, visitors will find quirky, unusual shops as well as historic inns, making this charming town all the more beloved by both locals and visitors.

Mountain Home

If the name of this quaint town doesn't pique your interest then perhaps its vistas will. Mountain Home sits along the Missouri border and while it's one of the most popular destinations for a vacation in Arkansas, according to Culture Trip, it's also quite secluded with a vast expanse surrounding.

The town itself sits between two lakes, Norfork and Bull Shoals, making it an ideal spot for lakeside retreats. Just outside of the town lies a lush expanse of rolling hills, making it a haven for nature lovers who can appreciate its natural beauty. Downtown Mountain Home includes buildings that date back to the late 1800s, along with plenty of small boutique shops and privately-owned restaurants to explore.

Herber Springs

Speaking of nature, those who wish to be completely immersed in it need look no further than Herber Springs. This remote town has so much to offer to those who enjoy stepping outside and taking in a breath of fresh air, perhaps with the sound of a bubbling brook in the distance and the sounds of nearby birds.

Little Red River is the ideal location for boaters and hosts a slew of other summertime water sports. This is also when visitors can watch the Herber Springs Fireworks Extravaganza, which is the largest display in the state of Arkansas. While in town, visitors can enjoy the town's park green, as well as art galleries and some historical landmark buildings.

El Dorado

El Dorado's close proximity to the Louisiana border makes it relatively easy to find, and the town is still up and coming. However, it was named the Best Downtown in America back in 2009 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, making it more than worthy of an adventure.

This town takes its Southern roots very seriously and those who visit will be treated to things such as the Southern Folk Festival and even the Southern Food & Wine Festival, which is hosted here. Art and botanical gardens are also things El Dorado is known for, with unique artstic displays at the Arkansas Art Center and vast gardens at the South Arkansas Arboretum.

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