Brazil is, of course, known for picturesque beaches and the vibrant culture of Rio de Janeiro, but many forget that this country's food is also off the hook. As untamed as freely flirtatious as Brazil's nightlife can be, that's how bold, flavorful, and fun its most popular dishes are. The culture of a country is often reflected in its food, and Brazil's simple comforts come in the form of bright flavors, comforting spices, and some sweet treats.

Ready to take a walk on the wild side and introduce some exotic flavor into your foodie repertoire?



At first glance, this dish looks like nothing more than a typical, lightly spiced fish stew. However, Moqueca is more dynamic in flavor than any fish stew around the world, thanks to its presentation and the addition of coriander, an unmistakable flavor in this dish. The stew is typically brought out in a hot pot to retain its heat, and once uncovered, diners are met with the glorious, steamy scent of this stew. Tomatoes, coconut, and annatto seeds for coloring make this dish uniquely Brazil.


A fun twist on a chocolate truffle, brigadeiros are made of condensed milk, butter, and cocoa powder. These truffles are most commonly rolled in chocolate sprinkles, basically making a chocolate lover's dream dessert.

However, they can also be found rolled in things such as pistachio nuts and coconut flakes, both variations being far less sweet than their traditional topping.


The appearance of this dish is similar to flan or panna cotta, and its texture is not too far from that. The difference is that the base flavor of this dish is coconut - the custard itself is made from eggs, sugar, and coconut, while its base is made of grated coconut. The inspiration for this dish came from Portuguese delicacies, in which eggs and custards are the base for many a dessert.

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Açaí is a dish that has steadily made its way around the world and upon doing so, has been influenced greatly by every country that has adopted it. These healthy bowls are often eaten for breakfast and at their base is fresh fruit. However, this dish was eaten by indigenous tribes as a source of food fuel, traditionally being used as a way to get energy with a one-bowl meal.

The Açaí berry isn't just used in this dish, though, and is fairly common throughout Brazilian cooking. Now, it flavors nearly everything, but traditionally, in Brazil, it's used as a superfood in smoothies, Açaí bowls, as a flavor boost to savory meals, and a snack for surfers.

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Feijoada can be found widely across the country and it's well-known as traditional comfort food. Similar to a hearty stew, the main ingredients in this dish are sausages, black beans, and various pork cuts. The difference between this stew and the stew many know in the US and other parts of the world is that this recipe can take up to 24 hours to finish. With so many cuts of meat, it takes time for each one to be tender enough to eat (often including ears and trotters), but the end result is totally worth it. Served with rice, kale, farofa, orange slices, and pork scratching, this dish is delicious.

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