Hawaii is known for its fresh poke bowls and intense surf competitions such as the Banzai pipeline, and also for its amazing resorts and flawless beaches. With travel on the fritz, we're all missing those tropical vibes and a sense of rest and relaxation. Since baking can sometimes ease stress, you have to know where we're heading with this... It's time to get our bake on and try out some tropical, Hawaii-worthy desserts!

For those who are lucky enough to be taking a vacation, these can serve as a precursor to a perfect beach getaway. And for those who are staying close to home these days, they're the perfect way to enjoy some tropical beach vibes without actually having to leave the house. It's time to pop on some Lua music, grab your best beach outfit, and pick a recipe!


Haupia And Chocolate Pie

Haupia, which is also known as coconut, has always been a natural pair with chocolate. In Haupia and chocolate pie, they come together in a way that's pure magic for the taste buds, and Hawaii can lay claim to this delicious dessert. Decadent chocolate filling tangos with fresh, slightly sweet coconut to create a flavor profile that's out fo this world. We won't tell anyone if you have it for dessert and breakfast.

Ono Butter Mochi

While mochi is traditionally a Japanese sweet, the addition of coconut and butter add a Hawaiian flair to this slightly chewy, sweet dessert. It's also a super simple recipe - simply mix all the ingredients together, bake, slice, and serve! While the process of making it is easy, trying not to eat more than one of these is the challenging part. Be sure to double the recipe so that you'll have extra when the first batch is inevitably gone in a day or less!

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Another sweet delicacy that's often found in Hawaii, malasadas are tiny, rolled sweet breads, similar to small jelly or cream-filled donuts. Often found at fundraisers, the origin of these sweet puffs is Portugal, but they've become a popular Hawaiian favorite. Yeast is involved in this recipe but they're fairly easy to make and well worth the patience, as you'll be rewarded with a delicacy that's "onolicious!" according to those who have made these at home.

Macadamia-Coconut Squares

Hawaii is known for its macadamia nuts and while they're delicious on their own, they're even more delicious in these macadamia-coconut squares. The addition of instant coffee powder adds a level of depth to the flavor of this dessert, while cinnamon adds a subtle warmth to these tasty squares. After baking, the result is nothing but a chewy, slightly sweet, and slightly salty snack that's sure to please anyone's sweet tooth.

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Hawaiian Tarts

The inspiration for these tarts comes from two fruits Hawaii is widely known for: Pineapple and coconut. The combination of the two doesn't get much more tropical than this and since they're perfect, one-bite snacks, you won't have to feel guilty over eating several of them. Made in mini muffin tins, they're also pretty and petit, perfect for a summer party or BBQ. The best part? They can easily double as a quick breakfast or a school snack. The fruit makes them healthy, right?

All these recipes can be found on AllRecipes.

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