If there's any cuisine that's trending right now it's Mediterranean. This region of food encompasses flavors from 22 counties in total, each with its own iconic dishes. From these countries, we also get unique spice blends, various methods for cooking seafood, and the addition of wholesome ingredients such as olive oil, vinegar, and fresh herbs. This means that the cuisine tends to lean more savory than many others which begs one question for those who follow the cuisine religiously: what's there to eat for breakfast when nothing is sweet?


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The answer, in short, is to consider how many delicious early-morning dishes can be produced from an extensive list of savory ingredients. Anything from vegetables to cheese-stuffed bread is fair game in the Mediterranean for breakfast, but don't be fooled - every option is still light, healthy, and quick. When it comes to following a Mediterranean lifestyle, it's super easy to do from breakfast to dinner, starting with these dishes.


When thinking of a Greek salad, what are the best parts? Think of those major flavor punches that really bring the salad home and make it what it is: the kalamata olives and feta cheese. These two go together like two peas in a pod or, in this case, two ingredients in bread. Eliopsomo is olive and feta bread and it's fresh-baked with mixed slices of tangy, briny olives, and bold, salty pieces of feta cheese.

The bread itself is the perfect base for these flavors as it's a neutral foundation but isn't bland by any means. The best way to eat this bread is by dipping it in good olive oil, which only serves to enhance the flavors of the olives and mellow out the feta. It's the perfect way to start off the day with a savory breakfast.


In some parts of the world, a pie sounds pretty good for breakfast, as long as it's filled with a delicious, fruity filling. In the Mediterranean, pies take on a different meaning with savory, local ingredients. The most popular, by far, is made with a filling of spinach and feta. Also known as spanakopita in Greece, these pies are buttery and salty and make one of the most comforting meals to have during the day - even for breakfast.

However, any number of ingredients can go into these pies such as meat, cheese-only, zucchini, tomatoes, and any mix of greens including or excluding spinach. As long as the pie is made with traditional phyllo dough, anything is fair game.

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This fun blend of ingredients is similar to what's known in the U.S. as a Greek omelet except it's served deconstructed. This breakfast scramble is made with eggs, tomatoes, and feta, and can be dressed up with additional spices and a drizzle of olive oil over the top. It's incredibly healthy for breakfast and is packed with protein from the eggs, with plenty of flavor from cooked tomatoes and salty feta.

To enhance the flavors of this dish even further, the tomatoes can be roasted first in order to bring out their natural sweetness. Using herbed feta rather than plain can also add tons of flavor, as can using flavored olive oil as opposed to plain.

Toast With Mediterranean Spreads

Most, if not all, Mediterranean breakfasts are light so toast making the list isn't exactly a surprise. Rather than buttering these slices up with butter and jam, though, something like tahini or hummus is preferred. On top of that, chickpeas, nuts, and cheese, such as feta or labneh, can be used to cut through the richness of it all.

A drizzle of balsamic syrup or good olive oil with salt and pepper tie everything together.

Yogurt With Veggies

Greek yogurt, especially, is eaten for breakfast around the world but it is technically savory rather than sweet. What makes this yogurt sweet are the toppings that are added to it which can include honey, nuts, and fruit, but what about keeping its savory notes?

Instead, try adding pickled vegetables, freshly sliced radishes, and some tahini. The pickled vegetables are great at waking up the senses first thing in the morning and the radishes provide tons of vitamins, starting you off on the right foot before the day even begins. For a breakfast that's especially delicious, roast vegetables such as asparagus, zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers the night before, then add them to the yogurt the next morning - a drizzle of balsamic brings everything together with a sprinkle of feta cheese.

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