Santorini has been repeatedly voted one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, offering a little bit of something for everyone. With great nightlife, unbelievable seaside vistas, and a permanently summer-type vibe, there's nothing not to love about this island in the sun. To match its flawless atmosphere, Santorini is also cooking up dishes that have been created around its local ingredients, with generations of recipes that haven't changed much throughout the centuries. It's one of the oldest cuisines as well as one of the most cherished, and there's not much that can beat its fresh flavors and creativity.


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With many vegetable-based dishes and creative takes on both lamb and fish, Santorini is one destination that caters to any and all lifestyles. If you're planning a trip to this paradise in the future, these dishes will definitely be on the best restaurant menus and reflect Santorini's culture in every way.

Tomato Gefthedes

You've heard of zucchini fritters, corn fritters, and, of course, apple fritters, but Santorini is bringing tomato fritters to the table. Also known as Domatokeftethes, these fritters are simple and allow all the fresh herbs in the recipe to shine through.

These herbs usually including classic Santorini flavors such as mint, dill, oregano, parsley, basil, or even mint, depending on the recipe. Aside from that, the ingredients are simple and clean: tomatoes, onions, zucchini, flour, salt, and pepper.


Another appetizer that's popular in Santorini is saganaki, which is a delicious blend of sweet and salty flavors. This is the perfect dish for those who love that flavor of fresh cheese, especially since it cooks up in no time with a perfectly golden-brown crust and a melted, gooey interior.

That's not all this starter dish has to offer, though - when it's finished, the fried cheese is drizzled with a bit of honey to finish.

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Moussaka is a popular Greek dish and it's known widely throughout the Mediterranean. With a base of eggplant and ground beef, this dish is comforting and warm while still being delicious and satisfying in every way, no matter the season.

It's also known as 'Greek lasagna' due to the layering of vegetables, meat, and cheese, with a creamy bechamel sauce to bring it all together. It's filling, for sure, but it's also a dish that exudes the classic flavors of the region along with a few Greek twists that are customary of Santorini.


Souvlaki usually goes hand in hand with gyros which can be found around the island and have become popular forms of street food, as well. There's truly nothing like grilled Greek meat and the flavors of both the spices and the method of grilling (with a vertical spit) are unparalleled.

When all of that is wrapped up in a pita with fresh vegetables, tzatziki, and feta, or eaten alone on a skewer, it's an experience that's unique to the region. Both of these dishes also have a history behind them that has kept these in the rotation for well over a century now.


A classic dish is spanakopita and it's one that's beloved by everyone around the world, not only in Santorini. However, there's nothing like eating one of these while watching the sunset from one of Santorini's many seaside cliff settings. Known as a spinach pie, this classic dish brings together cooked spinach, feta, and onions in the best way possible.

Its savory filling is layered beautifully between layers of phyllo dough before being baked to a perfect golden-brown crispness. When served hot, the spinach pie exudes tons of flavor and the feta doesn't melt but does get a soft, creamy consistency that makes for the perfect balance with all of the fresh spinach inside.

Fava me Koukia

There's no simpler snack than fava me koukia, which is mashed fava beans with a delicious lemon-based sauce. Mashed beans might not seem like much but fava beans, in particular, are meaty in the same way that chickpeas are, which lends itself well to the bold sauce that mixed in with this dish to create a dynamic and delicious flavor base.

The sauce is also made with fennel, which adds a nice spiciness, dill, which adds fresh herbiness, and parsley, which instantly brightens the dish as a whole. For such a simple snack or side dish, it's a Santorini favorite that's a must-try for anyone who's visiting this island. Not to mention, it's perfect for those who are vegetarian or vegan!

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