Connecticut was voted the number two place in the U.S. for pizza and while New Jersey did get the top spot according to Food & Wine, the fact remains: Connecticut pizza reigns supreme. There's just something about the creativity, local ingredients, and style used to create a classic Connecticut pie, and while other states in the region didn't go down without a fight, there's just no beating this New England state for second place.

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The most popular place to get pizza, along with the best pizzerias, is New Haven. It's here that there's a collective talent of pizza makers with recipes that remain - very likely - top secret in order to protect their trade secrets. However, the entire state of Connecticut is full of great food. With its proximity to the ocean, it has both seafood and comfort food in its pocket, with its ace, of course, being its pizza. The next time you're in town, these are the dishes to keep an eye out for because if there's anything Connecticut excels in, it's the culinary arts.


Head to New Haven for some of the best pizza in the country. Just as one would pick up a slice in New York City, New Haven has become Connecticut's capital for the perfect pizza. There is any number of styles that can be found here, along with any number of pizza topping combinations. Many pizzerias have specialties that have a fan following that runs deep in local communities, and visitors learn why after the first bite. One of the best places to go is Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, which got its start in 1925 and has been creating pizza masterpieces ever since.

Hot Buttered Lobster Roll

Lobster has a tender, buttery texture on its own and the addition of hot, melted butter to that makes it borderline inappropriate to describe. In Connecticut, a hot buttered lobster roll consists of the most tender and sweet lobster meat which lines a classic roll, with the finishing touch of melted butter to set the whole thing off. It's simple and purely New England, with lobster showcased in the way that it should be: undiluted while being front and center.

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Steamed Cheeseburgers

You read that correctly! Steamed cheeseburgers might sound like a strange thing considering a grilled burger is the most common way to cook one but until you've had one of these, you haven't really lived. Granted the burger won't have that charred outside, it will have a pleasantly tender, moist interior from the steaming process. This allows the meat to hold in all of those juices and cooks the burger in a gentle way that encourages melted cheese perfection and a juicy inside. One bite, and you'll be hooked.


A grinder is just another name for a hoagie, hero, or submarine sandwich. In Connecticut, grinders are a big deal when it comes to lunch or a quick dinner. They're to this state as pastrami is to New York, so it's definitely something that shouldn't be missed out on when you're visiting Connecticut. A grinder always contains freshly sliced deli meat, the freshest of vegetables, and usually some kind of sub sauce. Depending on the shop, some menus might even contain customed grinders that can only be found at the shop they're offered.

Apple Cider Donuts

Apple cider donuts are found throughout New England once the summer weather gives way to an early morning chill, signifying the start of the fall season. In Connecticut, not only will you get warm, spiced apple donuts, but you'll also get stunning fall foliage that can be seen throughout the state. Along the coast, the combination of beach and changing leaves makes for a magical, storybook-like experience, all of which is made so much better with a warm apple cider donut in hand. It's even better when it's rolled in cinnamon sugar!

Hot Dogs

Granted, hot dogs are not the most exciting of foods. In Connecticut, though, diners have the pleasure of eating a dog that's been made in the state - something many other states don't have to offer. With a wide variety of toppings, there's nothing quite like eating a fresh hot dog from the place it was created. It's a claim to fame that not many people know about Connecticut but it's one that should definitely be experienced first-hand. The good news is that if you're in the mood for a good hot dog, there's no shortage of restaurants that offer them as a specialty.

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