Passports aren't something that many of us think about daily, weekly, or even throughout the year. In a digital world, it's hard to believe that a tiny book can grant a person so much freedom; however, in the world of international travel, it can. Crossing borders isn't the only reason to have this form of identification, though. A passport book and even a passport card (which is the passport 'lite,' so to speak) is a viable form of identification and might even save you some stress in the future just by having one.


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In general, a person never knows when they'll be required to present more than one form of proof to prove they are who they say they are. Since that was a bit of a tongue twister, in short: a passport is something that everyone should have, especially as adults, and especially for parents.

In The Event Of Lost ID, It's A Viable Form Of Identification

Believe it or not, a passport does function as an ID similar to that of a driver's license. While a passport won't prove that a person can legally drive, it will prove that they are who they claim to be. Since it also features a photo as well as a person's birthday, it can be used somewhat interchangeably in many situations where a driver's license would be sufficient, such as showing proof of legal age. Therefore, while it's highly unlikely that someone would forget their driver's license but happens to have their passport, it still works to get them into that highly coveted club.

It Serves As A Cautionary Measure

In the event that a family member or a friend goes overseas and needs help, how would someone do so without a passport? The fact is, you can never guess when the need for a passport will arise or when crossing another country's borders will become a necessity.

While it's a highly unlikely situation and seems like it couldn't happen, that's usually the first thing that a person thinks before something actually does happen. And, if it does, it's better to be prepared with a passport than to be waiting six weeks to get one.

A Method Of Safeguarding Children

For parents, the thought of a child being registered with a passport that they didn't actually apply for is a scary one. In the U.S., a passport can only be applied for once by a person or a parent which automatically restricts anyone else from doing so with the same name. While it's not something many people think of doing, getting a passport for your child at an early age can not only serve as a solid form of identification but will also prevent anyone else from doing so. This also means that a child can't leave the country with the passport that has been obtained by their parent or guardian, so it's a safeguard in every respect.

You Might Need It For Domestic Flights

While it's not necessary to have a passport for domestic flights in most cases, it's still a good thing to have. In the event that a form of ID is lost or there's extra questioning, being able to show a passport will prove a multitude of things.

Basically, a passport is the end-all and be-all of the travel world; it will answer many questions without the need for security staff to even ask them. There are also some cases where a person's driver's license or alternative form of ID just won't cut it for a flight to another state, in which case a passport is the next best thing.

Border Crossings Are Much Easier

For border crossings that are crossed via car, most people resort to something called an enhanced license. This permits them to cross the borders that touch the U.S. - both Mexico and Canada - depending on the state that a person lives in. For example, any states that share a border with Canada permit an enhanced license for an extra fee at the DMV so that carrying a passport is not required. However, a passport is consistent and allows international travel of any kind, with more information than an enhanced license will have.

Other Things Such As Employment Papers Or Schools Might Require It

Although rare, some forms of employment may require multiple forms of identification. Not everyone carries their birth certificate around which means, unfortunately, that's one form of ID that's out of the question. A passport is easy to carry, serves as a legal form of ID, and can absolutely be used when filling out employment papers or papers for schools, or any other legal documents that require showing ID.

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