When a person thinks of Antarctica, they're not usually thinking of the food that can be found there. While it might just seem desolate and devoid of human life (except the ghosts that evidently still haunt it), Antarctica is just as much of a tourist destination as any other place in the world, albeit a bit colder. Okay, a lot colder.

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Which means that there must be some kind of sustenance there, right? And with the continent itself being ancient, the food that was created in Antarctica and adopted by those native to the area had to have shaped its cuisine today in some form. While many things about Antarctica's most popular dishes are to be expected, such as a lack of fresh fruits or vegetables aside from those brought in, there are some things that are quite surprising about it. The popularity of a certain sweet, for example, or the biscuit that has helped many a local power through the day despite frigid temperatures and tough working conditions. Plenty of things go into making the cuisine of Antarctica what it is and it's certainly not limited to availability - the culture, the country's people, and its history are all factors when it comes to these dishes.


Fresh Seafood

It's expected that a continent completely surrounded by water (and literally nothing else) will have good seafood but many people don't even realize how much seafood is available in Antarctica. For example, it's so wide and varied that something such as cochayuyo, which is kelp native to its waters, is easily turned into a 'spaghetti' dish.

Other types of commonly caught fish are sea bass, halibut, tuna, swordfish, flounder, and from freshwater sources, trout and salmon are often caught, as well.


This dish might not sound that appetizing but it's one that the locals will insist on everyone trying. Hoosh consists of Pemmican (more about that soon) that's been stewed together with biscuits and melted ice.

All three of these things are mixed together in a flavorful broth and while it's a kitchen sink of sorts, it's something that no trip is complete without trying.


Pemmican dates all the way back to the days when Native Americans were first learning ways to preserve meat in order to make it through long and harsh winters. That's when Pemmican was first created or, rather, preserved.

Pemmican consists of a mixture of both ground and dry meats which then get a copious amount of fat, and the whole thing is preserved and used as a high source of calories.

Sledging Biscuits

Although they're simple, they're still an important part of Antarctica's history. If you haven't caught onto the trend before now, many of the most iconic dishes come from the need for high calories, fiber, and protein.

Sledging biscuits are no different and while they only consist of flour, baking soda, salt, water, and butter, they're still regarded as an essential snack to this day. They're easy to pack and it's not unusual to see them in the packs of sled dog teams and scientists who are in Antarctica for research.

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Surprisingly, mustard is the most popular condiment in Antarctica. It's so popular that across the region, you could have your choice of roughly 400 different varieties.

While mayo and ketchup are also fairly popular, neither of them can even compete against the love the country has for that tangy mustard.


Duck is the most popular poultry meat that's served in Antarctica and it's very likely that travelers will find this over anything else. It's usually eaten for lunch and is eaten with a quick sear before being placed on whichever vegetables or salad mixes are available at the time.

It's also eaten alongside - or on - a simple roll, accompanied by any number of sauces to ensure the entire thing is moist and flavorful. Chicken, goose, and turkey are also popular poultry options but none as popular as the duck.


The one thing about eating chocolate in Antarctica is that you'll never have to worry about it melting in your pocket. This isn't the reason it's so popular, though - this sweet treat gained popularity due to its high calorie and sugar content which is necessary for those who live and work in the region.

Bars of chocolate cant be found easily throughout Antarctica and it's not unusual for locals to have one or two of them stored in their packs, cars, or even their pockets.

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