Many folks out there think that travel is expensive and difficult. Nothing could further from the truth. In this article, we will not discuss who to become a digital nomad and how to find work online. To see how to become a nomad around the world teaching English see here. Instead, the discussion will be how it is cheap and easy.

Traveling can be surprisingly cheap - much cheaper than living a normal life in a developed and expensive country like the United States. In the United States and other countries like Australia, the cost of living is very high and so one must make a decent wage just to get by. In most of the world, the cost of living can be much less.


Cost Of Living

If we look at the Cost of the Living Index we see that the most expensive places in the world to live are in Switzerland with a Cost of Living Index of around 130. Expensive New York is the benchmark with an index of 100.00 and is the most expensive city in the United States. As we go down the list we see cities like Madrid at 62, Athens at 58, and Istanbul at 38.

Cost of Living Select Cities:

  • Geneva: 125
  • New York City: 100.00
  • London: 87
  • Madrid: 62
  • Manila: 43
  • Istanbul: 38

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This means that one does not need the same income to maintain the same standard of living around the world. But even then, the cost of living is often overstated on indexes like the Cost of Living Index. An example of this is Singapore with a cost of living index of 82. But in Singapore, one does not need the expense of owning and running a car. Public transport is perfectly sufficient.

  • Car: In Much Of the World, One Does Not Need A Car
  • Overstated: Often The Cost Of Living Is Overstated With Realife Conditions
  • Cost of Living: By Country See Here

This means that if one has only a modest income as a digital nomad, one can have the confidence of being able to sustain a good standard of living abroad. If one is planning to live in developing countries then the cost of living can be very low. In many cities in the world, a taxi ride should not cost more than $5 (and often $2).

International Banking And Renting

International banking is pretty much universal in modern times. One can continue to be paid into one's home bank and use it abroad (just check their foreign transactions and conversion fees).

  • Note: MasterCard and Visa Can Be Used In Virtually Every Country (American Express And Others Are Limited)
  • Exceptions: MasterCard And Visa Can't Be Used In Places Sanctioned Like Iran, and Are Difficult In China Who Has Their Own System

When traveling and looking to set oneself up in a new country, it is simple. One just needs to find a place to rent (many countries have their own renting platforms - look on forums or ask around once in that country). To get started just rent an Airbnb for a while.

The World Is Your Oyster

When living as a digital nomad, the world is one's oyster. One can easily rent an apartment on the tropical beach in the Philippines, live in the center of a historic town or city in Europe, or live in the large and densely populated cities of Asia.

Many of the rental apartments around the world are by default fully furnished. This means that one doesn't have the constant hassle and expense of setting up every time. One can be as mobile has having one's laptop and one or two suitcases. One can pack up and move in an instant.

  • Mobility: One Can Be Incredibly Mobile

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Starting out, one needn't worry too much about there to live. One can always relocate. In Europe, one can easily book a flight anywhere in Europe for $50.00 (there are even flights from Portugal to Scotland for $8.00!). And one can fly almost anywhere in the world for $1,000.00 - and most places for only $500.00. See here for the best budget airlines in the world.

From almost anywhere in the world, if one wants to be anywhere else in the world (including back home) in a day or two. One can be there in around 72 hours and $1,000.00. In today's world traveling is easy, obligation-free, and to a large degree, risk-free.

  • Obligation Free: One Can Always Return Home In A Near Instant

One of the biggest challenges for digital nomads is finding a social group. For anyone outgoing, this is very easy. There are plenty of other ex-pats living all around the world, and they too are looking for friends and interaction. The ex-pat communities are generally very inclusive and accepting - everyone is in the same boat. Additionally, in many places in the world, one is seen as exotic and interesting - the locals in those countries are also eager to get to know you.

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