Getting a job at Disneyland sounds just as magical as getting a job as a flight attendant: you get to be in beautiful surroundings, around happy people who are on vacation, and you get to see some things that you might not otherwise. Of course, things are never perfect and both of these jobs involve dealing with some rude people who don't understand the rules and policies. And there are aspects of any job that aren't that much fun.

The staff at Disneyland definitely experience a lot of emotions of the people spending their vacation days at this place, and while it would be great if they could simply tell someone off or speak their minds, they're going to stay super polite and professional at all times. We totally understand that... but we also are curious to know what they wish that they could say.


Read on to find out what the staff of Disneyland choose not to say to visitors.

It's Truly Irritating When Grown-Ups Wear Costumes

According to someone who used to work as a cast member at Disney wrote on Tips From The Disney Diva, it's irritating when grown-ups wear costumes to Disneyland. It's not like employees can be super honest with you about why this is such a bad idea, but this is what they're thinking. Tips From The Disney Diva explained, "People are disappointed, but it would confuse little kids & it is also a safety issue."

Sure, the employees will tell someone that they have to leave and can't come into the parks dressed like that. But they're only going to tell you that this is a rule that you should follow, not that it's annoying to have to deal with this issue. This cast member said that it was one of their "pet peeves" while working at Disneyland, so it's clear that this isn't something that employees enjoy dealing with.

We bet that the staff at Disneyland also want to ask people why they would do this for two reasons: it's part of the rules and regulations of the parks, and it can't be super comfortable wearing a hot, itchy costume while hanging out at Disney all day long. They probably also want to tell people to please read the rules before arriving at Disneyland.

'Code V' Means Someone Threw Up

The staff at Disneyland are never going to tell you that someone just threw up at The Happiest Place On Earth. They would definitely be too professional to let you in on this secret... but there is a way that you can tell that this happened.

Home Snacks explains, "If you’re ever standing around an area and you hear employees talking about ‘Code V’ (for vomit), then you probably want to avoid the area or see where they are heading towards. Unless you want to see puke."

Hey, we're glad that Disney has a code word for this as we wouldn't exactly want to see it. It's easy to see that this would put quite a damper on a Disney trip. We bet that staff sees this a lot given the number of rides at Disney.

Acting Like Trading Pins Is More Important Than Anything

Trading pins are a big deal at Disney. Traveling Mom says that pins are "great souvenirs" and that many people enjoy putting them on suitcases. You know that it's a legit pin if it has "©Disney" on the back. Disney fans love trading pins with the cast members and it adds another fun element to your time at the parks.

But acting like trading pins is more important than anything else is the wrong way to go. And this isn't behavior that Disneyland staff like. In fact, it's something that they wish people would calm down about, although they would never say this.

Another former Disney employee was interviewed by Business Insider and said that grown-ups would get so worked up about trading pins that they wouldn't let children have the best ones. She said, "it was just sad at times to see younger kids miss out on some great pins as a result of older people wanting these." It seems like the staff at Disneyland would really love being able to tell people to stop hogging all the good pins.

These are all things that the staff at Disneyland choose not to say to visitors. While they're thinking that grown-ups should never wear costumes or take the good trading pins, or that another person just got sick after going on a ride, they're going to keep these things quiet. And that's okay because it's another way to preserve the magic.