At 61 kilometers from Shillong in India, people can find the world’s wettest destination, Mawsynram village. Visitors to this unique spot in India can explore the town in around 48 hours and enjoy a handful of activities in this exciting destination which mainly attracts nature freaks. Mawsynram got its name from the word “Maw,” which means “Stone” in Khasi. This word represents the majesty of the hills in the Khasi area and the splendid megaliths of the region. What distinguishes Mawsynram from other villages in the country is its stalagmite formation which takes the form of a “Shivling.”


Mawsynram is located at an elevation of 1400 meters above sea level and is known for the thick grass used by its local villagers as soundproofing for their homes to protect them against the thunderous showers and powerful rains the village experiences. Here’s what to do when visiting the iconic Indian village of Mawsynram.

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These Magnificent Caves Are A Must Visit In Mawsynram

Meghalaya, where Mawsynram is located, is home to several mysterious pathways and iconic caves. Just at 6 kilometers away from the center point of Cherrapunjee, people can visit the famous Mawsmai Caves, which feature magical palettes of colors and hues during the day, and are lighted up during the night. The color effects resulting from the limestone rocks coming in contact with the lights of the day are enough to stun anyone who witnesses the caves of Mawsmai. Natural assets and incomparable beauty distinguish these beautiful caves from others in the region.

  • Recommended: People are advised to admire the unique fauna and flora inside the Mawsmai Caves, which attract tourists from the whole world to witness this magnificent creation.

Mawsmai Caves are only 150 meters long. Yet, they offer the most unique natural views to their visitors. Thus, visiting these caves is a must when heading to Mawsynram.

  • Opening times: Mawsmai Caves open from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.
  • Cost: People who want to access Mawsmai Caves pay around 20 INR per adult, or $0.26. The entrance fee per child (less than ten years) is 5 INR or $0.065.

Next to Mawsynra, people enjoy visiting the 315-meter tall Mawsmai Falls, India’s fourth-largest waterfall. People can access this waterfall anytime and any day for free. The Mawsmai Falls are also known as Nohsngithiang Falls or the Seven Sisters Waterfalls.

  • When to visit: The most spectacular views of the Mawsmai Falls will be witnessed during the sunset, when one will feel like the waters are flowing down from the vividly colored sun.

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These Waterfalls Will Stun Anyone In Mawsynram

The 335-meter tall Nohkalikai waterfalls are considered the highest in India and can be found between the magnificent rainforests of Khasi Hills. These waterfalls flow from an iconic cliff in Meghalaya and plunge into a magical turquoise blue lagoon. People who visit Mawsynram must have the Nohkalikai Falls on top of their bucket list.

  • What’s behind the name: The name of the Nohkalikai Falls is based on a sad story. Ka Likai was a woman who got married to a man who believed that his wife loved his daughter more than she loved him. As a result of his grudge, the man murdered his offspring, cooked her flesh, and served it to his wife. When Ka Likai discovered what happened, she committed suicide by plunging to death from the waterfall. This is how the fall got the name “Noh Ka Likai.”
  • Opening times: Nohkalikai Falls open from dawn till dusk.
  • Cost: Entry fee to Nohkalikai Falls amount to 10 Rs per person, $0.13.

Here’s When To Visit India’s Mawsynram

The town that receives more rain than any in the whole world, Mawsynram, is best experienced between the months of April and June. This is when the village sees its summer season. However, some people who love to experience the monsoon season’s onset or end, and the beautiful ambiance accompanying these times, prefer to visit Mawsynram during July or September. Still, these visitors would have to protect themselves against the heavy rains and pack the required things for such wild weather.

Lush greeneries which cover the terrains in Mawsynram can be spotted mainly during the month of October. People who visit the village during this time of year will enjoy the rejuvenating and fresh air, which will provide them with a dreamy and peaceful vacation. Of course, visitors of Mawsynram should always be ready to experience unexpected showers no matter what month of the year they visit.

  • How to get around: Transporation is straightforward around Mawsynram. People can find jeeps and cabs all over town. This is why they will have the chance to stroll around the unique attractions comfortably and safely.
  • What to drink: People are encouraged to try the delicious Kwai Tea refreshment in Mawsynram.
  • What to eat: Exotic beef and meat rice are the way to go in Mawsynram.

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