Festive decorations aren’t the only excitement during the Christmas season; for the true holiday spirit, nothing beats a White Christmas. Whether creating snow sculptures, having snowball fights, or enjoying different winter sports, not everyone lives within access to snow, but if you do - or if you are willing to travel - here are the places likely to have a picturesque White Christmas:

10 Girdwood, Alaska

Visitors can directly travel to the luxurious Hotel Alyeska from the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. The hotel hosts a white Christmas-themed holiday with its decorations from the inside to the outside. It is surrounded by nature including seven monumental glaciers, trees, bald eagles, etc. Visitors can enjoy plenty of snow sports, from Nordic skiing to snow bike adventures and a trek through the Iditarod National Historic Trail.

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9 Breckenridge, Colorado

Aside from the numerous outdoor activities like skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling, visitors can enjoy the white Christmas in this town with the different festivals, galleries, and over 200 shops on Main Street. It also features historical buildings where it gives off a retro Christmas vibe. Visitors can fly through Denver International Airport and go directly to the countless affordable and luxurious lodging hotels to stay throughout the vacation.

8 Yellowstone National Park; Montana And Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park will give visitors a special, cozy Christmas celebration. With only two available hotels every winter season, one of these is the Old Faithful Snow Lodge. The lodge is in a secluded area and is generally safe from roaming animals. Exploring the area with tour guides is highly recommended to be more immersed with the historic land. Visitors can go here through the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport.

7 Sun Valley, Idaho

From the Boise Airport, visitors will be welcomed with plenty of unusual outdoor activities and a luxurious, yet still Western vibe. Snowsports in this town are extraordinary for visitors to experience the heli-skiing wherein a helicopter will bring the skiers to the mountain peaks. Visitors can also enjoy mountain biking through the snow, and roaming around the town. There are also plenty of restaurants and shops located on Main Street.

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6 Chicago, Illinois

From events and activities around Lincoln Park Zoo, even the famous Bean sculpture becomes magical, especially on winter nights in the busy streets where countless restaurants and shops are located. Visitors can also snowshoe at the downtown peninsula of the city and ice skate in Millennium Park. Chicago also features the City Winery, which hosts heated wine tasting sessions amongst the picturesque city lights.

5 Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine, gives a calm and cheerful white Christmas vacation. Visitors have a chance to step back in time through Portland's Old Port, shop at farmer's markets, and have a moment at the famous Portland Head Light and witness the beautiful view of the coastline. Make sure to try Portland's known cuisine because this is one of the reasons why visitors keep coming back.

4 Lake Tahoe, Nevada

With the best sledding experience in the entire country, Lake Tahoe is undoubtedly a perfect destination for snow. No worries about the intense cold because visitors can go directly to the Blue Angel Café and get a warm service by the fire and coffee after the outdoor activities. Lake Tahoe also features a sleigh ride going to the mountains in the West. Witness beautiful panoramic views of the mountain and the lake from the windows of The Lodge at Edgewood Tahoe.

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3 Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth gives a memorable Christmas vacation with activities for all ages. Fulfill every child’s dream of riding a Polar Express with North Shore Scenic Railroad’s Christmas City Express. For the adults, never miss the Glensheen Historic Estate known as the former residence of Chester and Clara Congdon. After roaming around the cold town, take a sip of hot chocolate at Bentleyville with a scenic display of lights through the city.

2 Fairbanks, Alaska

This is the most beautiful time of the year; thus, people also deserve the most romantic vacation destination in the world. Nothing beats a white Christmas with the Northern lights display dancing in the sky. Before that, visitors can roam around the town and take in annual holiday celebrations. Book a room at the Fairbanks Moose Manor Bed and Breakfast, where every room has a roof window to view the lights while lying in bed.

1 Bend Oregon

From Portland International Airport, tourists can experience the fun downtown of Bend by staying at the Oxford Hotel, with amenities such as a sauna and on-site dining. Bend is located in central Oregon, surrounded by mountains and forests covered with snow each winter. Bend is known for giving a dreamy white Christmas experience to every traveler. The highlight of the Christmas celebration here is the Holiday Lights Paddle Parade, where participants dress up their kayaks to paddle around the Deschutes River.

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