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The Santa Cruz Mystery Spot is a place of mysteries and gravity defiance. This spot has drawn in curious tourists from all over the world to witness the unique phenomenon that surrounds it, and while these tourists enjoy the mysterious behavior of this place, many do not know the reason behind the mysteries. With this revelation, previous visitors and those visiting in the future will enjoy the uniqueness of this attraction with a complete understanding of what is behind it.


About The Mystery Spot In Santa Cruz

  • Location: In California Redwood Forest, Santa Cruz
  • Founded: 1939

The history of Santa Cruz is just as interesting as the mystery that surrounds it. It all began in 1939 when a man named George Prather noticed some strange phenomena in the area while walking past it. He later bought some parts of the land and built a cabin which soon became an attraction that invited people from all over the country. This made the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot the first of such attractions in California.

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The Concept Of Gravity Hills

The concept of Gravity hills has been around for many years. In fact, many spots around the world are considered to be gravity hills. These places seem to defy gravity as things move uphill instead of downhill. Santa Cruz Mystery Spot is one such place. In reality, though, these places around the world, known as gravity hills, are actually optical illusions created by the tilt of the road that makes it seem like the road goes uphill when it is actually going downhill.

Some people swear that there is something strange about such places as they do not act in line with what they display. It almost feels like the eyes are in disagreement with the body in such areas as it feels less strenuous to walk uphill, whereas it feels more difficult to walk downhill. Many of those spots even have various theories surrounding them. While some believe these strange happenings are results of the supernatural, others believe these happenings are the results of magnetic forces, but the fact remains that these are nothing but slight downhill slopes that appear to be uphill.

Optical Illusion At Its Best

So many experts define gravity hills as simply an optical illusion, and although this can be understandable for roads that are gravity hills around the world, Santa Cruz Mystery Spot makes it difficult to grasp. This cabin where visitors go to experience the strange anomaly makes everything complicated. The confusion begins outside the house as the effect of the gravity hill makes it difficult for people to determine the actual height of the house. While the outer parts of the house may appear confusing, it’s the inner parts of the house that messes with the mind. Those who stay inside for too long might have to run out to check their sanity. Here, round objects and water move uphill instead of downhill, and people stand at terrifying angles without falling to their faces.

It feels exciting to perform those stunts until one realizes they are being deceived by their minds. The architecture of the interior also makes it difficult for the guests to understand what’s going on. Chairs appear to be sitting on walls, and it’s very difficult to walk in the house as the force appears to push people sideways as they walk.

What causes these unusual happenings is the combined effect of the gravity-defying nature of the area and the tilted structuring of the house. It’s a perfect illusion. Even those who understand the secrets behind the anomaly will get confused every time they visit.

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Understanding The Stunts

In the house, there are different types of stunts that guests are made to perform to further blow their minds. Hanging on the handlebars is one of the things guests are made to do, and those who do this will discover that their feet move further away from their standing spot. This is the force of the gravity hill pulling the body to its center. So it doesn’t matter what part of the house appears to be higher; the correct height here is determined by the force of gravity. If a force is pulling an object or a body towards a certain point, then that’s the center or lower part of the house.

This is the explanation behind water or a ball moving uphill. What happens is that the ball or water is actually moving downhill, but the house is tilted to the opposite to make it look otherwise. This also explains why objects are drawn to the wall or why people can stand at tilted angles. Even though the floor or wall appears to be straight, they are actually tilted.

Think of it this way - the normal standing position of a person in the house is the vertical position or the straight position because humans can only maintain balance if they stand at an angle of 180 degrees or in a straight line. So it’s the house that’s standing at an angle, not the people in it.