We love the ease and convenience of bringing a carry-on bag. This makes air travel awesome as we don't have to wait for our bag (which looks like every other black suitcase out there) to come out of that magical conveyer belt when we just want to start our vacation. But while it's good to know what to pack and what to avoid putting in our carry-on, some things need to go in our checked luggage.

You can bring pepper spray on planes, but you can't put it in your carry-on. There are many things that you can bring with you on your journey but you definitely have to check it. Read on to find out the objects that you must check at the airport before boarding a plane. A good rule of thumb: you have to follow the weight rules for any checked luggage.


Sports Fans Can Bring Baseball Bats And Hockey Sticks

Sure, we know that we should bring delicious snacks for long-haul flights. But what about the objects that don't fit in our carry-on... or aren't actually allowed in our carry-on at all?

It's easy to assume that if you want to bring some sporting goods on a plane with you, you would be told that you're not allowed to. These items seem large and unwieldy, right? Well, as it turns out, you can bring baseball bats and hockey sticks in your checked bag. This also includes anything that you need for martial arts and golf clubs. According to the West Jet website, you can even bring one bike and one helmet with you as long as you follow the rules in terms of how heavy they are. This is definitely important to remember.

Alcohol Is Actually Okay In Checked Luggage

You can actually bring alcohol in your checked luggage. That might be a bit surprising to hear but it's the truth. There are many rules to keep in mind, though, so it's definitely not a free for all.

According to Cheap Flights, while you can put some alcohol in checked bags and also carry-ons, you can't drink it. As the website explains, "It’s against federal regulation to open your own bottle of alcohol on a flight or to drink alcohol that was not directly served to you by a flight attendant. One of the main reasons is that your flight attendants are basically on bartender duty and need to keep your libations to a safe level." The FAA wants bottles of alcohol to be no more than 5 liters. And bottles must be closed. The type of alcohol is important here, too, as it has to be 140 proof or a lower amount than that.

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Candles Must Be Checked As Well

According to What To Pack, you can put candles in luggage that has to be checked, as long as you make sure it's the right kind. "Tapered and tall" candles are good to go, along with tea lights or votive candles. It's good to know that you can't bring matches, though, so be sure to throw those out if you have any before heading to the airport.

This is good to know because maybe you're visiting some family or friends and they give you some pretty candles as a gift. Instead of having to leave them behind, you can put them in your checked luggage.

It's interesting to learn what you can bring on a plane... as long as you put it in your checked luggage along with your clothing and toiletries.

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