When the wintertime blues come around it's sometimes all we can do to keep from going stir-crazy to think about the warm spring days that are always just around the corner. However, in doing that, we also forget how many wonderful things the winter brings with it. Aside from snow, ice, and chilly temperatures, the winter is also a symbol of rebirth and fresh starts, with a spring thaw always following the clean slate that is a fresh blanket of snow. Not only is it a gorgeous time of the year for those who can look past its inclement weather and semi-isolation, but it offers many recreational activities that can only be done during the winter. Plus, it gives us an excuse to get cozy.


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If you're looking for some winter ideas to help the time pass, all of which are also socially-distant-approved and relatively safe, look no further.

Rent A Cabin Or Yurt

In the midst of the chaos that is a pandemic, many people forget that a rental deep in the woods or out in the nearest countryside somewhere can also be a socially-distant activity. The isolation at a wintery rental is different from the isolation of being away from family and friends and studies have shown that a change in scenery is incredibly helpful to those suffering from pandemic-induced stress or anxiety.

If you're lucky enough to live near a yurt rental, this is an experience that will allow guests to commune with nature while enjoying the cozy, warm simplicity of all the magic a yurt has to offer.

Try Snowshoeing At A Local Park

Snowshoeing might take a bit of practice in order to get the footing correct and adjust to one's own balance, but it's worth it for all the fun it entails.

Snowshoeing is a great, relaxing way to explore nature and appreciate all of the sights and sounds of the winter, and it's a great recreational option for those who aren't looking for something that can be strenuous, such as winter hiking, skiing, or snowboarding. Many parks will offer snowshoe rentals for a great price and flat trails make it easy to get familiar with the activity.

If Skiing Or Snowboarding Aren't Appealing, Try Sledding

Sledding isn't just a callback to our childhoods, it's a recreational winter activity that's perfect for those who are just looking for some good old-fashioned fun. Skiing and snowboarding bring with it the commitment of both from equipment to lessons, but sledding is easy - simply find a hill and have at it!

This is also a great socially-distant option since it's outdoors and can be done well within the six-foot-distance guideline. For those who live near remote areas or have access to hillsides, this is a blast to do with kids or with your friends as long as everyone wears a mask.

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Go On A Winter Hike

Ready to get a little adventurous? Winter hiking is more than just freezing one's butt off while exploring what feels like a frozen tundra. With the right gear (we've got a pretty good guide here) and proper preparation, hiking through a winter landscape is nothing short of magical.

Most of the time, it's like a scene out of Frozen, and with the help of some protein-packed snacks and something warm to drink along the way, you'll forget all about the chilly temperatures and recent snowfall.

Try Outdoor Ice Skating

Granted, outdoor ice rinks aren't available in every state but for those who are lucky enough to live near one, throw on a face mask and lace-up! Outdoor rinks provide a different level of fun than indoor rinks; there's something about the crisp, cool winter air mixed with the feeling of freedom that comes with skating without (theoretical) limits.

A simple sheet of ice with no walls to hold one in as they glide across a slippery surface feels almost effortless, and this is also a fun way to learn how to skate if you don't already know how!

Seek Out The Nearest Hot Springs

Natural hot springs are scattered throughout the country (and even the world) and while pandemic restrictions do apply, slipping into one of these is the perfect way to keep the winter blues at bay.

The nature of hot springs being an open-air pool makes them safer than an indoor destination and while crowd control is likely in place, it shouldn't be too tough to keep your distance from others while soaking up all the natural minerals a hot spring provides. Plus, it's a truly effortless way to enjoy the winter season.

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