The is a lot to see and do in Upstate New York and one of the state's most stunning attractions is the awe-inspiring Adirondack Mountains. The land here has been sculptured by glaciation and is home to many beautiful lakes like Lake Georgia and Lake Placid. The region is also the source of the Hudson River.

While hiking is what the Adirondacks are known for, there are plenty of activities to enjoy here besides hiking. These include both summer and winter activities and are sure to exceed everyone's expectations. To see another stunning but underrated part of Upstate New York, check out its UNESCO Listed 1,000 Islands.


About the Adirondacks

  • Heights: The Highest Summits In the Region Reach Upto Around 5000 Feet

The Adirondack Mountains are heavily forested and lay in a transitional zone with the southernmost distribution of the taiga or boreal forests in North America. It is also home to many wetlands which are themselves homes of diverse wildlife. Wildlife in the region includes moose (one doesn't need to go to Canada to see moose), black bears, river otters, and bobcats. In the past, there were also cougars, elks, and even caribou in these lands.

Activities In The Adirondacks

Besides hiking, one of the favorite pastimes in the Adirondacks is water sports. The Adirondacks are made for being explored by water and one can choose from the likes of adventurous whitewater rafting, lazy river tubing, kayaking, canoeing, and more. Some of the companies offering these aquatic adventures are:

Adirondack Adventure Center -ADK Turking And Rafting Adventures

  • Where: Lake Luzerne, NY
  • Offers: River Tubing And Whitewater Rafting

Adirondack Moutain And Stream Guide Service

  • Where: Olmstedville, NY=
  • What: Guides Adventurous Folk Through The Adirondack's Rivers, Streams, And Lakes

Wild Waters Outdoor Center - Whitewater Rafting

  • Where: Warrensburg, NY
  • Notable For: The Oly Whitewater Rafting Company Offering Rafting Trips On The Sacadaga And Hudson rivers

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Beaver Brook Outfitters: Rafting, Kayaking & More

  • Where: North Creek, NY
  • What: A Wide Range of Water Adventures Like Whitewater Rafting Adventures, Kayak Rentals, and Winter Sports Rentals

St. Regis Canoe Outfitters

  • Where: Saranac Lake, NY
  • What: Offers Canoe And Kayak Rentals, Optional Guided Tours

There are many many more water-based adventure companies in this region. For a more complete list and links to their websites see here.

Hot Air Ballooning

If one wants to see the stunning beauty of the region from the air and but doesn't want to hike to the summits to do it, then ballooning is an option. There is at least one hot air ballooning company (SunKiss Ballooning) in the region to go on this chill adventure with.

SunKiss Ballooning

  • COVID-19: As At The Time Of Writing They Ask That Everyone Wears A Mask
  • Experience: They Have Over 30 Years Experience With Over 3,000 Trips
  • Price Shared Flight: Starting From $295.00 Per Person
  • Price Private Flights: Starting From $495.00 Per Person
  • Duration Of Flights: 40-60 Minutes

Boat Rentals

Another pastime in this region is hiring one's own boat and exploring the stunning lakes that abound around here. Here are a few of the companies offering boat rentals.

Clark's Marina

  • Where: Eagle Bay, NY
  • Offers: Both Boat Sales and Rentals As well as Boat Storage During The Boating Season and in Winter

Mirror Lake Boat Rental

  • Where: Lake Placid, NY
  • What: A Large Range Of Boat Rentals Including Sailboats, Electric Boats, Paddle Boats, Kayaks, Canoes, Stand-Up Paddle-Boards And More

Blue Mountain Lake Boat Livery Inc.

  • Where: Blue Mountain Lake, NY
  • Offers: Sailboat Rentals, Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Boat Tours, and Marina Services

For more information see here for a full listing of boating companies in the region.

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Winter Sports And Other Activities

While most people may want to come here in the summer, in the winter it turns into another world with a whole different appeal. Come in the winter and enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. In addition one can even engage in winter sports one may have thought one would need to go to Alaska for like dog sledding and sleigh rides. One of the best places for dog sledding is in Canada's Yukon Territory, see here for dog sledding under the Northern Lights and more.

There are many more things to enjoy in this stunning region of Up-State New York - too many to do justice to here. Some of these include hunting and fishing, biking, golfing and mini-golf, farmers markets, various museums, and historic sites, and much more.

Whether by summer or winter, the Adirondacks is a paradise a driveable distance from New York City just waiting to be discovered. And it is much more than hiking.

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