Travelers have a lot of choices for hotels, and most of them choose hotels that are within budget. But sometimes it is more fun to splurge and choose a hotel that makes them feel like they are royalty. One of these hotels in the very popular city of Miami is the historic Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida. This is a hotel of extreme luxury, and visitors will feel this from the second they step in the door.

What It's Like To Stay At The Biltmore Hotel

The Biltmore Hotel is a hotel with outstanding views and hundreds of rooms with several different styles for guests to choose from. There is also a lot included in the stay, which guests can be sure to look forward to. When guests walk in, they are immediately greeted with a huge entrance and kind workers. After a smooth check-in process, they will be directed to their rooms.


When booking, visitors have the chance to choose from several different types of rooms, from normal rooms to huge suites. These rooms are all beautifully decorated with nice views, but some of the suites have special views or larger bedrooms and living rooms to hold more people. The largest room, which is the Merrick Presidential Suite, has three king beds, three bathrooms, a large living room, and holds six guests. Guests can be sure that no matter what rooms they stay in, they are sure to feel luxurious.

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Nightly Costs At The Biltmore

While most people only stay in hotels for a night or two, the differences in hotels can be enormous. With the Biltmore Hotel, guests have the choice of either extended stay or just the nightly rate, but either way, it will be an amazing stay.

  • Time: Nightly or extended stay
  • Cost: From $350+

Even though guests may feel like they have a lot of time while staying at the hotel, they must keep in mind that there is a check-out time and they need to schedule any and all activities that they want to do around these times. And while there is a large cost, it is worth it for the amenities and luxuriousness of the hotel. Guests do need to book in advance, as spots fill up quickly and there are certain restrictions on the dates. There are also certain specials and offers that are occasionally offered by the hotel, so guests should be sure to check for those before booking. This luxurious hotel is worth booking well in advance for, as it is an extremely wonderful hotel.

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What's Included In A Stay At The Biltmore

When staying at a luxury hotel, there are certain amenities that every guest expects access to. But with the Biltmore, even this is a little different. There is a lot offered by the hotel, but not all of it is free with the rental of a room. Some of the things that are included with the rental of a room include:

  • Shops
  • Pool
  • Tennis courts
  • Gym
  • In-Room dining

These are all amazing pluses to staying at this hotel, as they are much grander than most hotels. The pool is one of the largest hotel swimming pools in America, at a whopping 600,000 gallons. Guests could spend all day at the pool alone, and never get tired of it. The in-room dining is something that allows guests to have a great night in, enjoying some delicious food while relaxing in their gorgeous room. Guests should keep in mind that these are also just some of the things that are offered by the luxurious hotel, and there is a lot more offered by the hotel.

What Other Amenities & Services Are Offered?

With such a luxurious hotel, guests can be guaranteed wonderful extras. But not all are included in the price, and some have to be added on. Some of these extra services provided at the hotel are:

  • Spa
  • Restaurants
  • Golf
  • Culinary academy
  • Cabanas

Guests can expect to be treated like royalty no matter activities or amenities they partake in during their stay. Some of these services, such as the spa, come with multiple options. There are things such as facials, massages, hair and makeup, and more. The Biltmore Hotel is also known for its golf courses, so guests should be sure to check that out. Guests should also be sure to book any extra services in advance so they are sure to get the slot and service they want during their stay at the hotel.

Whether guests are staying for business or pleasure, they should expect an amazing visit to the Biltmore Hotel. With so many options, guests will stay busy and excited throughout their entire day and snooze through the whole night on a comfy bed. No matter the room or how long the visit, a stay at the Biltmore Hotel is definitely something to write home about - and remember forever. Safe travels!

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