If you're the owners of a water-loving pup then the beach is naturally a destination you'll want to bring them. It's the instinct of many pet parents to bring their fluffy pooches anywhere they go and when those summer temps hit, sometimes the sprinkler just won't cut it. There's something so fun in watching your four-legged best friend go galavanting down a shoreline, jump at each wave that threatens to touch their paws, and start digging in the sand like they've struck doggy gold. In short, it's a great way to spend a summer day and we're happy to oblige the adventures that are sure to ensue.


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For anyone who's lucky enough to live near a beach (and for those who aren't - road trip, anyone?) it can mean the world to find one where your pup can come with. And if these beaches are on the itinerary, then they sure can!

Huntington Beach, California

A popular summer spot, in general, Huntington Beach never sees a day when it's not full of sunbathers and surfers. One section of this beach, appropriately named Dog Beach, is maintained by a group of volunteers who probably love your pup almost as much as you do.

This is where dogs can go unleashed as they run down a mile plus of sandy shoreline, bouncing around the waves at will. It's also very close to Disneyland so while your pup probably won't be able to go on rides with you, it's worth a vacation just because of how much fun the surrounding area is.

Driftwood Beach, Georgia

Driftwood Beach gets its iconic name thanks to the pieces of driftwood and unusual trees that grow on its shoreline. Many a photo has been taken here and, luckily, many a pup have run around with their owners here, as well.

While the beach is not leash-free, is it dog-friendly, which means that both you and your loyal companion can take in the views and the beachside serenity without a care in the world. Your furry friend will appreciate all the sticks they'll find while you soak up the rays or go for a quick dip. Jekyll Island, on which this beach is located, is also home to several other pet-friendly beaches.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach is also iconic thanks to the massive rock just off its coast that known as Haystack Rock. While the beach, and the rock, are legendary around the Oregon coast, dog lovers come to the beach for more than just that.

Each year, a number of events are hosted there that are dog-friendly, including contests and shows. It's always a blast to meet other dog owners and to see who wins, and, when it's over, pups and owners can feel free to roam the shoreline.

Wildwood Dog Beach, New Jersey

Wildwood Dog Beach makes no secret of the fact that its a haven for both dogs and dog owners. This beach is pretty special in the sense that not only is it dog-friendly, but there's also a fenced-in area of the beach where owners can let their dogs off-leash, as well.

This small dog park is fun for social dogs to get all of their beach-going excitement out, and both waste bags and fresh water are complementary. One thing to note is that dogs are not permitted on the boardwalk.

Fort De Soto Dog Beach, Florida

Forr De Soto Dog Beach is in a great area of Florida and those who are visiting St. Augustine with their pups will be happy to know that it's only about 15 minutes away. In typical Florida beach fashion, the shores of this beach resemble that of the Bahamas, which is why it has won over the hearts of dog owners and dog lovers alike. While pups can't go leash-free on the beach, they definitely can at the Paw Playground which is a cute area dedicated to four-legged furbabies.

This park also has two separate areas; one for large breed pups and one for small breed pups. Designated beach areas show dog owners the specific sections where their dogs can run free, however, in all non-designated areas, a six-foot leash is a minimum requirement. While this is a ton of fun on its own, Fort De Soto Dog Beach has even more to offer pet owners. Not only can Fido run around in special beach areas and have access to the playground, but owners can also rent pet-friendly canoes and kayaks. All you'll need to bring is a doggy life jacket (not joking) and you're set to go!

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