When Australia’s tourism is mentioned, exploring Sydney and its Sydney Opera House or visiting Melbourne is what initially comes to mind. They are not necessarily tourist traps, but since they are some of the country’s most famous attractions, the areas are always flocked by visitors.Beyond the cities, there are many other attractions in the Land Down Under that are worth a visit. There are many options for tourists — from the Great Barrier Reef to the outback and Tasmanian wilderness. More than 9 million travelers visited the country in 2019, and it's no surprise because it has the best of both worlds.

10 Is Darling Harbour A True Darling?

Preparing for an Australian trip almost always includes a Sydney visit. It’s the most populous city in the country and hosts a variety of tourist attractions. One of which is Darling Harbour — a popular recreation area for locals and visitors. Since it's a harbor, it's always busy, more so now because of urban development in the area. There are museums, a shopping center, a casino, hotels, a theater, parks, and a garden. It’s a noisy attraction that is sometimes crowded. It might be a darling experience for some, but it is not for those who want quiet time.

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9 The Twelve Apostles Are Not Actually 12

Tourists who travel through the Great Ocean Road, the world’s largest war memorial, will surely not miss the limestone sea stacks called The Twelve Apostles and want to make a stop. So popular is this attraction in Victoria that tourists frequently spill from the viewing deck into the cliff tops and beach – which is a no-no. There are not even 12 limestone stacks anymore, as only eight remain. It’s still worth a visit, especially for tourists who want a complete Great Ocean Road adventure, but they are encouraged to stay on the designated viewing decks. A helicopter tour might be the best way to enjoy the expanse of the area.

8 Crowding At The Three Sisters

If Victoria has The Twelve Apostles, New South Wales has The Three Sisters. The place is sacred for the Aboriginal tribes, but still accepts tourists. Just like the Victorian limestone stacks, these rock formations in the Blue Mountains are a popular destination. There’s a staircase — the Giant Stairway — leading to a viewing point, and it can easily get crowded during peak season. Those who are patient enough to stay on the line are in for a lovely view of the mountains and the unique rock formations.

7 Does Swan Bells Sound Good?

The Swan Bells are housed in the Bell Tower, one of Perth’s popular attractions. The bells are the world’s second-largest set of change ringing bells, and that might be where its claim to fame ends. Sure, the bells are historic, but that’s just about it when visiting the tower. One official complained the tower is not tall enough, so even as tourists climb it, they are not afforded the expanse of Perth’s cityscape. It’s just really the bells that attract visitors to the place. Visiting this destination is an auditory experience, with few visual components to add.

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6 Southbank Has The Fire And That’s It

Melbourne is proud of its Southbank, a rich neighborhood perfect for those who want to stroll along the Yarra River, visit casinos, try waterfront dining, and appreciate public art. It’s an urban center teeming with high-rise buildings and acts like a tourist’s stopover before they enjoy the outback. It’s all about comfort and convenience here, plus there’s a fire show at Crown Melbourne, and that’s maybe the hottest spot in town. It’s an urban destination, so tourists should not expect anything grand, but more so things like shopping, dining, and strolling around are to be expected.

5 Is Fitzroy Island Ideal For Reef Exploration?

Fitzroy Island in Queensland is just 45 minutes away from Cairns, making it an attractive option for travelers in the area. It’s not a crowded place and its claim to fame is that it’s surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef. Fitzroy’s beaches are pristine, and the waters are clear, but honestly, the best way to explore the world’s largest reef system is through the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The easy option is not always the best choice, but the island still offers worthwhile snorkeling experiences.

4 Why Wave Rock

Tourists who are passing by Hyden in Perth should not miss the stunning Wave Rock, a formation that’s Instagrammable all day. The rock formation stands 15 meters high and stretches for 100 meters, so there are plenty of places for tourists who want to perfect their poses. It’s a must-visit for those in Perth but not ideal for those coming from other areas because it’s far and there’s not much to do. Aside from the rock formations, there's a lake, a swimming pool, a museum, a cave, street art, and a stargazing spot. It’s a fine place to visit for those who are already nearby.

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3 Brisbane River Is Not For Swimmers

Brisbane’s famous waterway is a busy place — not just for fishers and commuters but for tourists who want to enjoy the river’s views. There are many cruise operators in the area, but not to rain on anyone’s parade, CityCat ferry rides are cheaper — though it’s for commuting. The river is not in good condition but remains a popular recreational spot. The Riverwalk, especially the floating walkway, attracts strollers. The river itself is welcoming — but not for swimmers — and there are calls to expand tourism up to the islands of Stradbroke and Moreton. The Brisbane River is still worth a visit since it’s just in the city.

2 Wineglass Bay Is Crowded

There are many activities to try in Tasmania, one of which is paying a visit to the famous Freycinet National Park. So popular is this destination that in 2017, environmental groups called for imposing a tourism cap to protect the area. Overcrowding is an issue because people flock to see the majestic Wineglass Bay. There are limited parking spaces near the beach, and the lookout is brimming with sightseers during peak season. The park is not just about Wineglass Bay, so those visiting should check out its other offerings, too.

1 Respect Uluru

Uluru was once a climber’s paradise until climbing was banned in the area because the place, after all, is sacred to the Aboriginal people. This massive formation in Northern Territory became even more famous when it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Though closed for climbers, the area is still frequented by sightseers. The local community is supported by tourism activities but still fights for protecting their culture and the environment. The monolith is stunning to see, but guests are reminded that they are visiting not just an attraction, but a shrine.

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