Attention all cheese lovers: Chances are, if a person is as serious about cheese as they claim to be, they'll likely be familiar with any number of these. However, if they're not, well... there's an education to be had. Cheese comes from all over the world and thanks to its international roots, there's an endless list of cheeses that are out there just waiting to be tried for the first time. The extraordinary thing about stopping into your local cheese shop, though, is that many of these must-try cheeses are right there just waiting for someone to fall in love with them.


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The flavor of cheese depends on the milk used, the seasonings if any, and the process by which it's formed. Cheese can be aged, marinated, wrapped in cloth or leaves, left to bloom naturally, you name it, cheese has done it. It's because of these unique processes that we have some of the best and most life-changing flavors that could ever come from dairy, such as these.


Voted the most popular cheese of the summer for last year as well as this, burrata is as fresh as it comes. This cheese has a similar texture to fresh mozzarella on the outside while the inside is full of fresh cream. The entire thing is twisted by hand and comes from the green pastures of Italy, where the milk is some of the richest and creamiest in the world. When cutting into this cheese, a cascade of cream flows out of its center, inspiring flavors of fresh milk, a slight saltiness, and a mild tang.

Campo de Montalbán

Campo de Montalbán was created for those who love manchego. This cheese, while similar, is different in its creation - rather than being made with sheep's milk only, Campo is made with a blend of sheep, cow, and goat's milk, giving it a well-balanced flavor. The flavor lends itself well to the same things that manchego would, such as nuts and fruit spreads, but it's creamier and richer. It still has a sharp bite that lingers on the end of the tongue but the flavor itself is well-rounded and a bit more robust than that of manchego.

La Tur

La Tur hails from Italy and might surprise many considering hard sharp cheeses are usually associated with this country. Despite that, La Tur has managed to become a popular item in cheese shops with its miniature nature both attractive and easy to eat in one sitting. This type of cheese is usually always a blend of either sheep or goat and cow's milk, and La Tur, specifically, exudes notes of fresh cream, a bit of a lemony zing.


Harbison is a thing of beauty and anyone who's familiar with Jasper Hill Farm (located in Vermont) is sure to know this. It's legendary among those who favor soft cheeses but it's the flavor of this bark-wrapped cheese, specifically, that has earned it so many awards. Thanks to the spruce, this cheese has a hint of forest and pine, a meaty edge that resembles ham or bacon, and some tang - many have described it as something akin to roasted broccoli.


Or, perhaps the name Quadrello di Bufala might sound a little more familiar and, if it doesn't, allow us to indulge. Taleggio is another Italian cheese that, quite honestly, smells like a foot and its appearance is even worse. The exterior rind on this cheese is orange and white (referred to as a 'sticky' rind), making it a bit unappealing. However, if you can get past its unsavory exterior and acknowledge the water buffalo milk from which it's made, then you're in for a real treat. Flavors of strong cream, a bit of mushroomy funk, and slight sweetness make this cheese one incredible ride.

Beemster XO

Often referred to as the MVP of cheese shops, Beemster XO is a gouda that's aged for 26 months (that's just over two years) which puts it on the pricier side, but it's completely worth it. The outstanding flavors of this cheese are butterscotch, whiskey, toasted nuts, and a deep, robust caramel-type flavor, all of which carry through on the palate in a way that makes one's mouth water. The texture is creamy for such a hard cheese and the age crystals throughout add a nice crunch in addition to a hint of sharpness.

Delice de Bourgogne

For the brie lovers out there, a triple cream is one of the most beloved and Delice de Bourgogne is so good that many people would opt for eating it with a spoon if they had nothing else available. The texture of this brie is cloudlike and creamy, almost too much so, and the flavors come through as sweet, slightly salty, and having the ever-so-slightest tang on the end.

Local Fresh Chèvre

Chévre is a type of fresh goat cheese that's delicious in salads, on crackers, and on its own. Many farms that have goats make this cheese but it's one that not many people realize is so delicious - it can also be found in the supermarket but there's absolutely nothing like getting it fresh and local. The flavor is often tangier and has an extra hit of fresh cream.


This sheep's cheese - if you hadn't guessed by the play on words in its name - is a close second to Beemster XO. It comes from Holland and is aged for nine months, giving cheese lovers, arguably, the best sheep's cheese they've ever had in their lives. Similar to Beemster XO, this cheese also has age crystals throughout, as well as hints of butterscotch and caramel. It's a bit sharper than Beemster XO thanks to the sheep's milk and has a nuttier bite on the end that makes for the perfect balance.

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