Amusement parks are the one great love of anyone who enjoys screaming while being throttled down a track at 60 miles per hour. After all, who wouldn't love being strapped into a small railcar just to feel as though their stomach has shot up through their esophagus?

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In all seriousness, amusement parks are a big part of American culture and history and have been for more than a century. From the early days of carnivals and the very first theme parks, people have been lining up in order to satisfy their thrill-seeking nature no matter the price. Many people even plan special road trips to the theme parks of their dreams just to get a chance to go on the rides that make them feel adrenaline without being in a legitimately dangerous situation. One of the best places to do this is New York State, and out of all the parks available, these are the ones that are here to serve that stomach-churning feeling.


Six Flags Great Escape In Queensbury

Six Flags has a reputation as one of the best theme parks in the country, let alone in New York State. The park itself is just outside of Lake George so the area around it is beautiful while the park itself is seriously packing some excitement.

With a total of 135 to choose from, visitors definitely need more than one day to make it through this entire park, which is made even easier thanks to the lodge that can also be found on park grounds. The park is also home to its own waterpark so for those who would rather get drenched than feel the wind whipping through their hair, this is another great option.

Seabreeze Amusement Park In Rochester

Seabreeze is a great amusement park for a road trip for a multitude of reasons, one of which being that it's also the home of the oldest operating roller coaster in the country: Jack Rabbit. The wooden roller coasting is tons of fun (albeit a little terrifying in the same way that the Cyclone is in Coney Island).

The park itself has been open since 1879 so visitors are sure to feel that vintage charm of the early days of amusement parks, which adds so much to the atmosphere. The park also has a waterpark and plenty of concession stands to choose from since everyone knows that all of those rides are sure to work up an appetite... just make sure to eat after you're done with them.

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Playland Amusement Park In Rye

Rye, New York might not be known for much but it is known for the Playland Amusement Park. It's not the oldest park in the country but it has been kickin' since 1928 and promising a great time for the entire family, with rides separated into categories according to age groups: Kiddyland, Family Rides, and Thrill Rides.

The first has 20 rides that are great for younger kids that aren't yet ready for bigger roller coasters, the second category is a little more intense in terms of excitement, and the third is perfect for those looking to hang on for dear life as each ride takes all its twist and turns. This amusement park is also home to a traditional wooden roller coaster called the Dragon Coaster, and is also one of few remaining parks to have an original Derby Racer, which is practically a carousel that moves at rapid speed.

Splish Splash In Calverton

Located on Long Island, Splish Splash has had a longtime reputation for excellence among locals and is a destination for city dwellers every summer. This park has been continuously adding water rides to its 96-acre expanse of park land and it's also been voted the best water park in the country by the Travel Channel, according to I Love NY. It's full of family fun but don't let that fool you - this park has some seriously thrilling water rides, as well, many of which are on par with the excitement level of the large coasters at Six Flags.

Some of them include Cliff Diver, which drops guests a total of eight stories in a matter of only three seconds, and Dr. Von Dark's Tunnel of Terror, which adds a creepy twist on a 40-foot drop full of crazy twists, as much of it is done in the dark. If water rides are your thing, then a road trip to Splish Splash is definitely one worth taking this summer.

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