Every year on July 11th, people have one thing to look forward to: Free Slurpee Day. While the national day, started by 7-Eleven stores in honor of their most popular frozen drink, is not something that people mark on their calendars (okay, maybe some people do), it's right up there with IHOP's Free Pancake Day and Dunkin's Free Donut Day. Basically, in the U.S., any day where food chains are giving out free anything is bound to be a good day.

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In anticipation of Free Slurpee Day this year, we thought that it was time to evaluate every Slurpee flavor that's offered by the chain in terms of whether or not it's worth spending a freebie on. While some chains differ from others with flavors that bounce in and out of circulation, we're taking into account all of them - everything that can be found across North America.

Black Cherry Pepsi

The thing about Slurpee flavors is that usually, the soda-inspired flavors are the best, hands-down. In the case of Black Cherry Pepsi, though, it's lacking a little bit of that oomph that we'd expected following the classic Coke flavor. The black cherry is only a whisper among what tastes like watered-down sugar syrup, with only the slightest hint of that delightful carbonation that makes us feel as though we're drinking a fully-iced Pepsi. It's okay, but it's nothing special - take a pass on this one and try one of the others first.

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry is delightful in the same sense that a Sour Patch Kid or a Jolly Rancher might be; it's great for the first half and then a bit lacking and tired by the second. Except in the case of Slurpees, this flavor is unbelievably sweet which overshadows the actual flavor quite a bit. If nothing else, this flavor is better for mixing in order to temper down some of that super strong, sweet berry flavor. It should also be noted that this flavor has a strange side effect: a blue tongue for a full 24 hours, at least.

Piña Colada

The thing about piña coladas is that the only people who really love them are the same people who really love coconut and pineapple and to everyone else, there's just no appeal. With that being said, this Slurpee flavor actually does a pretty good job in uniting the two to create something that we could totally envision pouring some rum into to make a solid adult drink. In the case of Free Slurpee Day, if you're a piña colada fan and want to feel like you're only steps away from a tropical beach, then go for it. If you're not, well... keep going.

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is one of the superior flavors when it comes to Slurpee fandom and it seems to be incredibly popular, even more so for those who were always in love with the original soda drink. While its bold neon color is somewhat radioactive-looking, it's the flavor that counts here, and, for some reason, when Mountain Dew is mixed with whatever icy mix makes a Slurpee a Slurpee, there's some kind of magic that happens. All of a sudden, Mountain Dew tastes better than if you were just drinking it out of a cup with ice.

Dr. Pepper

Thankfully, the Dr. Pepper Slurpee does not have nearly the same sugar flavor as Black Cherry Pepsi does although it is rather sweet... then again, Dr. Pepper usually is. It seems that this soda flavor is much stronger than the others, though, and it definitely delivers for those who are fans of the original soda. In fact, if this flavor is available in the Slurpee form, we'd almost recommend getting a Slurpee over an actual Dr. Pepper. It seems crazy but it's just that good.

Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry gains points for a variety of reasons. Normally, anything that's cherry-flavored would immediately spark warnings in our brains that it could resonate very strongly with cough syrup. Thankfully, that's not the case for the Wild Cherry Slurpee, and not only is it one of the original flavors but it's just downright delicious all by itself. With that being said, it's also mild enough that it can be mixed easily with other flavors including any number of soda-inspired flavors to create something completely new.


Ah, the one and only. It's unclear why Coke works so unbelievably well in Slurpee form but this is one drink that people just can't get enough of. Coke will always be superior in Slurpee fandom and its effervescent nature and flavor come through super strong when crushed ice is added to the mix. Even the watered-down Coke Slurpee bits that get stuck at the bottom of the cup (thank you, hybrid spoon straws) tastes delicious.

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