Greece is a surprisingly large collection of islands but not many people look outside of its most popular vacation spots. While tourists flock to Athens and Santorini for gorgeous beaches and a taste of authentic Greek history, there's so much more to see. This country always comes in at a top-ranking spot in regard to traveler wishlists but that doesn't mean that it's necessary to go to the same place as everyone else.

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Rather than committing to the well-known islands in favor of familiarity, consider giving true wanderlust the win with this one. Going to Greece, in itself, is an incredible adventure - but going somewhere new in Greece that's equally as beautiful or historic (or both!) is unforgettable.



What was once known as the capital of Greece, Nafplio has become somewhat of a luxurious getaway for those in Athens. Don't let its seaside simplicity fool you, though - it's also home to history left behind by the Byzantines, Ottomans, and Venetians.

The fortresses and citadels left behind from the eras during which these groups reigned supreme can still be seen to this day, offering much to see for history buffs. When travelers are done soaking in all of that history, they can head down to the beachside to enjoy a dramatic sunset, the city's local restaurants, and its old-world architecture. This city is known for its elite travelers, and it has an air of luxury that's hard to miss.


Knossos is home to the ruins of a civilization that once ruled the area 5,000 years ago called the Minoans. Those who opt to vacation on the Island of Crete will be overwhelmed with its history which includes the location of an important Greek myth: the legend of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth.

While walking through these Minoan ruins, visitors will surely find an appreciation for the Bronze Age and all it entailed. Left behind are pottery pieces and mosaics that detail the lives of the Minoan people as well as their stories that were passed down through generations.


Corfu is known for having the best beaches in Greece which already makes it a lucrative offer to those seeking somewhere that's a bit off the beaten path. In addition to its stunning shoreline, Corfu also offers old-world towns that still boast charming architecture and plenty of history.

Many of the towns in Corfu still remain in all of their Venetian glory, with lavish details to every old building.


Skyros has a prime location smack dab in the middle of the Aegean Sea but its lack of popularity among tourists makes it somewhat of a hidden gem. This island gives way to gorgeous beaches which are not far from traditional seaside Greek towns.

It's rare that this island will ever be too crowded, and its northern region is known for lush forests and farmlands while the south is home to a rocky, beach-laden coast. Skyros is also home to wild horses that roam the area and while sightings are rare, these animals are a beautiful sight to see.


While Corfu is known for having the most beautiful (and remote) beaches in Greece, Skiathos is known for having the single most beautiful beach in Greece according to Goats on the Road.

Strolling through Skiathos is like walking through a fairy tale, complete with colorful buildings, wood and stone details, and idyllic cliffsides. It's also a wonderful destination for avid hikers, with numerous trails stretching throughout its pine forests and more than 60 beaches to choose from. Its vantage point over the Mediterranean is also tough to beat, with plenty of restaurants offering sunset views.


For travelers headed to Thessaloniki, the peninsula of Halkidiki is not far. This peninsula holds an interesting grouping of beaches, as each of its three stretches of land, which go out into the sea like fingers, is home to something unique.

The Sithonia headland is the first which is home to the peninsula's best beaches, with Kassandra being the stretch of land that's home to the most restaurants and resorts in the area, and, finally, Athos, which is home to the most traditional monastic community in the country.


Just one walk through Chios will have travelers immediately realizing how different it truly is. The island itself is eclectic, with various buildings sporting designs and prints that are traditional to the region.

Its accommodations are unique and its medieval charm even more intriguing; traditional meets modern in this small, off-the-radar island and it's one many travelers fall in love with.

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