Arizona can definitely feel more like a desert than anything else at times, and with the most well-known city in the state being Phoenix, it's not necessarily a hotspot tourist destination. Its biggest attraction, by and large, is the Grand Canyon, which sees countless visitors each year. So while everyone might be thinking that the Grand Canyon is the one and only place to go in Arizona, with a few other geological wonders thrown in there, this is far from the truth.

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Arizona might be a desert environment for all intents and purposes but it's actually teeming with life, both wildlife, and human life. Many of the state's smaller cities and towns are worth a visit, if only for their local flair and flavor. In terms of the state's natural settings, there are quite a few to add to the list along with the Grand Canyon, if that is your ultimate goal destination.


You might only know Tombstone as the brand of frozen pizza that you ate as a kid, but it's also a town in Arizona. It has a history as one of the first boomtowns of the west and also happens to be the location of the infamous OK Corral gunfight. Therefore, this town was once far less lawful than it is today, with outlaws and gamblers making their way through to try their luck.

While it wasn't much fun back then, today, much of the town is still maintained in the way it would have been back then. This makes for a fun historical trip as well as one that will appeal greatly to lovers of the wild west, as they'll be able to (literally) walk the path of many gunslingers that came before them.

Antelope Canyon

Some might find Antelope Canyon to be even more striking than the Grand Canyon in some regards. This unique canyon was chiseled away in such a way that it appears to be painted, with swirling shades of red and brown in every direction along its cliffsides.

This canyon is in Navajo Tribal Park and can only be toured with a guide but it's worth it to experience its naturally psychedelic trails. Visitors can tour the upper and lower parts of the canyon, both of which are named 'The Crack' and 'The Corkscrew.'


Scottsdale might be part of the Greater Phoenix area but it definitely stands alone in its offerings. The town is known for its warm weather which is what brings many to the area, with a number of resorts and hotels to choose from.

Those who come to Scottsdale seeking nightlife and entertainment will not be disappointed; bars and restaurants cater to any culinary need, and festivals celebrating the history of the west happen often. There are plenty of places for history buffs, as well, and its art scene is made up of must-visit museums and galleries.

Monument Valley

The Grand Canyon might hold all of the allure but Monument Valley is a destination that simply can't be missed while in this state. It has such a reputation that it's easily recognizable even for those who don't know what it is, but know that they've seen it in one film or another.

Its features, which include enormous, towering red rock columns, are some of the most unique in the state, let alone in the west. This, combined with its incredible vantage points from which to see the valley below make it a great natural destination worthy of seeking out.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

At the center of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area sits Lake Powell which is a popular destination in Arizona, on its own. Contrary to popular belief, Arizona is home to many major lakes - including this one.

While many people come here to take advantage of its great boating in the lake's waters, which are framed by red rock cliffs, it's a great place to hike and relax, as well. The dramatic backdrop of this canyon has been the subject for many photographers, with many hikers taking to its canyon walls to explore further.


The surrounding area of Sedona is just as beautiful as Sedona itself, which is one thing not many expect upon first arriving in this town. Framed on almost every side by humbling red rock cliffsides, this is a great destination to set your sights on in terms of accommodations.

While exploring the town, it's not unusual to stumble across shops selling various healing medicines or spas that also claim to have beneficial properties. Native Americans consider the area to be sacred as well as healing.

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