New York is a wide world of opportunities. Okay, it's a wide state of opportunities and by opportunities, we mean food, specifically. And by food, even more specifically, we mean bagels. While it's a commonly known fact that no one makes a better bacon, egg, and cheese than New York City, bagels are another crowning glory of the state. It has long been argued that these boiled bread rounds are unlike any other in the world, let alone in the country, and some say it's because of the water while others will say it simply comes down to having the right recipe. Many states have tried and while they can make a good bagel, none of them quite make a perfect bagel.


Therefore, there was no better group of people to turn to when it came down to bagels and their smears than New Yorkers. When going to the source, one must realize that bagels entail a number of combinations, not all of which will be appealing to everyone. Alternatively, there are some combinations that are classics and must be had, if the weekly cravings are any indication. Cream cheese is great, but what about lox? Is a bagel better when it's buttered and toasted? Where do flavored cream cheeses fit into the mix, if at all? Are egg bagels really that great? Here we go with the answers we all need.

Everything Bagel With Scallion Cream Cheese

Overwhelmingly, the everything bagel wins by a landslide. Not only is this voted (repeatedly) the greatest bagel ever created, but there's something about having it stuffed with scallion cream cheese that truly sends the whole thing home. The fresh, brightness of the crunchy scallions inside of slightly tangy cream cheese pairs perfectly with the well-balanced salt, texture, and savory taste of a traditional everything bagel.

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Cinnamon Raisin With Plain Cream Cheese

It's true... As blasphemous as it sounds to be in New York and go straight for a cinnamon raisin bagel before anything else, it is an abundantly popular option, according to Reddit. While the cinnamon raisin flavor was previously restricted to things such as Thomas's English muffins and cinnamon raisin toast, it can also be found in bagel flavors and it goes without saying that cream cheese is the only logical option. Anything else is purely sinful in terms of bagel law.

Egg Bagel With Veggie Cream Cheese

The egg bagels have long been regarded as the duds of the bagel world, with many people arguing that they barely have a flavor if any at all. Alternatively, the egg everything bagels seem to be sold out the second-fastest in many New York delis... so go figure that one out. Regardless, the egg bagel's neutral flavor allows it to play well with boldly-flavored cream cheeses such as veggie which, overwhelmingly, is the most popular pairing with this lonely bagel.

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Everything Bagel With Lox And Plain Cream Cheese

For the heavy hitters who truly respect bagel culture, an everything bagel is easily leveled up with the addition of lox and plain 'ol cream cheese. Lox adds a smoky and salty flavor to the bagel which is then mellowed out and balanced with the addition of fluffy, plain cream cheese. The crispy and crunchy texture from the seeds on the everything bagel is a flawless balance for a flavorful breakfast.

Pumpernickel With Plain Cream Cheese And Lox

The alternative for those who don't like (or can't eat) an everything bagel is the old-fashioned pumpernickel. While it's not the most popular bagel on the rack, it is one that's tried and true and loved by many when it comes to pairing lox and cream cheese. Pumpernickel adds a boost of savory flavor with hints of strong, freshly-baked bread profile.

A Plain Bagel, Toasted, With Butter And Cream Cheese

It took some time to catch on but as it turns out, combining butter and cream cheese isn't the worst thing to ever happen to the bagel world. In order to make this work, a plain bagel is an obvious choice, allowing both smears to shine through. When toasted, the melted butter functions as a barrier for the cream cheese, and together, both sing in uniquely, albeit very different, ways.

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Plain Bagel With Olive Cream Cheese

Surprisingly, olive cream cheese has far more of a following than many probably realize. If olive loaf from the nearest Italian bakery can be such a hit, then there's no reason as to why cream cheese with the same olives can't be. This cream cheese is tangy, slightly briny, and will definitely wake you up in the morning. Paired with a plain bagel, it's truly a win for the olive lovers of the world.

French Toast Bagel With Cream Cheese

Don't 'at' us for this one, because we blame Reddit once again - it appears that the French toast bagel has caught on fairly well and with it, the pairing of plain cream cheese. While some will argue that butter is the only way to eat this bagel after it's toasted, doing that is really no different than eating actual French toast with butter. Then again, that's also part of its allure - it's like having a portable French toast breakfast without the mess.

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