Packing in a pinch might sound like a pipe dream to many travelers, but it's one that's actually within reach. To all the last-minute packers, have we got some tips for you! From how to efficiently store clothes without scrambling to find extra luggage room to how one can best use their carry-on, here's some advice that's actually helpful for all of those travel procrastinators.

If nothing else, these tips will be beneficial for anyone who struggles with the packing blues - even if it's not a last-minute rush job.

10 Roll Clothes To Save Space & Avoid The Tetris Headache

Rolling clothes doesn't just mean saving space; it also means saving some serious time. Rather than taking the time to fold each clothing item - which varies depending on what the item is - rolling makes each clothing item equal. A pair of jeans? Three seconds to roll it up. A sweater? This also takes only three seconds to roll up. For those who aren't picky on where clothing sits in their suitcases, rolling clothes is by far the most efficient - and quickest - way to get them into the suitcase and out the door.

9 Spend Some Time On The Flight Or Travel Outfit

Rather than trying to fit a jacket and multiple layers into one's suitcase, make it simple by wearing it on the plane or in the car. For those who would rather pack layers than a jacket, wear the layers on the day of travel. This way, a person is less likely to forget to pack their outer layers, will be covered in the event of a chilly flight, and can take their jacket or layers off and store them in their carry-on. Thus, saving space in both the suitcase and eliminating the chance of forgetting an outer layer in the scurry to get out the door.

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8 Have Contact Lens Cases On-Hand

This is helpful for two reasons: For starters, it complies with the 3-1-1 rule upheld by the TSA, which prevents travelers from bringing liquids of more than 3.4 ounces onto a plane. For those in a rush, contact lens cases are the perfect carrying case for shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and body wash. It makes quick work of squeezing some of these into the lens cases before sticking them in a clear plastic bag, rather than rushing to find a three-ounce travel bottle of one's favorite hair products.

7 Be Smart About The Carry-On Bag

A good rule of thumb is to pack anything one uses every day into their carry-on. This includes a phone charger, phone, wallet, purse (if it's small enough), tablet or laptop, and creature comforts such as a neck pillow, makeup, or anything else that could provide comfort on the flight. In this case, it actually makes sense to pack the carry-on last - since these are items a traveler will likely be using up until they're ready to leave.

6 Create a Virtual Checklist That Can Actually Be Used

Something as simple as the Note app on an iPhone can be superbly helpful when it comes to creating a checklist. Although it's virtual, travelers will still be able to physically check things off the list as they're packed. It only takes ten minutes out of the day to create the list, and it's an easy step that will keep last-minute packers from forgetting anything in their rush to leave.

5 Forget An Item Of Clothing? Don't Panic, Just Do Some Laundry

Laundry services are often something that is vastly underrated when it comes to vacations. Most people save their dirty clothes for their own washers and dryers at home without taking advantage of laundry services in a hotel, or a washer and dryer unit in a rental. In the event that one forgets to pack an outfit, the answer is simple - use the laundry and wear something twice.

4 Consider Creating A Duplicate Toiletry Kit

Obviously, this will take some extra time and money but might be worth it for some travelers. Rather than running around grabbing toiletries last-minute, avid packers might find some benefit in having a pre-packed toiletry kit. This will have TSA-appropriate volumes of one's toiletries, along with a spare toothbrush, and maybe a hairbrush and some extra makeup, that's ready to go at a moment's notice.

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3 Opt For A Duffel Rather Than A Suitcase

The problem with a suitcase is that its rigid sides dictate what will fit and what won't. For last-minute packers, this can be a nightmare when there's no time to fit things properly. Alternatively, a duffel allows travelers to simply just fill the bag and go - and also allows them the flexibility to add to the duffel during the duration of the trip.

2 Have A Separate, Smaller Case Or Bag For Plane Essentials

Similar to having a toiletry kit that's ready to go at a moment's notice, having a bag of plane essentials ready to go is another great idea. This might contain things such as eye masks, a neck pillow, roll-on essential oils, or even a spare pair of headphones. Regardless of what's in there, travelers can be sure that they'll never forget their essentials before getting on the plane.

1 Follow A Number Or Color Rule For Packing Clothes

To ensure that packing goes as quickly - and smoothly - as possible, consider packing by number or by color. If the theme is neutrals, then narrow down clothing to pieces that fit that color scheme. If packing numerically, consider packing 1-2 pairs of neutral pants, 1-2 dresses, and 3-4 shirts. To further expand the options, consider adding a skirt or a pair of shorts to the mix. Then, just mix and match to avoid over-packing.