Entenmann's was founded in 1898 and for well over a century now, the company has been churning out delicious baked goods. Many people associate these treats with the nostalgia of family gatherings and late-night sweet snacks, while younger generations have grown to love the snack packs such as mini muffins and mini apple pies.

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No matter what your favorite Entenmann's treat is, there will always be some that are better and some that are, well... not nearly as satisfying. The thing about Entenmann's is that many of its products are spot on while others are lacking a bit in the craving department, but are usually pretty good when paired with a cup of hot coffee regardless. But we're here to talk about more than coffee cake and when it comes down to the best, only the most crave-worthy pastries made the list.


Chocolate Fudge Iced Cake

There's chocolate cake and then there's Entenmann's. This cake is great if you're looking to drown yourself in chocolate icing and decadent chocolate cake, which might be exactly what some people are looking for. While death-by-chocolate isn't on everyone's list of sweet tooth items, this cake holds its own... when there's no other chocolate cake option within driving distance. It's good for the first four bites and then it just becomes clawingly sweet.

Mini Bites Muffins

As a kid, Mini Bites were the perfect way to sneak some sweets into your school lunch pack without having to compromise. Since they're muffins, they're technically healthy-ish, right? Fortunately, this isn't an article about how healthy Entenmann's is - but in terms of flavor, the only good muffins were the blueberry with the chocolate chip following as a close second. With that being said, the blueberry mini muffins were addicting and before you knew it, you were probably hoarding a few for yourself.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

There's something about Entenmann's chocolate chip cookies that makes us feel all of those warm and fuzzy feelings one should get when they eat a classic cookie. The soft chewiness of it evoked images of freshly baked cookies while the mini size of each one meant we could eat at least five more. The tiny chocolate chips give the perfect amount of richness while the dough itself is dense and delicious.

Softees Donuts

These are not to be confused with the regular donuts offered by Entenmann's. The Softees donuts come dusted with three powder flavors: cinnamon, powdered sugar, and plain. There's no use debating which of the three is better because each person will have a different answer. What really matters is the fact that these donuts are unbelievably cushiony-soft, which really sets them apart and allows all of that powdery goodness to stick to them. The plain donuts are just as good with a subtle sweetness that's similar to an old-fashioned.

Crumb Topped Donuts

Out of all the regular donuts by Entenmann's, the crumb-topped donuts are by far the best. The chocolate glazed donuts have a bit of a strange texture that many people dislike, and the others are good in a pinch. It's really the crumb topping that pushes these over the edge and if you're like most people, you're picking the crumbs out of the bottom of the box to eat, too.

Marble Loaf

If you like the All Butter Loaf Cake then, chances are, you'll also love the Marble Loaf. The pound cake is pretty much the same with a delectable swirl of chocolate cake mixed in, and it's definitely worth its weight in pounds... of butter.

All Butter Loaf Cake

The All Butter Loaf Cake, in all honesty, is probably one of the best pound cakes you'll ever have in regard to something that's store-bought. It's dense and sweet in the best ways, and when it's heated, it almost screams for a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Hints of creamy butter set up the undertones for this delicious cake and if you haven't tried it yet, you'd better.

Raspberry Danish Twist

There's nothing quite as glorious as raspberry filling that's showcased in the right way in a pastry. The sweet and tart flavors of this red berry balance out the sweet richness of the cheese in the danish, and it's pure magic. The pasty dough in which it's all wrapped in is also slightly sweetened and perfectly flaky, and while it turns molten if heated for a second too long, it's worth burning your mouth for.

NY Style Crumb Cake

Everyone's favorite, it seems, is the NY Style Crumb Cake. This cake defies all logic; it never seems to get dry, the crumb topping is also perfectly proportionate to the dense cake layer below, and the flavors are a perfect match for coffee. We'd eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if we could, but that probably wouldn't lead to anything good.

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