It's easy to believe that Dunkin' is only an empire in the US but that's far from the truth. There are many countries that also partake in 'running on Dunkin'' and its tasty menu and buzz-worthy lattes and coffee drinks. As with any other chain, the menu in its country is largely influenced by the flavors of that country, and Dunkin' is no exception. Around the world, many Dunkin' stores feature menu items that can't be found anywhere else - much to our dismay. They reflect traditional flavors and influences of the region's cuisine and it's always interesting to see what a donut looks like halfway around the world. Or, more so, how one would taste.


Indonesia: Black Cheese Donut

Indonesia has an interesting take on the sweet and salty movement and the Black Cheese Donut has truly brought the two together in a unique way. Colombian hot chocolate has been combining the idea of cheese and chocolate for some time now, but this donut takes the combination to a whole new level. A classic donut is frosted with chocolate icing before being roll in salty, shredded parmesan cheese.

Throughout The Middle East: Date Donut

Dates are famous in the Middle East and they're also incredibly healthy for you. We're not saying that the Date Donut should be at the top of the 'healthy foods' list, but it is pretty delicious and sweet in a natural way. This donut gets a nice drizzle of fig icing over the top which gives it great flavor without being too overwhelmingly date-y.

China: Pork Floss Donut

Understandably, 'pork floss' doesn't sound too appetizing. However, as Spoon University says, it's really no different than layering bacon on top of a frosted or maple donut. Pork floss adds a salty, savory bite to an otherwise sweet donut, giving it twice as much flavor. The sweet, salty, and slightly indulgent pork floss work incredibly well together, making a combination that we love to see on top of a donut.

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Philippines: Nutty Ube Donut

Ube is a popular ingredient nowadays and is seen particularly often on social media. This purple yam adds a bright, violet coloring to anything it's used in, and it's also subtly sweet. Similar to a sweet potato but slightly sweeter, ube is often used in baking so it's not surprising to see it sitting on top of a donut in the form of frosting. A topping of chopped nuts adds texture and a bit of savory bite to balance out this donut.

India: Saffron Pistachio Donut

Many will know saffron from Indian cooking as it's commonly used in savory dishes - such as rice - for its strong coloring properties and subtle flavor profile. However, it can also be used in baked goods and a donut is no different. This donut has a frosting that's flavored with saffron before being topped with a generous helping of chopped pistachios, making for a heavenly combination. The subtle punch from the saffron with the salty edge of the pistachios makes this donut one of the most unique Dunkin' flavors.

Korea: Kimchi Donut

Not everyone wants their kimchi protruding out of their donuts, we get it. However, this is one of those instances where you shouldn't knock it until you try it. In Korea, This savory donut is filled with kimchi as opposed to a typical donut filling and it's actually quite delicious. It's spicy, slightly tangy, and bold, all wrapped in a moist, airy donut exterior. The combinations of textures between the softness of the donut and the crunch of the kimchi make this an instant winner for those who love the spice.

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Throughout Asia: Matcha Ring

Matcha has rapidly gained popularity over the last few years and we're sure there are some readers who would love to see a Matcha Ring donut pop up on US Dunkin' menus. This interestingly-shaped donut features a unique design (it's rather pretty, actually) with a matcha frosting over the top of it. This star-like donut is subtly sweet and earthy, which are two things we love about matcha. The rings also come in different flavors such as banana, chocolate, and even mango.

Indonesia: Lychee Donut

Indonesia is known for its exotic fruits and lychee is one of them. At Dunkin, donuts are filled with a lychee jam which is delicious, sweet, and tangy, all at once. However, lychee isn't the only fruit stealing the spotlight in this country - durian is another popular fruit filling at Dunkin'. Most known this fruit thanks to its unsavory scent when cut open but when its insides are cooked down into jam and stuffed into a donut, well... it's pretty heckin' good.

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