Most people wouldn't consider Wetherspoon's pubs as a viable hotel option when traveling, but maybe they should.

A number of different big names will likely spring to mind when thinking of big brand hotels. Hilton, Marriott, Radisson. Perhaps even slightly cheaper options such as Premier Inn and Travel Lodge. Each has its pros and cons, and it is up to the consumer to decide where suits them best. Price, cleanliness, maybe even how a previous stay went will come into play.

Potential customers will probably venture online as well to see what others have said about the shortlist of hotels they've got to choose from. Comments, reviews, and ratings can make or break places such as hotels, restaurants, and bars. Receive an accolade such as the highest-rated hotel of the year, and chances are potential customers are going to get wind of your accomplishments and pick you next time they travel.


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That's why Which? rating Wetherspoon as the best in two different categories is a very big deal for the chain, reports Metro. Of the 8000 customers asked, the majority voted for Wetherspoon's budget hotel rooms as the best value for money, prices start at just £39 ($50) per night, and also the most stylish. Value for money won't have bothered chains such as Hilton, but being beaten on style by Wetherspoon, that has to hurt.

Value for money and style aren't the only things hotel rooms are judged on, though. In terms of its cleanliness and communal areas, Wetherspoon's hotel rooms didn't measure up to some of its competitors. That being said, its owners will be happy to have come top in any category at all. Wetherspoon's main focus is its chain of pubs, of which there are almost 1000 across the UK.

Not every Wetherspoon's pub offers hotel rooms, so if you're planning a trip and want to stay in one, you'll need to check whether that's an option. Anyone living in the UK will know that they are probably never more than about half a mile away from a Wetherspoon's pub. Now that customers are talking up their hotel rooms, perhaps more of their branches will start to offer up that option.

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