Las Vegas has long been a premier destination for USA folk as well as people from all over the world. It’s where travelers choose to go when they have any major occasion they are looking to celebrate. It’s the perfect go-to location for any number of life junctures that bring out the fun and excitement. With more to do for celebrating joyous events like weddings, bachelor parties and all-girls weekend getaways, Las Vegas attracts people from all walks of life.

One of the biggest factors of traveling is booking the hotel stay. Especially for a city like Las Vegas where the property is just as big as the activities you plan, if not more. When folks travel for important reasons, they are willing to spend the big bucks to ring in the fun. There’s no better place to shell out some serious dough for a room than Sin City where the properties offer more than your standard hotel. But sometimes the need to go all out calls for the best of what Vegas has to offer. Although the city has some of the best rooms in the country, there are a select few that truly stand head and shoulders above the rest. For these, the prices match the incredible rooms and only the wealthy can afford to enjoy these lavish places. Here are twenty suites in Vegas that you’ll need to sell your house for to stay the night!

20 Sky Villa at the Palms Casino

There are several sky villas occupying the top floors of the Palms Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, but it is Villa 32 that stands out above them all. The suite is a two story penthouse occupying the 32nd and 33rd floors of the hotel and takes up 8,500 square feet, making this a massive space for guests.

The size is far from the most impressive feature of this suite, which includes its own full bar that seats 17 people and comes with 24-hour butler service. It also has its own fitness room and a private pool with an enclosed deck that overlooks the entire city. The suite also comes with soaking tubs, two massage rooms, a sauna, steam showers, incredible art pieces to give the room the modern and sleek look guests feel as soon as they walk in. The Sky Villa is often seen as the top room in all of Sin City, especially with a price tag that exceeds $35,000 on weekends!

19 Forum Tower Duplex Suite at Caesars Palace

This suite which has been featured in several hit films including Rain Man is a 2,900 square foot space with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The suite comes with a high top dining table that seats up to eight people and comes with a wet bar. It also comes with complimentary roundtrip service to the airport in a limo making guests who are willing to pay the nightly $3,500 cost feel like royalty.

The most impressive feature of the Duplex Suite is its unmatched expansive floor to ceiling window views of the Las Vegas Strip below.

18 Skylofts at MGM Grand

The infamous MGM Grand Hotel and Casino has its Skyloft series that features a list of suites that offer the best of what the hotel has as far as rooms go.

But it is the Skylofts 3 Bedroom that stands out over the rest of its peers at 6,000 square feet and occupying two whole stories for up to nine guests in its three bedrooms. The suite comes with all the features one would expect for the price of several thousand dollars with a pillow menu, a private bar and an environment remote that controls the entire living space.

17 Chairman Suite at the Bellagio

At nearly 4,100 square feet and four and a half bathrooms, this two bedroom suite gives off a different vibe than what most of Vegas has to offer. Instead of going the modern, contemporary route, this space has a cozier, tranquil aura with its fireplaces, indoor garden and brown furniture. In addition to the idyllic art, the Chairman Suite comes with complimentary roundtrip limo service to the airport, a dining area for several guests, an outdoor solarium to soak up the sun, steam showers and a wet bar. The costs of such peace and calm will run guests about $7,000 nightly.

16 Napoleon Suite at Paris Las Vegas

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is modeled after France and it should come as no surprise that the property would feature a Napoleon-themed room. This suite takes guests back to the French Revolution through its Versailles style décor which can be seen in the wall art, chandeliers and red and gold drapes throughout. Guests feel like royalty the moment they step into the 3,400 square foot room which gives stunning views of the hotel’s beautiful Eiffel Tower replica.

Guests can pay up to $7,000 per night depending on the schedule.

15 The Palazzo Suite at the Rio

The Palazzo Suite is easily one of the biggest rooms available in the entire city at nearly 14,000 square feet. With so much space, it comes with six bedrooms, eight bathrooms and can accommodate large parties. The suite occupies its own tower within the Rio Hotel and offers guests their own private pool and private terrace. Those staying here get the full service of luxury and decadence as they have their own complimentary butler service with prices going upwards of $20,000 per night.

14 The Villas at the Mirage

The Villas are a private section of the Mirage Hotel with exclusive access for guests. Those staying here enjoy a gated community only sharing space with the other guests of The Villas. These suites range in size, but all come with twenty-four-hour personal butler and chef service to go along with a personal concierge and a backyard pool.

Each room has its own spa and can get to over 8,000 square feet. The level of personal service offered to those occupying the Villas at the Mirage is unmatched. The price for these incredible suites ranges from $5,000 to $20,000 per night.

13 Presidential Suite at the Bellagio

The sister to the Chairman at the Bellagio which also makes an appearance on this list is just as expansive and beautiful. The Presidential Suite is a 4,075 square foot room with one-of-a-kind exclusivity which includes private lounge check-in and a trek above the walkway overlooking the hotel to the room, making for a royal greeting. Once inside, the high-end features will make the $6,000 price worth it as it includes an indoor garden and fountain to go along with an L shaped bar and fireplace.

12 Sky Suites at Aria

The Aria Hotel has its own version of suite options known as the Sky Suites. Considered three diamond retreats, the Sky Suites come in different sizes, but all include the level of luxury and service one would expect with a price tag that varies in the thousands per night. Each room comes with luxury transportation to and from the airport while also giving guests exclusive access to the private pool for Sky Suite patrons.

Each guest is also invited to a nightly wine and cheese pairing as well as being able to enjoy complimentary pastries, snacks, soft drinks, tea and juice throughout the stay. In addition to the small amenities that come with the room, each suite comes equipped with sprawling views of the city across their massive layouts which are thousands of square feet in size.

11 Mandarin Suite at the Mandarin Hotel

Located on the 22nd floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the Mandarin Suite is a 3,100 square foot luxury stay that comes with two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, starting at $3,000 per night. The suite comes with a bar, its own fitness area and the highlight of the room, an enormous sunken bathtub with floor to ceiling view of the Las Vegas Strip in the bathroom. The stay also comes with complimentary use and access to the hotels’ famed Tian Quan, a spa experience that helps guests find their inner zen.

10 The Nobu Penthouse at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace version of a Japanese zen-like suite is the Nobu Penthouse located atop the infamous hotel. The Nobu is a 2,200 square foot penthouse suite designed for two adults looking for some time to relax and find some inner peace in an otherwise hectic city. The suite comes with one bedroom and one and a half bathrooms, but despite the lack of rooms, two guests have an immense amount of space to enjoy at their leisure.

The room is inspired by the Japanese with its décor and aura which includes a cherry blossom design as well as a wraparound staircase which offers comfort unlike any other suite at $7,000 nightly.

9 Presidential Strip View Suite at the Four Seasons Las Vegas

The Four Seasons Las Vegas has an array of high-end room options called the Presidential Suites, but the Strip View Suite is the king of the hotel. This suite offers incredible views of the Las Vegas Strip along with the mountain range in the distance. At 3,225 square feet and three bedrooms, the Presidential Suite comes with several complimentary services including clothes pressing, unpacking of bags upon arrival, pillow service, etc. With such attention to detail, the price starts at $3,000 and is always one of the most sought-after views of the city.

8 The Real World Suite at Palms Casino

As seen on MTV’s hit show, The Real World, this suite is the same exact one used during the filming of the Las Vegas season. Staying here will bring back all the memories from the show as each room was highly featured on the TV series.

The room, which can cost up to $12,000 a night is 3,000 square feet and comes with six beds, a living room, a dining room and a full kitchen for its guests. It also has a wet bar, a pool table, its own fitness center, a bowling lane and even has the infamous confessional room still intact!

7 Chairman Suite at the Venetian

Located on the 36th floor of the Venetian Hotel, the Chairman Suite is a 10,000 square foot penthouse that includes four bedrooms. With a price that is not advertised (but rumored at around $15,000) because the stay is extended to private guests of high status, the Chairman Suite includes more than 25 flat screen TVs, private elevator access, its own spa, an exclusive fitness room and a complimentary butler check-in service.

6 The Hangover Suite at Caesars Palace

Surprisingly one of the cheaper priced rooms on the list at an average of about $2,000 per night, this suite in Caesars Palace which has now become famously known as the Hangover Suite is the perfect spot for parties and fun.

Featured in the blockbuster hit, The Hangover, the room became a sensation as several over-the-top scenes of Sin City partying took place throughout its room and bathrooms. Beyond its cool claim to fame, the nearly 3,000 square foot space offers an elegant and sophisticated style with incredible views of the city below.

5 Octavius Tower Villas at Caesars Palace

Starting at $35,000 a night, the Villas at Caesars Palace are sure to break the bank for just about anyone. With such astronomical prices, the villas offer more than most can begin to imagine with amenities and exclusivity that has been unseen. Located in the Octavius Towers of the hotel, these villas come with pianos, movie theatre style entertainment rooms, remote controlled toilets, twenty-four-hour butler service and their own swimming pools. The villas, at over 10,000 square feet, are styled in Greek architecture and have an elegance that matches the hefty price tag.

4 Parlor and Salon Suites at Encore Las Vegas

The two suites located in the Encore Las Vegas Hotel are all about style and elegance with the décor and amenities essentially screaming sophistication. At less than 1,600 square feet, these suites are on the smaller side of rooms listed, but the features make for incredible stays for the wealthy. Wrapped in Italian marble throughout, the rooms are a marvel, especially the master bathrooms which have spacious tubs overlooking the Strip down below.

3 The Boulevard Suite at the Cosmopolitan

With no official price tag on the Cosmopolitan’s twenty-one Boulevard suites located on the top four floors of the sleek and stylish hotel and casino, these penthouses are specifically reserved for the richest guests.

In order to stay in these expansive suites, patrons have to commit to a one million dollar buy-in at the hotel’s casino. Although not unheard of for high rollers looking to gamble the weekend away, it is an astronomical price to pay. The room is included in the high stakes game of gambling and the hotel treats its wealthiest guests to everything they could ask for including butler service, airport service, chefs throughout the stay and rooms covered in gold trim and marble.

2 Hardwood Suite at Palms Casino

The Palms Casino makes another appearance on our list as it continues to showcase its incredible array of penthouse suites with the Hardwood Suite, a 10,000 square foot space dedicated to the game of basketball. Most of the suite's size is occupied by the indoor basketball court for users which is the highlight of the room. Basketball lovers will also get to take advantage of the locker room which is modeled after professional NBA style rooms with seven full length wood lockers and two cushioned benches. Beyond just the sport amenities, the suite comes with a pool table, a wet bar, complimentary butler and car service. You can get all this for just a cool $25,000 a night.

1 Bentel and Bentel Penthouse Suite at the Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan, one of the most sought-after hotels in the city, makes another appearance on the list. This time regular folks can book a stay without having to pay the million dollar entry fee and can instead fork over a mere $25,000 for any one of the Bentel and Bentel Penthouse Suites. With several selections to choose from including the Hemlock and Foxglove rooms, the suite’s call to fame is the incredible designs by the Bentel architecture firm they are named after.