Although traveling and getting out there is definitely the best way to see the world, we can't always visit all the places on our bucket list. That means that we're stuck just looking at pictures and checking out Google Maps to see what the place is like and pretend we're on a relaxing trip to the location of our dreams.

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Unfortunately, not everything on Google Maps is so dreamy. Some stuff that their cameras catch is closer to being straight out of a nightmare. Whether it's creepy or just plain confusing, the Google Maps cameras have caught some strange things.

To see ten of the weirdest things found on Google Maps, keep reading!

10 A Glitch In New Baltimore

New Baltimore is a town in New York that has a population of about 3,000 people. This town is not exactly the first one that many people think of when they think of New York. But because of the strange images of this town that the Google Maps camera caught, it's become a pretty well-known one around the Internet.

For unknown reasons, the Google Maps camera had a major glitch when it was driving through New Baltimore to document the town. The pictures that it caught have an eerie purple tint to them and all the buildings almost look like they're melting. So creepy!

9 Japan's Pigeon People

Japan is the home to quite a few unique and unusual things. From strange restaurants to unusual vending machines, it's safe to say that Japan is a really unique country. When the Google Maps camera was making its way through Japan and documenting the streets, it caught something that's weird even by Japan's standards.

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On one street, the camera caught a huge group of people wearing pigeon masks and standing in the street. If you click down slightly to go past this group of people, you can see that they turned to keep watching the camera as it went by.

8 Nagoro Doll Village in Japan

This town in Japan is definitely not one that's a place that people who are afraid of dolls will want to visit. Nagoro is a village located in Japan that only has a couple dozen residents. But this town has become a hugely popular tourist destination because of the hundreds of non-human residents.

Tsukimi Ayano lived in Nagoro as a child but her family left when she was a child. When she moved back in the 2000s, she made a doll in the likeness of her father. Since then, she's made hundreds of dolls, many of which were made to look like former Nagoro residents. These dolls may look creepy on Google Maps, but have made the village a popular tourist destination.

7 This Message In Memphis

This image was caught on the rooftop of a building in Memphis, TN. Google Earth is often too far away from the ground to really allow people browsing to spot anything strange, but this message was spray painted onto the roof so large that it's visible from even this distance.

We don't know who wrote this message or why they want people to come play, but it's safe to say that this is an invitation no one should be RSVPing to. Memphis is a nice place to visit, but keep this downtown invitation off your travel to do list.

6 A Pattern In The Desert

Was this the work of aliens? Or something more easily explained? Unfortunately, this question has been puzzling Internet users for years. This unusual pattern was found in the Gobi Desert, near the headquarters of China's space program.

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While many people believe these are simply roads that were built in order to aid in testing equipment, there are also people that believe it's something more out of this world. Could this be China's Area 51? Unfortunately, the world will likely never know.

5 These Discarded Mannequins

At first glance, this scene from Chile seems pretty chilling. It looks like a pile of bodies that were carelessly tossed into a dumpster, right? Fortunately, Google Maps didn't publish the result of a horrible crime on their website. This scene is simply a curbside dumpster where someone discarded a huge collection of discarded mannequins.

We can only imagine what these mannequins were used for in the past and why their owner was throwing them out. But the way they were tossed in the dumpster to be picked up later made this Google Maps sighting pretty strange.

4 Trementina Base

Scientology is a pretty secretive group. For people that aren't members, it's hard to know exactly what's going on inside their various properties. Trementina is one of the properties owned by Scientology that can be seen on Google Maps in New Mexico.

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While Scientology may be pretty secretive about what they do, the purpose of Trementina Base is something they have told the public about. According to Scientology officials, Trementina Base was built to preserve the works of L. Ron Hubbard, including books and movies. His writing was even carved onto stainless steel tablets and buried here to keep it safe.

3 This Red Lake In Iraq

Going on vacation to a beautiful, clear lake is definitely a dream vacation for many people. But going to a lake with bright red water like this one in Iraq is not exactly the lakeside vacation that most people dream of.

This bright red lake was spotted on Google Earth in Sadr City, just outside of Baghdad, several years ago. Viewing Lago Vermelho lake now will show the lake in its original color instead of the eerie red one that it was a decade ago. According to local sources, the lake was turned red by the runoff of a local slaughterhouse. Still, this is pretty scary to see.

2 A Friendly Gathering

Nothing weird about a group of friends standing in the desert with creepy masks on, right? There's not much known about this Google Maps sighting, but it's definitely a creepy one. These four friends were spotted on Google Maps standing in the road, staring right at the camera.

Although it's likely that these friends just saw that they were driving in front of the Google Maps car and decided to get out and mess with anyone checking out this street, it's still pretty creepy. Who just keeps all those masks in their car?

1 Pittsburgh's Giant Chicken

Looks like someone is thawing out dinner for their entire neighborhood! This giant chicken was spotted on a lawn by the Google Maps car on the corner of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Sampsonia Street.

Unfortunately, this chicken has since been taken out of the lawn and can no longer be seen on Google Maps. But it definitely had people wondering what it was doing there and what it was made out of when it was still in the lawn.

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