When in doubt, we can always turn to Reddit for all of the answers we don't necessarily want. They've brought forth the most unpopular travel opinions that everyone shares in secret, along with their favorite fast food options. And now, they're providing answers for the best - and most unusual - combinations that have ever been ordered between two slices of bread.

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It's a vast, wide world out there full of Subway combinations, and, after all, isn't that half the fun of creating your own six-inch or footlong sub? The fact that very few, if any, combinations are off-limits and it's partially the job of sandwich creators to keep from judging any one person's order, make it an adventure every time. We might not be on board with all of these combinations, especially when they consist of things like meatball and tuna (together, not separate) but it doesn't change the fact that somewhere, someone is standing by their decision and their flavor profile.


Are you daring enough to try any of them?

Updated by Lauren Feather, November 12, 2021: Subway and its glorious (and weird) creations and combos are getting even more mouth-wateringly wacky as time goes by. And everyone with a stomach knows that people can get very, very creative with combinations and flavors when they're hungry, and all culinary logic flies right out the window. With no lack of curious and brave redditors sharing their sloppy sandwich stories, we've added a few more tempting yet utterly bizarre subway selections to this inspiring list of samples. 

The Ultimate Chicken Bacon Ranch

According to Reddit, the chicken bacon ranch is by far one of the most popular options on the menu and it seems to be everyone's go-to. In lieu of its popularity, one Redditor provided the ultimate chicken bacon ranch and held nothing back in terms of topping, bread choice, or flavor.

The toppings include lettuce, tomato, red onions, banana peppers, the cheese is provolone, and the bread of choice is Italian herbs and cheese. All of this gets toasted and then, with great excitement from the Redditor who presented it, a generous helping of ranch and chipotle southwest sauce, mixed, with a bit of salt and pepper to finish.

An Egg And Cheese Plus A Hashbrown From McDonald's

Subway might be the healthier choice when it comes to breakfast sandwiches that but that doesn't mean that when a sandwich leaves the shop it can't be modified.

One Redditor offered up a unique twist on a healthy breakfast egg and cheese sub with the addition of a stop by McDonald's for a hashbrown. The hashbrown must then be added to the Subway sandwich with a topping of ketchup to create - according to the Redditor - one of the most perfect morning subs ever made.

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A Loaded Meatball Marinara

A concept that isn't overly popular but definitely should be is the idea of a loaded meatball sub. Several Redditors commented on the creation of the loaded 'pizza' sub, which starts with a base of meatball marinara.

To that, black olives, pepperoni, mozzarella, and any other toppings you'd normally put on pizza can be added to this sub. It's a brilliant creation, really, considering the regular meatball marinara tastes how a meatball pizza would but in sandwich form. Try it and thank us, or, more specifically, Reddit, later on.

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Meatball Marinara With Tuna

That's right - one Redditor had to do it. It's almost unfathomable to imagine a canned fish such as tuna going well with something such as a meatball, especially when marinara sauce is thrown in. The exact description on Reddit stated that it 'wasn't bad' and that's enough for us to be intrigued... but not entirely on-board.

There's something about a tomato-based sauce mixed with tuna (that already has mayo added to it, no less) that rubs most people the wrong way. Throw some meatballs into the mix and all of a sudden it's a confusing Italian-like seafood sandwich... and that's just a bit strange. But that doesn't mean we're not still intrigued.

Meatball Marinara With Pickles And Mayonnaise

Yes, you read that correctly. One surprised redditor who worked at the sandwich chain told a tale of a shady customer who came into the store and ordered a peculiar variation of the popular meatball sub. The shifty character asked for the top-selling meaty favourite with pickles and mayo - which is somewhat of a weird combo, though not the worst that's ever been committed. Funnily enough, the customer didn't have enough money on him to pay for the sandwich, so he ended up leaving it in the hands of the bamboozled staff whose curiosity and hunger got the better of them - they ate it themselves. And, to their surprise, they actually loved it.

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The Ultimate Meat Mix Flatbread

It's no secret that Subway's flatbreads are pretty dang good... but they could get even better with a whole slew of meats added to the mix. One Redditor claimed their go-to is salami, roast beef, pepperoni, buffalo chicken, and bacon.

Chicken, beef, and pork are all part of this flatbread combination and that's not even all of it. To that, pepper jack cheese, black olives, lettuce, jalepeños, olive oil, and chipotle southwest sauce are added. It's a wallop of flavor, that's for sure.

Steak, Bacon, And Pepperoni

Steak and bacon have proven to be an incredible combination but it's the addition of pepperoni that's a bit confusing.

While many people commit to adding bacon to nearly everything, pepperoni lends a very unique flavor with just a bit of spice and it's something that not everyone appreciates on their sub. However, this meat combination might just have what it takes to stand apart from the rest - could it possibly be the newest addition to the double-meat sub?

The "Everything" Footlong

The best subway stories always come from the staff themselves, and this fascinating tale might be one of the juiciest. An ex-worker of Subway commented that a customer ordered every single ingredient on one footlong. That is, literally everything - all the meats including several kinds of steak, meatballs, tuna, chicken and deli meats, as well as all the various types of cheeses, vegetables and condiments that Subway offers. The staff genuinely couldn't fold the sandwich because it was so densely packed and overflowing with goods. The customer paid over a whopping 60 bucks for this delight, which makes one wonder if this incredible (yet weird) combination is actually worth it. After all, who in their right mind would spend 60 dollars on a single sandwich if it wasn't any good?

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