The earth is full of magical, beautiful, and mysterious places to visit. But, there are also many weird places that are quite confusing and leave people wondering and guessing for answers. Before getting excited and rushing off to find these weird places, visitors should read into them and find out the meanings, to get a real idea and understanding of the weird places. There are many to choose from, but here are the top 10!

10 Sailing Stones, Death Valley, California

Starting in 1915 in California, people started to notice that stones had moved but on dry land which was very confusing and mysterious. The stones were never seen moving but were always found with a track behind them which proved they had moved, some going in straight lines and some in circular movements. In 2014, two relatives discovered why the stones were moving, which is the fact that the rocks were moved by melting floating ice moved by the wind in the winter. This place is also known for the highest temperatures on earth.

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9 Magnetic Hill, India

Heading to the land of Ladakh, in India, people will notice when driving, the magnetic hill will pull the motor vehicles which is very mysterious and attracts many visitors. By putting the car into neutral, the magnetic field can move the car slowly up to around 20km per hour. Researchers have studied and explained that the hill isn’t actually magnetic and is just an optical illusion. The road actually goes downhill which will make the vehicle roll, but the hill is actually uphill and seems this way which is all one big optical illusion.

8 Aokighara, Japan

This forest which is located in the hills of Mount Fuji is has a negative reputation due to the tragedies it has seen. Bodies lay here for years undiscovered, haunting visitors which already feel a bad and negative energy when here. The forest place is very spooky and mysterious and was also shown in a movie in 2016 some people are shocked to realize it is a real place.

7 Flame Waterfall, New York

In Chestnut Ridge Park, New York, visitors can find a waterfall that has a mysterious burning flame flickering inside. It is very flammable and was first believed that it lets off a lot of methane gas and the water often lets the flame out but it always comes straight back. But, according to researchers, the rocks aren’t hot enough to produce this gas which they say means something else is producing the gas which is not yet known so this spot is still a big mystery.

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6 Blood Falls, Antarctica

In the glaciers of Antarctica, one of them is very unusual with a waterfall the color of blood. This isn’t real blood, in fact, it is rust, due to iron oxide. This glacier is also known, from what has been discovered, to be the coldest one on the earth! Even the lake under the glacier has a salty texture that is very different from others, as the water has a freezing point that is lower than pure water and produces heat when freezing.

5 Stone Forest, China

Stone Forest isn't like any other forest, forests are known to be covered in plants, trees, and wildlife but this particular one is covered in stones. The reason it is called a forest is that the stones have taken up around 100,000 acres of land making it look like a forest, but full of stones that have risen up from the ground. All the rocks here are made of limestone with very funky shapes which leave visitors wondering and feeling mysterious about the place.

4 Bermuda Triangle

One very known unusual and quite scary spot is the Bermuda Triangle, which can be found in the North Atlantic Ocean and is one of the most mysterious places in the world. There are many missing ships, planes, and people that have crashed or got lost here. For many, this has been the last known spot of the place of contact for people and machines. Some believe that this happens because of the magnetic field and others believe it’s cyclones but the answer is still not known and it remains a mystery to this day.

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3 Superstition Mountain, Arizona

In the 19th century, it is believed that a man named Jacob, found a gold mine in the mountains of Arizona and kept it all a secret until he died, although some say he did tell one person when he was dying. Since then, many people have been on the hunt for the secret mine and the ones that have gone inside have never come back out. Many Native Americans also believe that the mountains here are the entrance to hell!

2 Mapimi silent zone, Mexico

Mapimi is very mysterious and different from other places on earth and is also known as the silent zone which is a desert in Mexico. Here, it is believed that radio waves or any other signals cannot be heard due to magnetic fields and alien energy. This place is very similar to the Bermuda Triangle and is located between two parallels. It is also believed that people have noticed big people here that all of a sudden disappear into thin air.

1 Crooked Forest, Poland

In the city of Szczecin, there is a small spot with just under 500 pine trees which have been a very popular site for many tourists. The whole forest of trees is bent over and crooked which is where it gets its name from. The treats are bent at 90 degrees right from the bottom and then twist back as normal on the way up. It is still a mystery as to how this has happened but many believe it was caused but snowstorms and others believe it is a certain technique of growing.

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