10 Weirdest Laws In The World (That Tourists Need To Know)

Traveling is both an amazing and unique experience. Indeed, it can even be slightly addicting to some. The act of traveling abroad and settling into a completely different can bring forth numerous advantages. Of the latter, we include an ability to expand our minds and knowledge of the world, while also discovering interesting things via foreign lands. Specific encounters, which can spark cultural shock amongst some, also may reveal to us that the world can sometimes be a very peculiar place. And rules and regulations are not exempt when it comes to the world's peculiarity. Thus, lovers of travel can only benefit from learning about the many faux pas existing in certain parts of the world.

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Consider taking a look at this list of the world's 10 weirdest laws for personal knowledge or pure pleasure. You never know where you can end up, hence it is best to be informed just in case.

10 Driving in Vietnam

This cardinal Vietnamese rule can leave you with a hefty bill if you dare cross it. Apparently, you can get into a lot of trouble if you are found driving with no hands and so even if it's for a few seconds. Indeed, this law is apart of the country's traffic violation laws and can lead to a fine of up to $300 USD.

Interestingly, there's a lot of strange laws in Vietnam. For instance, you can't ride a bicycle with headphones in. Though this one is not as strictly enforced.

9 Frowning in Italy

Passive aggressiveness is taken quite seriously in Italy. Accordingly, they have strict laws when it comes to specific body-language and facial cues: one cannot frown in Milan, Italy. The latter is further explained by adding that frowning is only allowed during a funeral or while visiting the sick in the hospital.

On any other occasion, it is viewed poorly and altogether prohibited. Hence, make sure to abide by the Joker's advice and keep a smile on that face.

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8 Ketchup in France

If you were considering moving to France or living there for some time and bringing your kids with you, then it is important to know what's permitted in the educational system. An interesting French rule insists that Ketchup is banned in school cafeterias. The rule came about in 2011 when the then-president of the national association of municipal catering managers decided to prohibit ketchup use.

Though, there is some flexibility such as when french fries are involved. That happens to be the only time ketchup is allowed and such occasion occurs infrequently.

7 Goldfishes in Switzerland

A serious rule is applied when it comes to goldfishes in Switzerland. The regulation applies with regard to the number of aquatic companions owned. In simple words, you cannot own less than two goldfishes due to animal cruelty laws that consider such practice inhumane. Switzerland's animal protection laws understand the importance of companionship for all including animals.

As such, it is legally required by law to ensure your goldfish has a companion. That is indeed taking the saying of "the more the merrier" to new heights.

6 Dancing in Japan

Embracing Japenese culture also includes respecting the country's laws, especially as an incoming visitor. Therefore, you may get acquainted with this primal rule which applies to dance and overall nightlife culture in Japan.

The city of Tokyo does not allow any dancing before midnight. This rule, appearing to come straight out of the movie Footloose, is set in place to halt prostitution attempts which are apparently prominent in dance halls. Don't worry, once the clock hits midnight, you can move that body as much as you like.

5 Piano playing in Germany

If you've ever felt compelled to throw yourself at a piano to showcase your mastery of its keys, you may want to reconsider doing so in Germany. In fact, this weird rule applies to all musical instruments.

Precisely, you can't play or practice any musical instruments between the hours of 8 AM to 12 PM as well as between 2 and 8 PM. Hence, lovers of music and instrument wizards, you have been warned.

4 Reincarnation in China

Reincarnation is a philosophical concept wherein it is believed that individuals experience rebirth following a biological death. The concept is found in several religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism.

In China, a recent law forbids anyone to reincarnate without the government's approval. The latter was instilled as an attempt to regulate the religion and its supernatural aspects by having a say in who gets to reincarnate.

3 Gum chewing in Singapore

There's a lot of delicious foods to enjoy in Singapore, but gum will not be one of them. The country is so strict on cleanliness that they have completely banned chewing and selling gum. The only exception to this rule is if you somehow prove that chewing gum has therapeutic benefits to your being.

Otherwise, you can rack up a hefty fine if you are found enjoying, smacking or throwing gum on the floor.

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2 Wedding etiquette in Australia

Mostly all have watched that intense scene in romantic movies where a key character crashes a wedding to confess their feelings to their love interest who is soon to be hitched. Unfortunately, that kind of behavior is forbidden in Australia.

You can be fined up to $10,000 or be jailed for a maximum of two years, should you dare intentionally disrupt a wedding. Thus, if the love of your life is getting married in Australia, consider letting them know you love them before the wedding. Unless they are worth the $10,000 fine, then go for it.

1 Underwear in Thailand

This law has to be the most hilarious and interesting law from the entire list. Apparently, going commando in Thailand is strictly forbidden. This was instilled as an attempt to enforce proper hygiene amongst citizens and support the decency laws centered on nudity.

Though it might be hard to check if the law has been broken, it remains important to mention that you will be in trouble if you leave decide to leave the house without bottoms and are not wearing underwear.

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