Doing its bid to keeping fliers secure in those potentially unfriendly skies, the Transport Safety Administration in the U.S. regularly confiscates thousands of items deemed unsafe to be brought aboard domestic and international airlines. But in its annual compilation of 10 Most Unusual Finds, TSA staff have come across items so bizarre, they're worth publicly sharing.

Moose nuggets deemed poop for politicians

Topping the list is a collection of what they called "moose nuggets," discovered by security at Juneau International Airport in Alaska. While probably offensive for other reasons, no transportation safety laws exist preventing folks from bringing doo-doo from any species onto a carrier. The detained owner, who claimed the bag was a present for politicians, was released without incident and allowed to take the organic material with him.


“’Number Two’ is number one on our list!” joked the TSA, adding that the real number-two was a butcher knife confiscated in luggage at the Tri-Cities airport near Knoxville, Tennessee. The third entry was a ring-necked snake left behind by a passenger in Newark, N.J., a harmless critter that was the only live animal making it onto the list.

Confiscated items from saws to swords

Comprising the top five of strange findings were a blow dart gun in Orlando, followed by a set of martial arts sais, which resemble trident-shaped skewers, at LaGuardia in New York. A power saw seized in Hartford, Conn., a car airbag taken in Orlando, a gun and knife discovered in Miami, road flares appropriated in Anchorage and samurai swords nabbed in San Jose completed the TSA's 2019 top 10.

"Don’t let your friend’s item get featured on our page," said the TSA on its Instagram account. "We want to keep seeing your unusual items but we also want you to get through security without incident."