It's not every day that a person looks out their window and sees a potentially threatening iguana sitting on a tree branch below their window. At least, this was the case in Krakow, Poland, when a woman happened to see something that could have been a similar creature outside of her window. Instinctively, the woman called the Krakow Society for the Protection of Animals, as anyone would do, to explain the situation. However, when professional animal handlers arrived on the scene, they found that the situation was a bit more edible than anyone realized. No, that's not a typo - the animal in question was actually a large croissant.


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This is only one of the first weird food stories of 2021 and while it was cause for initial concern, it seems that everyone has been able to get a good laugh out of it. While croissants are entirely harmless in terms of animal-human interaction, there are some other unbelievably strange food stories that have happened around the world. Not all of them are as innocent as a mistaken croissant and some of them are downright hard to believe.

The Busiest Domino's Delivery Day To Date

If you're thinking it was Super Bowl Sunday, you'd be wrong. The busiest date that Domino's had seen in business during the early 90s was on June 17th, 1994 - a day that many might remember.

It was none other than the day that O.J. Simpson was televised on national news in the infamous getaway Bronco and, as it turns out, people watching at home were so riveted that making dinner was automatically shifted to the back burner... no pun intended. Rather than disconnect themselves from what was happening on TV, everyone decided to order pizza instead, resulting in one of the biggest delivery booms to date for the pizza chain.

Case Of The Wrong Ronald McDonald

McDonald's is a beloved fast-food chain and Wendy's is a close second. But what happens when the two overlap? And by overlap, we don't mean in a sharing-a-menu-item sense... We mean in a case of mistaken identity.

Back in 2005, clarification had to be made as a Wendy's employee by the name of Ronald MacDonald (spelled slightly different than the restaurant chain) was caught stealing money out of his job's safe. The New Hampshire resident was charged with theft and we're pretty sure he never got a job at Wendy's again... even if his name does sport a rival fast-food chain.

Closet Hideout Secret

In 2008, a man living in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, set up security cameras in his home after he began noticing that his food was disappearing without a trace. Confident that he was not the one eating it, upon reviewing the footage, the man found a woman walking around his home while he was out. After calling the cops, the story got even more bizarre - not only was the woman taking food from the man's kitchen, but she had actually been living there for one full year.

Afterward, it was said that the woman was 'neat and clean' and had even been able to put a small mattress in the closet where she'd been hiding, taking showers when no one was home. It turns out that she was homeless and had snuck into the home for food on a day when its owner had left the doors unlocked.

Ice Cream Cones Were Once Far Less Hygienic

Believe it or not, the ice cream cone was once a treat that would turn many people's stomachs today. There was nothing wrong with the ice cream except for the fact that it came from a container that had already be licked by another person. During the early 1900s, these 'treats' were referred to as 'penny licks', and - you guessed it - for only a penny, a patron could have a few licks of ice cream from one container. The problem was that this same spoon would be wiped and then reused for the next customer in line.

So, unless you were the first to line up at the vendor, you were likely to get a second-hand, double-dipped (or licked, in this case) spoonful. With the rise in cases of diseases, such as tuberculosis and others that were ramped in the 1900s, these penny licks eventually came to a screeching halt. In their place, the ice cream cone was created and this the same frozen treat that we enjoy today... with only one person taking licks from the same cone rather than passing it around to perfect strangers.

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