Let's talk about laws. They're put in place for a reason, usually to keep people safe or to discourage certain behavior, but in some cases, a law seems like it comes completely out of left field. Not every written law of the land is something that makes sense in the grand scheme of things and when it comes to food, some laws seem like they shouldn't even exist. After all, if a person wants to eat an ice cream cone while walking backward, who's to say they can't?

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Some states have their own ideas of what's deemed legal under state law, though, and many people visiting might not even be aware that they can't eat a certain food on a certain day of the week. As absurd as it sounds, laws like this do exist in the U.S., and in some states, it's hard to believe that something actually inspired a need for these laws, in the first place.

Alaska: No Adult Beverages For The Moose

Believe it or not, this law was put into place after an accident left one moose feeling a little... tipsy. In Anchorage, a moose who was affectionately given the name Buzzwinkle by the local media happened to get into a brewery's local beer supply, leading to a moose version of an alcohol buzz. The animal paraded through the city in a manner that showed he'd clearly had too much to drink, and ended up with his antlers in a twist around some holiday lights. While the event was quite amusing for the locals, it also inspired a law against giving alcohol to a moose.

Idaho: Fishing And Horseback Riding Don't Mix

If you've ever visited Idaho, you may have heard one of the locals speak of how it's illegal to fish from a camel's back. While this is true, it's also not the entire law - in reality, it states that it's illegal to fish from any animal's back. Back in the day, this law was enacted in order to prevent people from fishing on horseback. While the exact history behind this one is a bit of a head-scratcher, it's still in place to this day, so many sure to leave your quadrupeds at home before a fishing trip.

Indiana: One Place Has Outlawed Watermelon

So technically, this law was created with a solid reason: in Beech Grove parks, visitors are not permitted to eat watermelon on park grounds because the rinds kept causing the park's trash bags to rip. Obviously, no one wants trash littered all over the ground just as no one wants to clean up the said trash, so this is a pretty legitimate law to follow.

Kentucky, Georgia, And Alabama: Keep That Ice Cream Out Of Your Pants

It begs the question: why were people shoving ice cream in their back pocket, anyway? This law actually dates back to a time when cars didn't even exist and when ice cream was used by criminals - to steal horses. The trick to stealing a horse without the actual stealing going noticed by authorities was to stick some ice cream in your back pocket, which is why it was eventually outlawed. As such, though, the law remained in effect without ever being dissolved - so, to this day, it's still illegal to stick ice cream in your back pocket. The amazing thing is that this law isn't only active in one state, but three.

Massachusetts: No Peanuts In Church

This law, while nothing incredibly special, is pretty specific and is still in place. In Boston, specifically, the city-wide law is that peanuts are strictly forbidden in church. In theory, this makes a ton of sense. Not only are peanuts very loud and crunchy, but the last thing anyone would want is a bunch of peanut shells all over the floor of a church. With that being said, why aren't other nuts illegal in church, as well?

Minnesota: This Food Is Illegal To Eat On Sundays

It's a bit of a strange time you'll have if you're in St. Cloud and decide to eat a burger on a Sunday. Not only is it frowned upon to fire up the grill to have this summer favorite on that one day of the week, but it's actually illegal. Figure that one out! Just make sure to do all of your hamburger-eating on Saturdays, instead.

Oklahoma: Don't Even Think About Sharing That Burger

If it's illegal to eat burgers on Sundays in St. Cloud, then it makes sense that Oklahoma would have a law stating that it's illegal to share burgers. In reality, it doesn't make any sense at all but it gives people a really good excuse to not share their food if someone asks for a bite. "Sorry, it's illegal" has a nice ring to it after ordering that juicy craft burger.

South Carolina: Cemetary Watermelons Not Permitted

This slightly morbid law is active in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where it's illegal to eat watermelons in the Magnolia Street Cemetary. The reason being that the fear of watermelon seeds being spit out, leading to watermelon growth, is very real... and this would be a very awkward thing to have at a final resting place.

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