Sometimes a donut just sounds like the perfect treat. Sure, some people are all about chocolate chip cookies, others love blueberry muffins, and others love cake or pie. But a donut is pretty unique and it's always special, whether you want jelly in the middle or a maple coating.

Some places around the U.S. have gotten pretty out of the box with their donut flavors and are trying something totally new. Here is a guide to the weirdest donuts in the United States.

This Charleston Shop's Donut Is Beet Flavored says that Glazed Gourmet, a donut shop in Charleston, South Carolina, has a donut that is flavored with beets. This definitely sounds like a strange donut flavor since chances are, many people aren't rushing to cook some beets for lunch or dinner... but when we think about it, it makes sense. Beets can be super sweet and they do make for a pretty presentation. This donut flavor may be odd but it's also very creative.


Some of the other flavors at this shop include The Red Nosed Goat which has "Cranberry Jam, goat cheese glaze, candied rosemary" and Curry Up! which has "Curried cocoa and candied ginger." The note on the website for that last flavor says, "Don't be afraid to try it!"

Want A Foie Gras Donut?

We might not have ever tried foie gras before... so we wouldn't exactly picture it as a donut flavor. Cooking Channel mentions the foie gras donut that is sold at a place called Do or Dine in Brooklyn. According to, they cost $11 USD and this donut is a collaboration with a local bakery called Dough.

It turns out that there was a bit of controversy when this donut was put on the menu and some people wanted it taken off. Grub Street quoted Luke Jackson, one of the co-owners of Do or Dine, who said that they were going to keep making the donut: "We’re not married to having the item on the menu, but we’re definitely married to doing what we want to do."

A Pulled Pork And Potato Salad Donut Is Definitely Strange says that Gourdough's in Austin, Texas has some donut flavors that aren't exactly chocolate, jelly-filled, or vanilla icing with sprinkles on top. Yup, this is the place to go when you want weird donut flavors, and this one has pulled pork and potato salad.

Would we give this donut a try? It seems like you would either want a sweet treat like a donut or you would go for a savory meal, but it's definitely something to think about. This place also has a donut called The Flying Pig which has crispy bacon and maple icing on top.

The Dirty South Donut At The Same Shop Sounds Like A Meal

According to, Gourdough's also has a donut flavor called The Dirty South. The publication explains what this consists of: "This donut combines hand, battered chicken fried steak, a potato pancake, creamy white gravy and cranberry habanero jam all served atop of a piping hot donut."

While some of us might want a chocolate glazed donut and that's all that we would ever try, others are a bit more adventurous with their food and would love to try them out. We definitely had no idea that you could put foie gras inside a donut, that's for sure.