There's something incredibly magical about setting off to sea on a massive ship, filled with hundreds of people. Everyone is sailing off into the great unknown for their own personal experience, hoping to get some peace and quiet in the middle of an ocean. Whether you're sailing around different countries for a week, two weeks, or longer, there are a plethora of rules that you need to follow if you're on a cruise ship.

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While there are normal rules like no smoking and making sure you have the correct documentation for each country, there are other rules most people don't even realize they have to abide by before shipping out. Read on to find out 10 of them.

10 No Shaking Hands With The Captain!

Depending on the age of the person, there are plenty of people who would love the honor of shaking the hand of the captain of the vessel. What an honor to meet the person who's in control of the ENTIRE ship!

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However, back in 2015, a few cruises created a rule that passengers were not allowed to shake the hands with the crew members and captains due to spreading unwanted and dangerous viruses. Not every cruise ship goes by this rule, but it's something to remember if you want to do this out of respect.

9 Smoking Is So Dated

We all know the ill-effects of smoking. It's bad for you, causes cancers, is bad for the environment, and the list goes on and on. However, people still smoke, for whatever reason. Nevertheless, if a smoker thinks they're going to be able to have a relaxing cigarette on their ship balcony, they'd be mistaken.

Most cruise lines despise smoking because it's a major fire hazard and people tend to flick their butts out into the ocean. Throwing your cigarette out into sea is pollution and some people have been thrown off boats for such things. If you do smoke, some ships have designated smoking areas.

8 The Muster Drill

It’s part of the job description for cruise ship workers to partake in safety drills. After all, anything can happen at sea and workers need to be prepared no matter what.

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Did you know that passengers also have to pass a drill before they can start lounging though? It’s called the Muster Drill, and it’s an exercise everyone must master in case of an emergency. And if you think you’re going to skip the drill, you’d be wrong — it’s required by law. Skipping out will leave you with a hefty fine.

7 No Taking Food With You Off The Ship

Like many people, when leaving a buffet or hotel breakfast, most will take a few pieces of fruit with them, maybe some coffee, or maybe bigger items tucked away in a storage case. This kind of behavior, however, is not allowed on cruise ships.

If passengers are about to exit the ship to explore an area nearby, taking food with them is prohibited. This isn’t because the ship is stingy on food, it’s because of the agricultural laws every country has enforced. Sneaking food off or on the ship can lead most passengers with a fine or in trouble with the law.

6 Age Restrictions

If you’ve vacationed often, then you would know most hotels or resorts have a family-friendly version and an adults-only version. This is to ensure everyone has a fantastic time, regardless of who’s vacationing with them.

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Cruise ships are the same way. Sometimes, depending on the cruise line, passengers under a certain age can’t go in pools, or kids under, let’s say, 10 years old can’t be on board at all. These are things to look into or focus on when booking a cruise.

5 Corkage Fees

Have you ever heard of a corkage fee before? Essentially it’s when a restaurant or establishment has you pay a fee for bringing your own bottle and having them open it, chill it, and pour it for you.

Well, some passengers may be stunned by this because certain cruise lines have this rule and there’s no getting around it. When you bring a bottle of wine to a restaurant, you'll have to pay a corkage fee. Some cruise riders might be surprised to learn that the fees exist on ships, too. Some ships charge as much as $15 just to bring your own wine. At that point, you might as well buy a bottle yourself!

4 Blue Jeans Aren't Deemed Good Enough On A Few Cruises

Most passengers are aware there are certain dress codes for different restaurants or events on the cruise ship. But did you know that the same can be said for the attire worn around the ship?!

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If you’re like Jennifer Aniston and love wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt, you may be out of luck. Some cruise lines don’t allow guests to wear baseball caps, jeans (or ripped jeans, for that matter), flip flops, or even short shorts! Before you get scolded at by every official on the boat for wearing something “too casual,” be sure to check out the acceptable dress code.

3 Brought Some Homemade Snacks For The Room? Sorry

Not many people will bake their own snacks for the cruise ship, but just in case you have a family member make you an entire tin of cookies or granola to keep in the room, think again.

Many cruise lines don’t accept outside foods coming on board — especially homemade food. But if you were planning something special for an event, it's better to call the cruise line first.

2 Keep The Pool Floats At Home

Considering most passengers on cruise ships are getting ready to venture to different lands, they’re ready for some time in the sun — whether that’s on deck in the pool or on the nearest beach. But if you wanna bring some pool floats, you better keep them at home.

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Floaties for small kids are allowed but floats and rafts where people can float and play on are prohibited. There’s enough fun on cruise ships for people to still be satisfied, but it’s better off knowing beforehand.

1 Need An Iron? Sorry!

We all have that one friend who despises wrinkles in their clothes. In fact, many people make sure hotel rooms have irons in their rooms so that their garb isn’t completely messed up. However, considering not too many people want to see if the cruise line has irons on board to use, they may just bring their own iron or steamer. However, if they get caught with such things, they may be confiscated.

Most cruise lines prohibit irons, some hair tools, and cooking devices because they could start a fire. If all passengers aren’t allowed to bring such things, then this makes a literal safer trip.

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