Traveling the country can be a ton of fun, but sometimes, it's also just as fun to take a load off. Bars are a dime a dozen, but there exist some unique and strange bars in America that deserve a second glance!

Maybe it's the interior, the drink offerings, or the rituals that take place, but we can't get enough of these bizarre bars--the experience is unlike any other. We've compiled a list of ten weirdest bars in America that you need to see to believe, and have also scoped out what specialty drinks they are known for. Take a trip around the country and scroll to find out what bars made the list!

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10 Stigma Tattoo Bar: Orlando, FL

Stigma is definitely an experience for the more adventurous crowd! Functioning as both a working tattoo shop and a liquor bar, the establishment is home to eight artists who specialize in different types of art.

They are open seven days a week, and numerous reviewers recommend Stigma for their skilled artists, comfortable atmosphere, and delicious cocktails and shots. They also offer pole lessons, so if you’re interested in a workout after you’ve been inked, then Stigma might be your perfect go-to bar.

9 Bad Luck Bar: Detroit, MI

Bad Luck Bar is an experimental bar that focuses on the mystical and magical, right down to the names of their signature cocktails. If you’re looking for an otherworldly experience, then Bad Luck will meet your needs!

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Featuring a number of drinks with names like The Alchemist, or The Seer, Bad Luck uses unique ingredients and preparation methods to make your visit truly special. Some of the drinks range on the pricier side, but if you’re willing to drop some cash, you have the chance to taste a flagon of 54.5% 1953 British Navy Rum!

8 The Wreck Bar: Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you’re looking for a casual drink and an entertaining show, The Wreck is definitely your place. Located in the B Ocean Resort in sunny Fort Lauderdale, The Wreck is home to mermaid shows that take place at 6:30 pm every Friday and Saturday, courtesy of MeduSirena and her pod of Aquaticats.

The entire bar is tied together with a nautical theme, and includes a number of beautiful blue aquariums that line the walls! With a number of appetizers, entrees, and cocktails, there is definitely something for every beach-lover waiting at The Wreck.

7 The Atomic Lounge: Birmingham, AL

Established by a husband and wife team who share a love of Sixties style and design, The Atomic Lounge is a unique bar home to colorful murals, ceiling sculptures, and pop art on the walls! The interior is reminiscent of what you’d find on a Sixties talk show, complete with an old radio and vintage television set to really send you back in time.

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The owners are also full-body costume collectors, and invite patrons to ask their staff about wearing some during their visit to the bar. Their signature drink, The Legendary Sex Panther, is crafted with a mixture of bourbon, blackstrap rum, cynar, demerara, and bitters, according to their website. It even comes with its own temporary tattoo you can apply to give yourself the full Atomic experience!

6 Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium: Atlanta, GA

It’s safe to say there’s no other place quite like Sister Louisa’s. Opened by Grant Henry, an artist who uses the pseudonym Sister Louisa, the bar is full of irreverent religious-inspired pop art and neon lighting.

The remnants of Henry’s failed gallery, the bar is now famous for its interior and entertainment, such as karaoke performed entirely in choir robes. Reviews cite kind and friendly bartenders, and a great selection of craft beers and creative cocktails!

One of the oldest bars on this list, The Carousel just celebrated its 70th anniversary this year! Located in Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans, the bar contains an ornate and lovely carousel façade up above, and subtly rotates to achieve the full effect of the popular carnival ride!

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Rich with history, Carousel employs a head mixologist named Marvin who has been churning out tasty drinks for guests since 2002. The most famous cocktail is the Vieux Carre, a concoction of cognac, rye whiskey, Benedictine, and a number of other spirits. The bar also offers an extensive live performance schedule, consisting of jazz acts!

4 Tiki-Ti: Los Angeles, CA

Opened in 1961, Tiki-Ti is a small Los Angeles joint that serves up 90+ different tropical drinks! Themed with a colorful array of Hawaiian décor, the bar was crafted from founder Ray Buhen’s father’s violin shop, and has ever since attracted regulars and devoted customers.

Run by Ray’s son Mike and his grandson also named Mike, Tiki-Ti is home to the famous Blood and Sand cocktail, named for the film. The drink contains strong orange notes and the patron’s choice of bourbon, scotch, and tequila, but if you order it, just be aware that customers will probably chant as the drink is topped off in homage to the bullfighting film it was named after!

3 Lovecraft Bar: Portland, OR

The Lovecraft has regularly been included in lists of themed bars throughout the world, and for a good reason. The horror-themed club was opened in 2011 and has continued to spook patrons in years after with its gothic décor, including intricate wall art and sculptures galore.

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The Lovecraft is not as much scary as it is enchanting. Portland has voted the bar as one of the best places for nightlife dancing, and it boasts many theme-nights catering to LGBTQ+ patrons, fans of 90s nostalgia, and EDM lovers. Try one of their adeptly named flowery, fruity cocktails like the Grim Grinning Ghost or Romeo’s Distress.

2 Unicorn: Seattle, WA

Unicorn is an amazing experience, especially for the young at heart! The bar, which doubles as a carnival, is home to delectable fair food, a pinball arcade, and claw-machines, all nestled within the building’s bright and colorful interior.

If you’re feeling mid-afternoon entertainment, Unicorn also offers a weekly drag show and brunch buffet called Mimosa’s Cabaret on Sundays. They also offer special events, like karaoke, among all of the other entertainment at the themed bar! If you have a look at Unicorn's menu, you'll find that you can't go wrong with cocktails like Snozzberry Frost or My Little Pony.

1 Minus 5 Ice Bar: Las Vegas, NV

Minus 5 is truly an immersive bar, and for that reason, it is at the top of our list! This weird bar is amazingly entirely crafted out of ice, from the seats, the decorations, and the cups that hold drinks. Located in the Mandalay Bay and the Venetian hotels in Las Vegas, the bar’s tickets are pre-purchased online.

Once you purchase the package you want, the bar will allow customers to use their gloves and parkas to keep warm during their stay. In addition to LED lights and music, the bar hosts ice sculptures and themed ice rooms to explore! Their icy, fruit-flavored cocktails will keep you warm while you’re visiting the chilly bar, and Minus 5 has even made mocktails for families with small kids who want the full experience!

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