There are many people who refuse to fly for a number of weird reasons. Many times these reasons don't make any sense to us, as air travel is considered safer and faster than traveling by car. The reasoning behind their decision is a mystery and we are left scratching our heads at their odd answers.

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The answers we find are undeniably weird and it can be hard for us to wrap our heads around the idea that some people don't take advantage of this lovely thing called air travel. Unlike many of us, they refuse to cherish their window seat and don't understand the joy of getting places in half the time. Keep reading to learn about ten weird reasons people refuse to fly!

10 10. They Lack Control

People like to be in control of their situation and environment, but the moment they board a plane they realize that is not the case. Their life rests in the hand of the pilot and if anything goes wrong the passengers can do nothing to stop it.

Passengers like this want power, but they tend to feel helpless on planes. This fact alone keeps people from experiencing the joy of flight as their own misgivings hold them back from everything life has to offer.

9 9. Fear of Heights

Many of us fear heights, and sitting aboard a plane that plans to rise thousands of feet in the air doesn't sound appetizing. It can be frightening to know that any failure will cause you to hurtle down to your death, and people who fear heights tend to avoid this possibility at all cost.

We have all tried to convince that fearful friend to come with us on the adventure of a lifetime, but no amount of bribery will ever change their made-up minds.

8 8. Hearing About All of the Crashes in the News

There are those who choose not to fly simply because the news stations have convinced them that airplanes are unsafe. They share all of the major crashes that happen on a daily basis, which gives some people the bright idea that air travel is not to be messed with.

We see the aftermath of crashed planes and the grieving families who were left behind, but what they don't understand is the same thought process could be said for cars. There are car crashes every day, but it has become such a stable part of our society that people refuse to see the comparison.

7 7. They Fear the Fear Itself

There are those who are not necessarily fearful of planes, but they are afraid that they will find out they are while on a flight. This deters people from deciding to fly because if they do have a panic attack aboard a flight they have nowhere to escape.

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The passenger will be forced to stay put for the duration of the ride and their fear will have nowhere to run. They want to avoid the discomfort of this possible tragedy by choosing not to fly.

6 6. Lack of Comfort

One of the biggest complaints associated with air travel is the lack of legroom in coach, especially on international flights. Many times people recline their seats back, which diminishes your space even further and can make the entire process of flying inconvenient for you.

People like their space and the idea that they will be comfortable, but flying coach generally does not allow it. The idea of a car or train sounds better than a cramped space made even smaller by a bunch of strangers.

5 5. Noisy Passengers

Children are a common sight aboard airplanes as parents find it easier to fly with their young ones the endure hours in a car. Unfortunately, this deters other passengers from boarding a plane ever again as their eardrums feel like they might not ever recover.

It can be frustrating to have to listen to little kids or fussy infants as they experience the joy of flight for the first time, and for some this noise is just too much for them to handle.

4 4. Lack of Snacks

There are some airlines that provide snacks, but some decide to skimp on their selection. Many of us find the pretzels to be enough to hold us over, but others want more. They want a full selection at their fingertips when a specific craving hits them, and they decide to go their own way when the airline fails to follow through.

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People expect to get the most out of their money, but the same can be said for their in-flight meals. The dinner selection is small and it is not usually appetizing to every single passenger, which can deter them from ever flying again.

3 3. The Abundance of Fees

When our flight is confined within a country, certain amenities usually come at a price. This can include pillows and blankets, as well as alcohol which can be bothersome when you already paid an arm and a leg for a flight.

This same concept applies to your baggage because anything an ounce overweight might cost you a bunch of your extra dollars. It can be cumbersome and eventually drive you way above your intended budget as the airline tricks you at every twist and turn of the flight process.

2 2. Poorly Dressed Passengers

Airlines generally have dress codes, but they don't always make every passenger feel at home. There are those who despise looking upon certain types of people as their outfits make them cringe. It can be especially painful when that passenger happens to have the seat next to you.

This could make your flight extremely uncomfortable as you try to avoid making contact with the person beside you. This is what causes many people to make the decision not to fly and instead find some other way to get to their destination.

1 1. They Care For the Environment

The final reason that has become more common with the introduction of electric cars, is that people don't want to harm the environment. It is true that airplanes do harm the environment, which is why several people have decided to boycott them. These civilians are trying to start a trend to decrease the use of planes as a way to travel.

They seek to save the Earth and its ozone layer from the destructive effects associated with burning fossil fuels. They want to experience the Earth as they prevent its demise, which may not be a bad thing after all.

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