Uber has become the common preferred mode of transportation when comes to traveling in an unknown city. In fact, it has even become an everyday method of commute for locals. Because of its popularity around the globe, Uber makes sure to have strict policies readily available and intact for their drivers. These have been especially scrutinized in recent years from terrifying Uber tales that have found their way onto the internet.

Some of their rules are obvious; drivers need to be vetted, have a valid driver's license, and a safe and reliable vehicle. But there are some other unconventional stipulations that are clearly outlined in their policies that it seems that some drivers simply choose to ignore. Here are the ten weirdest rules that Uber drivers have that you never knew existed.

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10 They Have To I.D. For Alcohol

Thanks to UberEats, people can safely have alcoholic beverages delivered to their house should their run low at an event, party, or get together. This is a great option provided by Uber than helps prevent drivers from drinking and driving. However, drivers must abide by local laws concerning the legal drinking age. To make sure they are not delivering alcohol to a minor, drivers are required to ask for identification before handing over alcoholic beverages. If someone doesn't have the proper i.d. or refuses to provide it, the driver cannot deliver that portion of the order.

9 No Coupes

All Uber vehicles must have four doors. Their eligible 4-door vehicle also cannot be over fifteen years old and has to be insured. Coupes present a higher safety hazard than sedans which is why Uber doesn't allow these type of vehicles as viable transport. A four-door vehicle will only be admitted into Uber's program after a driver's screening and proof of residency.

8 They Can't Refuse Service Animals

All Uber drivers must allow service animals in their vehicles. There is no exception to this rule, and refusing to accommodate these passengers can mean the removal of their services. Even if there is an allergy, fear, or religious stance that serves as reasoning from the driver, it is still unacceptable in the U.S. This not an Uber rule, its a federal U.S. and Canadian law. Uber's site also specifically states, "Under US law, a driver is only allowed to ask a rider two things: if the animal is required because of a disability, and what work or task the animal has been trained to perform."

7 Under 23? You'll Need Three Years Driving Experience

Anyone who wishes to serve as a driver for Uber must be local legal driving law. This includes having a valid driver's license as well as one year of driving experience. However, any driver under the age of 23 must have a minimum of three years of driving experience. So for anyone who doesn't obtain their license until after the age of twenty will more than likely have their Uber driver application denied.

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6 They Can't Deliver Certain Items

Uber Eats is a convenient and handy app. It helps busy people get the food they need delivered directly to their home or office. And there are virtually no limitations on the food that can be ordered. And while Uber drivers can now deliver things like alcohol, there are still a few things they cannot deliver per Uber's policy guidelines.

Some prohibited items included in this list are recreational marijuana and over-the-counter medicines. Uber's site says, "Regulated or illicit items, such as cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and over-the-counter medications are not allowed to be offered on a restaurant’s Uber Eats menu."

5 No Flirting

This rule is largely ignored by drivers, though it does make for some interesting stories. Still, Uber takes these unwanted advances very seriously. Their requirements state that drivers should respect personal space, physical contact, or any kind of misconduct. This includes flirting with their passengers. Specifically, Uber says, "Behaviors and comments that could make people feel uncomfortable are not acceptable. Examples include nudges, whistles, and winks. Don’t touch or flirt with people you don’t know."

4 Driver's Can't Ask Personal Questions

In relation to Uber's privacy rules, small talk with passengers has to be chosen wisely. Even something that may not be offensive to a driver could be to their passengers, which can result in a bad review or worse. Because of this, Uber instructs drivers to avoid asking their passengers' personal questions. This can be mean asking a passenger about their religion, using explicit language, or asking about their relationship or political stance.

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3 No Contact After Delivery

Drivers need to have access to personal information such as the name, phone number, and address of their passengers. However, this information cannot be used outside of Uber's services. This means that a driver cannot use their guest's name and connect with them on social media or contact them after they have been dropped off. All contact should end the moment a passenger is dropped off.

Furthermore, Uber has a strict no-sex rule. This means drivers and passengers cannot engage in sexual activity while using the app or after delivery despite if the two know each other or equal consent is given.

2 They Can't Discriminate Based On Destination

On top of a forceful no-discrimination policy in regards to race, religion, or sexual orientation, drivers cannot discriminate based on delivery locations. While Uber driving is meant to be a job where drivers can set their own hours, they cannot refuse delivery or service once they have accepted a ride because of the neighborhood or personal time restraints.

Uber's website says, "intentionally refusing or canceling requests, or using features in the Uber apps to avoid receiving trip or delivery requests, solely for the purpose of avoiding a particular neighborhood due to the characteristics of the people or businesses that are located in that area is not allowed."

1 No Driving Minors

Uber requires that all users of its app be 18 years old or older. There is an obvious loophole to this rule, but drivers have to use their best judgment to ensure they are not transporting minors. This even means that a parent cannot request an Uber ride for their child without an adult being present. Anyone under the age of 18 cannot ride alone in an Uber and they cannot use the Uber Eats app without parental supervision.

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