The continent of Asia is as vast as it is beautiful, and as such, it can often take quite a while to work your way through the core of it all. Some places are easier to get to than others but for the majority of Americans, these destinations are all found on the other side of the planet.

Today, we wanted to pick out one place, in particular, that we think would be great for a week-long getaway: and that place is Vietnam.

You can find great adventures from top to bottom in Asia but if you want a truly authentic experience, Vietnam is the place to be. This nation has been through an awful lot over the years and especially in relation to the United States, which is why we believe it to be so important that we all embrace this truly great nation.


There are many different ways in which to do that, and we're going to run through a handful of things that will certainly keep you occupied on your trip.

Ha Long Bay

Located up towards Northeastern Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is the place that the majority of travelers initially think about when the country first pops into their head as a possible destination to visit. From the calm waters to the unbelievable limestone islands, this is a utopia that allows you to escape from the troubles of everyday life - and then some.

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There are expeditions, boat tours, scuba diving opportunities and everything in between available to you when visiting Ha Long. There may be a great deal of hustle and bustle associated with Vietnam from a wider perspective, and that may be a fair assessment, but you aren't going to get any of that stress or worry here.

Try The Amazing Food

Heading to Vietnam and not sampling their phenomenal local food is a mistake in its own right, and in many ways, it's not even a case of 'knowing where to look'. It all comes back to letting loose and just enjoying the ride which can mean anything from heading into an expensive restaurant to trying out some wonderful street food.

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Goi Cuon spring rolls are a culinary delight, banh mi is the kind of sandwich you'll be dreaming about for years, and pho is the national dish which equates to the best bowl of soup you'll ever have in your life. It's not about judging books by covers - it's about living in the moment and trying things you usually wouldn't look twice at.

Ride The Bikes

When it comes to modes of transport there are few better options than testing out the motorbikes. Of course, with it being so incredibly popular it's always a good idea to weigh up your options before diving headfirst into it because the streets can get so busy and hectic that it becomes a bit too hard to handle for a lot of folks.

In reality, though, it's the kind of cultural journey that everyone needs to go on. It's fairly cheap to rent a bike and as opposed to being restricted to one or two destinations, you could go for miles on end in search of the great Vietnamese countryside.

Hanoi Or Ho Chi Minh

They may be the two most popular cities located in Vietnam, but Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are often viewed as being wildly different; which is a stereotype that is defined by the unbelievable distance between them. If you've only got a week then it's best to plan the majority of your itinerary around one of the two before returning to do the other somewhere down the road.

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Hanoi is positioned as a city that is a little bit more traditional with many more locals roaming the streets from day to day. On the opposite end of that spectrum, you've got Ho Chi Minh City which feels much more urban and tests to house those with a taste for luxury - as well as those who want the 'business' feel.

The Mountains

The countryside is at the heart of many great countries from around the world and Vietnam is no different. While the history of the nation may lead you to believe it is a bit of wasteland that certainly isn't the case, with the mountains being at the forefront of the tourism surge.

It's not like this is where everyone goes to scale to the top of the tallest mountains because instead, it's about admiring their beauty and being at peace within yourself, if only for a short while.

We aren't usually big believers in epiphanies but when you head to the summit of Phu Si Lung, truly magical things can and often do happen.

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