Zac Efron sure has come a long way from being nothing but some kid from Arroyo Grande with seemingly unreachable dreams and aspirations. There was once a time when he was nothing but an Arroyo Grande kid, but seemingly overnight, his career was soaring and flying (sorry, we just had to try and throw in an HSM reference in there somewhere).

Yes, that overnight success came the moment that High School Musical premiered on Disney Channel. From there, a few sequels and some family friendly flicks - like 17 Again, Hairspray, and The Lorax) followed so that Efron could coast off of that newfound fame from being a brand new Hollywood heartthrob. However, in the last few years thanks to films like Neighbors and Dirty Grandpa, Efron successfully shed that kid friendly image as the kid from Disney, and matured into an adult actor with range. His next movie sees him playing Ted Bundy for crying out loud! No one would have expected Troy Bolton to do that after dribbling and singing on the court.

Now, he is currently travelling around the world on a tv show for a new show coming to MTV. Talk about living the life. It is truly the luxuries of being rich and famous, and using those riches to go from country to country. And that's not all he spends his money on.


Spring 2017 saw Zac Efron go to Dubai for the sake of a Hugo Boss event to promote a new fragrance as the brand's spokesperson. This trip was not only for business, though. Efron took some time to make sure he found the opportunity to take some pleasure in the land's unique climate.

He took the time to ride camels in the Dubai desert at one point, and at another, he went to the Dubai Mall - where he was bombarded by fans - right before going to a private gala event at the Dubai Design District.


Zac Efron is really big on baseball. Even before he starred in Charlie St. Cloud - a film which in plenty of respects is centered around baseball - Efron had a special fondness for the sport. Now that he has a net worth of $24 million, he uses much of those funds to go to baseball games.

He is often seen attending local Los Angeles Dodgers games, and a couple years back, he and his Greatest Showman co-star Hugh Jackman went to a Mets game together as part of their budding bromance.


Once upon a time ago, Zac Efron used to date designer, stylist, creative director, and social media influencer Sami Miro. The two broke up in 2016 after spending two years together, but from the looks of it, it was fun while it lasted.

Their romance together included couples trips outside of the country, as they were seen dining together in Copenhagen, Denmark. Denmark is known for being host to many fine Nordic cuisines, and are raved about for their restaurants.


While Zac Efron's brother Dylan didn't go the same acting route as his big bro, Dylan too is in the movie business. He has worked as an assistant on the set's crew for the films Get Hard, Chips, and Unforgettable. He is also currently working as an assistant on his brother's MTV documentary show, and they're currently filming around the world together.

The two brothers have a lot to bond over, and one of those things is fishing. Last year in February, the two went fly fishing together in upstate New York.


We are all prone to getting a little excited whenever we come face to face with our heroes, but for a young man named Ahmed, he might've been a little too excited when he ran into Efron while he was filming Baywatch.

Ahmed tried to run after the actor in his car for a Snapchat video, but instead, he dropped his phone. After seeing the fan's phone shatter into pieces, Efron stepped out, and was kind enough to let Ahmed take a video with him. On top of that, Efron bought Ahmed a new phone, which according to Ahmed, cost $949.99.


Zac Efron loves Chance the Rapper. Then again, we all do. It's hard not to love a humble, wholesome Grammy winning activist who donates money to schools and just makes dope rap music.

Efron especially caught a big case of the love bug over Chance. Not only does he make an effort to buy the rapper's merch, he bought a giant art piece of the rapper's face. From the looks of it, Efron is more than proud to own this piece of fan memorabilia.

19 A 3 HAT

The 3 Hat is Chance the Rapper's signature hat that he wears as part of his signature look everywhere he looks. He has been wearing it ever since he dropped what was appropriately his third project - the Grammy winning Coloring Book - and it has been a staple of his image ever since.

With Efron being such a big fan of Chance the Rapper, it makes sense that he would pick up a 3 Hat for himself as well. He's been spotted a few times wearing the hat, so he must love it.


During the middle of summer 2018, reports were brewing about Zac Efron being in Nepal following a social media post where he stated he was "going off the grid" with his brother Dylan for a few days. Before we knew it, he was spotted in Nepal.

Further speculation was that he was there to film his new upcoming show for MTV where he travels the world to try new cuisines in different places of the world. Whether he was filming or not, we bet he had a blast.


Zac Efron is a proud fan of Celine Dion, which explains why he made a point to sing a cover version of Cion's "Because You Loved Me" song for a scene in Dirty Grandpa.

Zac Efron is such a big fan that he bought himself a Greatest Hits album that compiles all of Celine Dion's best songs, at least that is what he told Vogue once. As if having a Greatest Hits album was not good enough, he also owns other albums from Dion as well.


Due to a hectic schedule as an actor that demands him to travel all over the world to promote his movies, Zac Efron has been all over Europe, and back again. In fact, he is in Europe right this second as we speak.

Although, unlike Zac Efron's usual press run, interview, or the typical red carpet premiere appearance, he is in Europe on vacation. More specifically, he is in Sardinia; getting bombarded by random herds of sheep he finds up his road, apparently.


While Zac Efron is not "into" motorcycles per se, he sure is into Tom Cruise. He has made it known that he is a major fan of Tom Cruise, and when the two met at a party, the Oscar nominated actor made an interesting offer to Efron.

He offered to teach Efron how to ride a motorcycle. Obviously, Efron wasn't going to say no to a legend like Tom Cruise, and after a few lessons, he knew how to ride a motorcycle. We'd like to think Efron might've bought himself a bike or two so that knowledge didn't go to waste. To be fair, he did drive a motorcycle in Baywatch.


Zac Efron was spotted last September litter picking in London, but he volunteered to do so as part of an environmentalist heavy documentary that he is currently filming for Netflix. While this is the first time that any of us had seen Efron litter picking in public, this was not the first time he traveled across the pond.

Efron often makes a trip whenever he has a movie premiering over there. He has done press runs there too. On occasion, for example, he's been known to pop up for an interview on the UK based Graham Norton Show.


No, not Robert De Niro. That was just his co-star on Dirty Grandpa. We are talking about Zac Efron's real grandpa this time. A grandfather who left behind one gnarly looking old school 1965 era Mustang.

Efron spent two years working on the car, and putting some money into it whenever he had the chance so that he could have it refurbished. He revealed the sick ride in an IG post saying "After 2 years of remodeling, my grandpa's 1965 Mustang is finally ready. It's a beast. Shoutout to Grandpa Efron."


Zac Efron was spotted in Italy running into a herd of sheep last month in October, but it was far from his first appearance in The Boot.

In 2012, he was seen having lunch with Danny DeVito and his wife Rhea Perlman, among other friends. Two years later in 2014, he was on a holiday vacation with Michelle Rodriguez by his side. He was also seen working on his cardio on a run with Gianluca Vacchi around the same time.


In 2016, Zac Efron flew all the way out to Brazil for the Rio Olympics to meet gold medalist Simone Biles. He snapped a couple pics for his social media with the decorated gymnast, but he didn't go all the way to Rio just to flick one up for the Gram with a champion.

Efron would later explain to The Today Show that he made the trip because he found out Biles and her team were fans. He had admired the gymnast's career from afar and when he discovered she was a fan of his work, he figured "What kind of guy am I if I don't show up?"


Zac Efron recently visited The Land Down Under last year in order to attend the country's premiere of his new movie The Greatest Showman, but it was not the first time by any means that the actor had visited the country.

Efron himself has gone on record saying that he loves the beautiful country of Australia. In fact, he has "fallen in love" with the country, its culture, people, beaches, and of course, the fans there. He also made a point to mention he frequently visits the country and has made "great friends" there.


Zac Efron looks like he is a big fan of the Audi car model, considering that he has a couple of them in his garage. Arguably the nicest of those Audi rides in Efron's garage would have to be the Audi S5.

With a price range starting at $52,400, the Audi S5 and weighing in at 4,211 pounds, the Audi S5 has a horsepower engine of 354. If that's not enough to sway our readers into buying one of these, just know that the Audi S5 comes with an A+ navigation system and camera combo.


As if owning an Audi S5 was not satisfying enough for Zac Efron, he moved on to buy the next best thing: an Audi S6. The Audi S6 can do everything that the Audi S5 can do and more at eve faster speeds as well.

The Audi S6 has an even higher horsepower at 450. Of course, when everything is better, bigger, and better than it was in the last model, that also means it is more expensive. The Audi S6 is $71,900 this time.


A guy can never be too famous to pick up their own supplies from Home Depot. Not even Zac Efron, who was spotted in 2012 shopping out of a Home Depot in Los Angeles.

Spotted on a cold January day in the middle of the winter - as per a report from Just Jared - Efron was seen buying fire logs, a portable heater, a lamp, some pots, and several other gardening items. We wonder if Efron was just trying to heat up for the winter, or if he was working on some kind of garden.


In 2013, Zac Efron bought himself a big ole house in Hollywood Hills for $3.995 million. The purchase came shortly after his second stint in rehab and it seems as though he bought a new house in hopes of searching for a fresh start.

This Hollywood Hills home was the perfect space for such a fresh start, as it stretches out to 5,644 square feet with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a gourmet chef's kitchen, and even a spa with a waterfall. He sold it a year later for $2.75 million.