10 Ways To Make The Most Of A Quick Layover

Layovers can really put a damper on your travel plans. But they can save you tons of money on a flight if you’re willing to make a quick pitstop on your way to your destination (or home) and switch planes. Sometimes they’re necessary if your plane simply doesn’t fly directly from your destination to home and vice versa. You might have a long layover that gives you time to explore the city, visit a friend, grab something to eat, and walk around the airport. But sometimes, the layover is a quick one which puts you in an interesting predicament. You don’t have time to do anything of significance, but you also don’t want to just sit around doing nothing.

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How can you make the most of a quick layover? Here are 10 ideas.

10 Download Movies and TV Shows To Your Devices

Before you head to your destination, or while still on the hotel’s Wi-Fi or another fast and reliable (and safe!) Wi-Fi network, download a selection of TV show episodes or movies from a streaming service to which you subscribe. Or load your laptop, tablet, or smartphone up with digital content.

During your layover, grab a comfortable seat, pop on some headphones, and immerse yourself in new episodes of a favorite TV series you’ve been binging or a new movie you’ve been meaning to see. Before you know it, it will be time to board the next plane.

9 Relax And Make Use of Amenities

Take a load off and grab a seat at an airport restaurant or bar. Some have tablets, tables, and plug-ins so you can boot up your laptop. Get something to eat (it’ll be world’s better than airplane food!) and relax. If you have time to leave the airport, research cool spots within walking or quick cab distance to grab a bite instead. There might be a news broadcast on an overhead TV, or a sports game playing that you can watch.

You can also consider making use of some of the amenities in the airport, like getting a massage, getting your nails done, or having your shoes shined.

8 Get Some Work Done

If you’re on a business trip, or have lots of work to catch up on, use this time to get some of it done. Sit in a restaurant or at your gate, pop open your laptop or grab some paperwork, and get a head start on what will be waiting for you at the office the next day or Monday morning.

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You can wear headphones to block out some of the surrounding noise, or just find a quiet spot. Getting this done at the airport also means you can tuck your laptop or paperwork away on the plane and relax for the flight, alleviating some of the stress about that work that was piling up.

7 Do Some Souvenir Shopping

If you forget to grab souvenirs while away, there will be lots of souvenir options at the airport. And while the layover spot was not your actual destination, you might be able to find basic items, like postcards to add to a collection or give to the kids, little toy planes, clothing, and more.

Look through the selection of books and magazines, see if there’s any unique candy you can’t get back at home, and see whatever cool stores might be around. You never know what you mind find in different airports.

6 Plan Out Your Calendar For The Next Week

Get your calendar ready for the week to come, including sorting out business appointments and deadlines, personal obligations, chores, and a to-do list so you don’t feel like you’ve fallen behind when you get home.

Make sure you have all of the dates ready and logged, like your child’s soccer tournament, the deadline for your work project, your upcoming dentist appointment, and more. And if you have the time, try to set up new appointments so you are ready to go with a firm schedule by the time you get back.

5 Chat With Friends And Family

Find a quiet spot and talk with family and friends while you wait. Tell them all about your trip if you're on your way back home, or about what you plan to do if you're on the way there. Remind them how you can’t wait to see them. Catch up on what you missed while you were away if you're returning home, and make plans for when you get back.

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If you have a good signal and data plan, or the airport has free Wi-Fi, you can make video calls so you can see the person as well.

4 Make New Friends

Grab a seat at a bar and chat up other people there who are also waiting for their flights. Some might have delays, some might be traveling to the same destination as you, and others might be going somewhere else.

Be friendly, enjoy some laughs, and the time will pass quickly. You never know who you might meet in an airport, whether it ends up being a new friend, a potential business contact, a love interest, or someone who you can connect with back at home.

3 Grab A Quick Drink (Or Two!)

Why not cap off your trip, or start one off, with a nice drink or two to calm your nerves before the flight and allow you to enjoy some relaxing time before heading home or getting to your destination?

If you prefer, indulge in a delicious latte, cappuccino, tea, or healthy smoothie instead. Use the time to hydrate, relax, and indulge. Don’t hesitate to add a delicious dessert to the equation, too! You're either about to go on vacation or a business trip, or you're heading home after one. Either way, you deserve to unwind!

2 Try To Get A Seat Upgrade

Head straight to your gate, even if your flight isn’t for another hour or two and see if you can find someone to talk to about getting a possible seat upgrade. If you’re the first there, and the plane isn’t full, which is possible if there were delays with other connecting flights, you might get lucky.

It doesn’t hurt to visit the airline counter as well to see if there are any open spots on planes that are leaving earlier. Again, you might luck out and be able to get home or to your destination quicker than you expected.

1 Read A Book

Bring a book with you or buy one at the airport, and get reading. Whether you’re an avid reader or usually don’t have time to dedicate to quiet reading, you can use this time to get immersed in a new story.

Reading makes the time fly, and before you know it, you’ll be on the next plane where you can continue reading, or pack the book up to read when back at home, on the beach at your vacation destination, or during your next flight.

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