Madame Tussaud's has become a genuine cultural icon, somewhere that many people go to across the world to take photos with genuinely impressive wax lookalikes of their favorite celebrities, from both the past and the present. However, they sometimes get it wrong in the most spectacular way, and we want to know how it is that these wax models end up slipping through the cracks!

What we've done is pull together some of the really bad wax statues that have ever been unveiled at Madame Tussaud's for everyone to take a look at. Even though they are known for their quality, and certainly have managed to produce quality at times, they can also get it wrong. It's time for us all to laugh and scream at these bad wax models that we have ever seen.

So, are people ready to start peering through their fingers at this list? Want to see what happens when somebody drops the ball and let's a bad model make it into the mix? Well then, we better get started!

25 Robert Pattinson

We don't know about you, but we've never looked at Robert Pattinson and thought that he had this much of a forehead. Not only that, but that little smirk will haunt our nightmares for the rest of our lives.

If you ask us, it almost seems as if the forehead of this wax model actually ended up melting, which is why his brow is well below where it should be.

Throw in the fact that this wax model has a jawline that the real life Pattinson could never compete with and you have some real nightmare fuel here.

24 Scarlett Johansson

Johansson is recognized as being one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, past, present, and future, so how is it that they made the model look so bad?

It's like they were handed a model that looked just like her and then slightly changed things, starting with her forehead which is way too large.

Throw in the goofy smile and the overly large nose and what we have here is a real botch job that somebody should definitely be fired for creating.

23 Jennifer Aniston

After appearing on Friends, this woman became one of the most famous faces of all time, so why is it that the person who made this model has clearly never seen a picture of Aniston in their lives?!

We're not entirely sure why it is that this face looks so uncanny, but we think it has to do something with the numerous folds that have been added.

We also have to say that this woman has never had such a small mouth, and that no matter how much plastic surgery she has, she'll never look this weird.

22 Ryan Gosling

We can only assume that whoever made this wax model is merely jealous of how much people love the look of Gosling, which is why they've taken his beauty and turned it into something so ugly.

The eyes on this model are way too close together, and while we didn't realize that merely moving Gosling's eyes slightly could take away everything handsome about his ruggedly good looking face, we now know that beauty is incredibly temporary and difficult to hold onto.

21 Julia Roberts

When working on a wax model of a celebrity, we can only assume that these people start by focusing on the more famous attributes of them, and Julia Roberts is well known for her wide smile that shows all of her teeth.

However, no human being in the history of the Earth has had a smile this wide, which is why it's difficult to take this model seriously.

Also, what have they done to the skin around her eyes? We have scoured the internet and we can't find a single shot of Roberts with this sort of makeup on.

20 Rihanna

First of all, if we were going to make a wax model of Rihanna, we wouldn't pick the time that she had quite possibly the most unpleasant hairdo that she has ever had. This woman changes her look so regularly that the people in charge of this sort of thing had a lot of different options, and yet this is the hairstyle they decided to go with?

That being said, no haircut can save the gaping mouth and lazy eye on this model, so what difference does it really make?

19 Justin Timberlake

This is another chance to see how the people making these models are able to turn a smouldering look into something rather sinister.

We don't know what this wax model has planned for us, but we know that we want nothing to do with it, and we hope that the model changes their mind quickly!

Seeing as Timberlake is one of the most handsome singers of all time, we can't believe that this man has been turned into such a creepy image.

18 Katy Perry

Okay, if you ask us, this is easily the bottom of the barrel when it comes to bad wax models. We don't think people would even know who this was if we didn't tell them, that's how bad it is.

It shares no likeness with the real Katy Perry at all, beyond the fact that it has one of the same tattoos, and that's about it to be honest!

We're going to go as far as saying that whoever was in charge of making this look like Katy Perry should be very sad about their work. This could literally be any woman in the world.

17 Kim Kardashian

You would think that it would be easy for somebody to replicate a human being that has literally spent most of her life taking photographs from every single conceivable angle, but apparently not.

The choice to create a model that was taking a selfie was very smart, as it's how we're all used to seeing her, but everybody has to admit that the eyes are too far apart and the jawline is way too thin! In a way, it makes sense that she looks this uncanny, as that's what the real Kardashian looks like at this point.

16 Lindsay Lohan

Ever since she was a child, Lohan has been in the limelight, as she has been working since a very young age. However, we have seen her in some right states as well.

However, we've never seen a photograph of this poor woman having a night on the town where her eyes are as asymmetrical as this.

It's annoying really, as he mouth is spot on, as well as her dimples, but those eyes just change everything about this wax model. It's like she's staring right into our soul and we're uncomfortable about that.

15 Sofia Vergara

We cannot believe that Vergara was willing to stand by this model and have her photos taken. Let's forget for a second that her neck is elongated and looks pretty painful, there is something completely lost in this model's eyes.

Vergara is known for her warm presence, which can be seen in this image by that wide toothy smile.

The model may have the smile, but it just doesn't have the presence that the real life Vergara does. If you can't get it right, then bother trying in the first place we think!

14 Beyoncé

There's a real problem with taking a celebrity who has a signature look, and then completely changing it. These people look like how they look because of where they come from, and that's important.

Anyone that has a wax model made of them should be able to expect their skin to stay the same color!

We could also point out that the face doesn't really look anything like the real life Beyoncé, but we don't think that's anywhere near as important as what they've done to her skin tone.

13 Britney Spears

Spears is a woman that has struggled in the world of fame, having some major ups and downs that have not been helped by media speculation on her mental health. What we're saying is, that this woman deserves a break.

Not only does this model have much more of a defined chin than the actual Britney Spears, but the real life singer has much more life behind the eyes as well. They got the hair and the teeth right, but that's about it.

12 David Beckham

We're not sure about you, but we're fairly sure that this guy has never had a huge dent in a temple like the wax model. The funny thing is, this model has a fantastic rendition of his tattoos, but has nothing else like him.

We will say now that whoever did this model got his eyes right, even the wrinkles around them, so why is it that they had to mess it up with that big dent?!

Maybe there was someone who didn't like the person who worked on this model, so they decided to come in when they weren't looking and do this.

11 Elvis Presley

As he's one of the most memorable pop culture icons of all time, it's crazy to think that somebody could get it this wrong.

First of all, we've got yet another forehead here that is nothing like any real forehead across the world. They didn't even get his quiff right either to be honest.

We really hope that whoever was responsible for this ended up being fired, because it is an incredibly bad likeness of Elvis Presley, to the point where it's difficult to tell it's him.

10 Khloe Kardashian

To be fair, everything about this wax model is pretty good, but they've got two things very wrong, which make it look so uncanny and unpleasant.

First of all, the lips are much plumper than anything Khloe Kardashian has stepped out with before. Maybe this is what they look like just after they've been filled by her surgeon?

Next is her nose, that is sat underneath her eyes like an ugly blob. Kardashian's nose doesn't look anything like this, not at all.

9 George Clooney

Clooney is widely regarded as one of the most attractive men that has ever existed, so you would think that the wax model would look just as good, but apparently that's too difficult.

We're not sure about you, but we don't think that we've ever seen Clooney with this many wrinkles across his forehead!

More than smouldering, this model looks sinister, taking the trademark look that Clooney has perfected throughout his time in Hollywood and turning it into something much more unpleasant...

8 Halle Berry

They may have got the wide and warm grin right but Berry's eyes are not that wide, making this model look nothing like the famously beautiful actress.

Not only are they too far apart on her face, the wax model actually has a lazy eye, unlike the real life Halle Berry.

If we were Berry, we would be pretty unhappy with this model. It's just wrong enough to warrant a change, but not worth her kicking up a fuss about to be honest.

7 Leonardo DiCaprio

This man has been all over the media for the past two decades, as he has been wowing audiences for a very long time, and hadn't managed to grab an Academy Award until very recently.

We were all talking about him, and looking at him, for years, so why is that somebody wasn't able to get this right? They got his squint on point, but his forehead is way too big and he has a more prominent chin in real life as well.

6 Marilyn Monroe

Quite possibly one of the most iconic faces of all time, Monroe has been plastered all over art prints and t-shirts for decades at this point, and yet they got this wrong.

Her hair is great, but her left eye is well off where it once was and her mouth just looks awkward.

Go take a look at some of the many photos of Monroe and you will see exactly why it is that this toothy grin just doesn't sit well with us at all.