Tucked into the White Mountains, and just off of I93 in New Hampshire, Waterville Valley is more than just a ski town.

Known as a ski resort town, the peak season for Waterville valley is definitely the winter, but the valley also serves as a relaxing summer retreat. With the number of visitors reduced during the summer, the usually packed restaurants and recreational areas are much more accessible.

Also, with the absence of snow, the golf course, mountain bike trails, and hikes become available. The geography of the valley also offers cooler temperatures during the summer making it an excellent location for escaping the heat.


Hiking and Cycling in the Valley

Bike Rentals

In the center of the Town Square, you will be able to find the bike shop, also known as the Adventure Center, that offers bike rentals to visitors of the valley. They offer two-hour, half-day, and full-day options. Even if you don’t need to rent a bike, the bike shop has the resources for any maintenance issues that you may have.

  • Adult/Teen (13+) - 2 HRS. $27 / HALF DAY $32 / FULL DAY $39
  • JUNIOR (6-12)/SENIOR (65+) - 2 HRS. $24 / HALF DAY $29 / FULL DAY $34

Mountain Bike Trails

The valley is full of trails that link together making nearly all of them accessible from any starting point. This means you can hop on your bike, head to whatever trail entry is closest to you, and spend the day exploring. Another popular option, for those who just want to go downhill, is to purchase a Snow’s Mountain lift ticket and ride up the small ski mountain to ride down the Livermore Trails behind it. Take a look at the mountain bike trail map for Waterville Valley.

  • Snow’s Mountain Day Pass - $36
  • Snow’s Mountain Summer Season Pass - $120

Hiking Trails

Waterville Valley is full of beautiful hikes that are accessible to a variety of ability levels. With the snow gone, many of the access points of these trails are opened up, and adventures that would be impossible during the winter are now possible. Here are the top ten hikes in Waterville Valley and their difficulty.


  • Mad River Path - distance: 1 mile (one way), time: 30 minutes
  • Smarts Brook Swimming Hole - distance: 2.2 miles (round trip), elevation gain: 230 feet. time: 40-60 minutes
  • Big Pines - distance: 1.8 miles (round trip), elevation gain: 30 feet, time: 40-60 minutes


  • Waterville Flume - distance: 5.4 miles (round trip), elevation gain: 1190 feet, time: 2-4 hours
  • The Scaur - distance: 4.2 miles, elevation gain: 583 feet, time: 1.5-2.5 hours
  • Welch-Dickey Loop - distance: 4 miles (Loop), elevation gain: 1,751 Feet, time: 2-4 Hours


  • Mount Tecumseh - distance: 4.9 miles (round trip), elevation gain: 2,283 feet, time: 3-4 hours
  • Mount Tripyramid Loop - distance: 10.2 miles, elevation gain: 2,903 feet, time: 5-7 hours

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Scenic Town Square and Rec Centers In Waterville Valley

Local Shops

Waterville Valley’s town square is full of cute little shops, and ways to spend your time that are less physically demanding. These places included a local book store, toy shop, an arcade, a couple of clothing stores, a convenience/grocery store, a cafe, amongst others. Here are some important stores of note.

  • Jugtown Country Store - convenience/grocery store
  • The Book Monger - book store
  • Toad Hall Toys - toy shop
  • 1829 Outfitters - apparel
  • Dreams & Visions Gifts - gift shop
  • Le Tasse Cafe - cafe

The Pond and Rentals

Waterville Valley’s town square is located right next to its scenic point that has a sandy beach and raft out in its center. Along with swimming and other beachside activities, various water vells can be rented to explore the pond.

  • 1 Person Vessel - $20 per hour
  • 2 Person Vessel - $25 per hour
  • Stand-Up Paddle Boards - $25 per hour
  • Pedal Boats - $25 per hour

The Ice Skating Rink

Located just to the side of the town square is the ice skating rink. They often offer public-skate times as well as other recreational activities. Public skating is always a fun activity and a good change of pace from the usual summer activities.

  • 13 & Older - public skating $8, skate rentals $7
  • 5-12 Years Old - public skating $5, skate rentals $7
  • 4 & Under - public skating free, skate rentals $7

The Athletic Center

The athletic center is located close to the entrance road to the valley. It offers both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a gym, a cardio room, and even a mini water park for younger kids. They offer both day and season passes, but the information often changes. For the most up-to-date information, you can check out their website.

Golf Course

A 9-hole course that is plenty friendly to beginners as well as more experienced golfers, is set into the beautiful landscape of the valley. It is one of the perks of visiting the valley during the summer and is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon.


  • Adult - $600
  • Couple - $895
  • Household - $995
  • Junior Age - 14-20 $250


  • 9 holes - $40
  • Junior Ages 12-16 - $30
  • Junior under 12 - $25
  • Rental Clubs - $20

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Top Local Restaurants and Bars

Coyote Grille

The Coyote Grille has been part of the valley forever and is a local staple. No trip to the valley would be complete without at least one dinner there. The menu is always changing but they usually offer a selection of typical American and local favorites while also dabbling in fine dining options. Whether you are a devoted carnivore, seafood lover, or vegetarian, you will find something excellent here prepared by their skilled chefs.

Clubhouse Restaraunt

There is almost nothing more pleasant than a brunch in their semi-outdoor dining area. You don’t need to have any interest in golf to enjoy the breathtaking morning light over the course and their variety of delicious brunch dishes.

Valley Pub & Restaurant

This is the local pub located in the lower level of the town square. It has a great selection of beer and pub food making it a great go-to for an evening you don’t want to get too fancy for and just enjoy some good food and drink.

Olde Waterville Pizza

Also located in the lower level of the town square, this is a great stop for families with kids, or perhaps just the kids. They have a selection of pizza, burgers, and sandwiches as well as an arcade for kids to kill some time in.

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