If you love good mystery stories and fascinating natural phenomena then Ontario, Canada needs to be your next vacation destination!

In the province of Prince Edward in Ontario lies a mysterious lake on top of a mountain. This puzzling lake provides fresh water without any notable source and somehow restores itself from atop its mountain perch.

Lake on a Mountain

Nestled quietly on top of a mountain above Lake Ontario’s Bay of Quinte, this curious body of water is a natural curiosity that defies all known geographical and geological theories. Despite no known sources of water flowing to or from the lake, it has a constant flow of clean, freshwater, over 200 feet above Lake Ontario.


The mystery of the lake has been studied and speculated on for centuries. The Mohawks called it Onokenoga, or Lake of the Gods, and believed that specific water spirits dwelled within its deep waters. Each spring the Mohawk people offered gifts to the spirits to ensure a successful crop in the coming year. Early settlers believed the lake was bottomless and stretched out to the center of the Earth. Still, others thought the Lake on the Mountain led to a subterranean passage and a very distant water source. However, through all exploration and study of this magical place, no such water source has been found.

However, the need to study it and create theories on this mysterious water source will never die out. Over the years, geographers and scientists alike have devised many complex and modern theories about how the lake might restore itself.

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The most common theory is that the lake is a collapsed doline, an unusual feature found in areas with limestone rock foundations. Dolines are cities formed when the limestone underneath the surface dissolves. Basically like the roof of a house caving in creating a large sinkhole of water. The lake’s outlet would flow northward through a shallow, bedrock channel that eventually tumbles over the Prince Edward Lake to the Bay of Quinte below. However, no matter how likely or possible this idea might seem, it is still just a theory that has yet to be completely solidified. Because of that, this lake is quite an interesting and unique experience for those who love a mystery and uncovering the truths about natural phenomena.

In addition to mystery and charm, this amazing spot has some extremely picturesque sights. It’s completely surrounded by the stunning nature of Canada. There are many hiking spots around if you'd like to take the journey from the Bay of Quinte to the top of the Lake on the Mountain.

There are even stunning restaurants there to enhance your day trip experience. After experiencing the wonder of the Lake on the Mountain and enjoying the surroundings of nature at its best, head on over to The Inn. Relax and indulge in this farm-to-table cuisine and carefully curated local and imported beverages. Have your pick of seats between the huge wood-burning fireplace decor in the historic limestone general store or on the patio with a magnificent view of the Lake on the Mountain.

Experiences the Provincial Park

The lake in Mountain Provincial Park may be surrounded by a fog of mystery and unproven theories but its glittering sapphire blue waters, overlooking Lake Ontario and Prince Edward Country’s famous vineyard are simply a must-see image. It is a prime attraction for curious weekend adventures and full-day date excursions. This lake is a day-use park, which means it has no camping or overnight facilities, but it is popular for being a fantastic picnic and hiking spot! Perfect for whatever getaways you’re looking to experience. Anglers can try their luck fishing with the population of large and smallmouth bass, sunfish, and northern pike living in the Lake on the Mountain. Or enjoy a slow ferry ride as it shuffles passengers to and from nearby Adolphustown.

Though there are no sights on the lake itself for camping there are several charming historic inns located near the Lake on the Mountain and can help you plan a longer and bigger trip to see all that Prince Edward County has to offer. Explore the nearby beaches and additional hiking trails of Sandbanks Provincial Park. There are also a lot of little mom-and-pop shops for an assortment of homemade and handmade goods at the Wellington Farmers’ market. Some of the freshest and most delicious vegetables are offered here to help you make an amazing meal in your room at the inn.

In addition, this is a marvelously inspiring place for most artists to come visit. Many types of artists have come out to capture the stunning beauty and mystery of the lake on the Mountain. In addition, there is also an ongoing Arts Trail: a tour of the county’s local art scene.

This delightful and majestic place has something for everyone. Book a day trip or a full week's vacation at this magical spot at the Lake on the Mountain!